I’m sick and tired of those who wave the Constitution in my face and tell me what’s wrong with America then go off and do what they damn well please and the hell with anyone who disagrees with them.

The 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court’s decision has ruled that it was illegal for the Indian River School Board to open meetings with a prayer.

So someone in the community comes up with the bright idea that during the public comment session he can offer up a prayer and he’s thrilled “the Lord has found a way around what the courts have done to us”.

Really? The devil is in the court system now? When the courts rule in favor of what the conservatives want, is that the devil or the Lord making that  decision? By offering the prayer is this what the conservatives mean when they say, “We need to take back our government”?

We expect our children to obey the law, when we take the law into our own hands and do what we want when we want, is that setting an examples for our youth?

I know the Bible Belt of the south has extended into Sussex County, and if they don’t tell at least 100 people a day they have found God, you’re not a Christian, but this recent effort is like a child not getting his way and putting on a temper tantrum.

The school board challenged the court’s decision, they have lost, get over it and do what is right for the kids, give them a good education, so they won’t graduate as idiots, like some of their parents.


16 thoughts on “GIVE IT UP FOR GOD’S SAKE

  1. Our court system has absolutly NO SAY in when and where someone can pray. Period, end of statement, case closed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • And from what nightmare did you pull this one out of the hat? I said their job is to focus on education, not spend time and resources $$$$ on a lawsuit in which they have been shot down twice.
      Anytime you have a sutuition with such controversy it is a distraction; people take sides, and the real issue, in this case education suffers. Don’t you agree?

  2. Too a large degree, in fact. Although, sometimes I believe if the executives are tied up on other “stuff” then the real work can get done well. At least that’s what we used to say in DuPont when we were getting “too much” help from the home office.

  3. The people that brought the lawsuit caused the distraction NOT the school board praying. Everything was fine until a FEW caused trouble for many. Where is democracy when you need it?

    • Partly true, but why pursue it after two courts struck you down and thinking about continuing; that is an interruption. Takes administrators time, board members, when that time could be put to good use; teaching kids how to cope in today’s society.

    • John, “where is democracy when you need it?” Like it or not, we all saw Democracy at work with the IRSD case. The ones that filed the lawsuit had that RIGHT in our democratic society, and the courts made the rulings x 2 under our laws. Whether (we) agree or not, I defend their right to protest. Being a Christian does not mean to force our beliefs on anyone else, especially at a public meeting. I support seperation of church and state, including school boards, and feel that a moment of silence after the Pledge gives everyone the right to pray if they so choose.

  4. Well, call it whatever you want I agree with what IRSD did and I do not agree with what the two disruptive families did trying to get attention. Just my feelings!

  5. Donna, put it to a public vote! This was 4 measley people and a few judges that ruled against the majority !!!!! In my opinion that is not Democracy.

    • John surprised you’d day that; the minority voice often drives change. Too often the majority remains silent and the few voices give the indication they are the majority.
      Neverf heard youy complain on the 5-4 decisions of the Supreme Court when they rule in favor of the conservative cause.

  6. Do they ever rule in favor of conservatives? 9 Justices should not dictate laws either. Just sayin ! Remember how ONE gay Judge in California ruled against millions on the gay marriage issue? The Legislative branch of the government is using the Judicial branch to circumvent things in the constitution that the Legislative branch is forbidden from doing. Just sayin !!!

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