At times the news media bugs the heck out of me; it’s all about ratings, who can hipe the public up the most. It’s almost as bad as the soap operas, you can tune in a month later and it’s as though you left the show yesterday.

The political commentators especially should have learned over the years how politics work.

First, is it normal for candidates in the primary to sling mud and hang out the dirty linens. You know why? Because the stupid voters forget all about it come November and will vote their party line. Hate to tell the reporters, but few Americans are paying any attention to their sputtering antics; they usually don’t get into the elections until October. A shame, but true, because they should be picking up the trash that is being thrown now. can’t keep up with the lies being promoted by the candidates; this post in no way is just aimed at the Republicans, the Democrats had their show four years ago with Joe Biden saying Obama wasn’t qualified to be president, and Hillary was cutting the heck out of her now boss.

When the candidate is chosen all those who hated the winner is seen on stage at the convention holding hands hoisted high in the air to show ‘true love’.

Newt Gingrich has already said he would support his party’s nominee. You’d wonder how he could support Romney if he wins after they have trashed each other. That’s politics.

Another stupid thing the reporters do. They ask the underdog going into a primary, “If you lose are you staying in the race or dropping out”. What a dumb question. If the candidate says, “Yes, I’m dropping out if I lose”, they are dead meat. People don’t flock to a loser, instantly they will vote for the front-runner.

Another, is “If you lose the race for President/Governor, will you take the vice-president/Lt. Governor position?” Again the answer has to be “No way Jose”. If they answered in the affirmative again they are dead meat. How many do you know who have taken the #2 position after saying they wouldn’t? 

And when a candidate drops out and endorses another after he has called his opponent every name in the book; you can bet they cut a deal. Mr. Cain wanted a top cabinet post; that’s why he was in the race. His held out for a good while; when he endorsed Gingrich, he had cut his deal, believe me.

Politics is just a game without a referee to call foul infractions. The public wants a candidate who has personality, is flamboyant, and can aroused them. Some of the people I knew who I thought would have made great leaders failed because they had none of the above.

Local politics are a little harder to swallow; hard feelings dig deep and are hard to let go. Sometimes a loser will work against his opponent, but on the national level they learn to suck it up for the sake of the party, and to make sure they don’t cut off their nose to spite their face because there is always a next time.

A shame; we deserve the government we elect.  



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