There were three views of the President’s State of the Union speech last night; the Republicans, Democrats, and Independents.

From my seat as a Democrats I really felt sorry for the president. His speech was tough filled with the American dream and appealing to the working class. But…can he garner support for programs, even from his own party that will level the playing field between the wealthy and the working class?

I doubt it, and looking at House Speaker John Boehner’s lips I could read, “Read my lips, no new taxes”, and “if you think I’m going to support your programs and the little guy, I have a bridge to sell you”, and finally, “Over my dead body will I give you anything you want.”

If the president is elected and the House remains in Republican control which it probably will, then we will have more of the same from the House; NO.


4 thoughts on “OVER MY DEAD BODY

  1. Just to be clear, when you say “level the playing field,” do you really mean confiscate income from the wealthy and redistribute it to the middle class? It’s great — I guess — for workers to have access to government assistance, but wouldn’t it be better if we didn’t have to give government so much of our income in the first place?

    Considering that Obama has backed both bailouts and subsidies, which transfer wealth from taxpayers to politically-connected companies, I found his tough talk about everyone paying their fair share to be puzzling.

    • Gosh Chris, didn’t know you were in the 15% tax braqcket, or if you’re not you don’t mind paying more than that and are willing to supplement the rich. You’e much younger than me, if you want to keep paying hoss it up man.

  2. Bring on that 30% capital gains tax. That ought to really help our struggling economy. By the way, if Warren Buffet’s secretary pays twice as much in taxes (percentage wise) as he pays then her salary is in excess of $400,000 dollars. Is she still in the middle class?

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