I usually brush off critical responses to my posts and columns I write for the STAR, but today I received one from a classmate who has always had a different view of politics than me and I have shrugged them off, but this one bothers me. What is more troublesome is I think a lot of people think like him.

Challenge #1 was he didn’t think  the president was working for the middle class, that he was trying to control our lives. I guess that depends if you see the glass half full or half empty; I see it half full.

Granted there can be too much government, but I have always believed we can’t exist without government help. We couldn’t afford roads, the bridges we cross, school buildings, teachers, healthcare, Medicare, have social security without government help.

Sports stadiums are built with government money, businesses are lured to states with government money, dumps are maintained by the state and local governments.  Yes, I know it’s our money, but are you going to be the one going around with a tin can collecting money and organizing all these necessities we enjoy, build and maintain them?

It was ok when Obama was running for office; the people after being cut short for 8 years seemed to like his idea of helping out the middle class. Now with no support from the Republican House he hasn’t delivered, suddenly he doesn’ support the middle class; really?

On the other hand my classmate is falling all over Republican candidates who: run out on their wives, wants an open marriage, was forced to resign as Speaker of the House for ethics violations; one who wants to banish condoms,  the other who is among the rich 1%, pays less in income taxes than most Americans, has a Swiss bank account, and money in banks in the Cayman Island, all to avoid paying income taxes in this country that could produce jobs, and says he’s not concerned about the working man and he doesn’t see any need to change the tax structure; these are the people who are going to look out for the middle class?

I don’t think so; maybe my classmates income is up there with Romney’s. To his credit, many people are thinking the same as he, and I just don’t get it!

I find many who don’t have a love for Democrats are hung up on the abortion issue, especially in the Bible Belt of Sussex County. That’s their choice, the same as those who are pro-choice; I respect both side and have pros and cons on the subject.

 My problem is Republicans don’t want to take care of the children of the unmarried mothers after the child gets here; they want absolutely nothing to do with single parents; no sex education, no birth control clinics, WICK, monies to send single parents to school so they can get off welfare and be productive, etc.

Nothing else matters; for many it’s a one-issue election, abortion or the fear the government is going to take your b-b gun away, which is another falsehood pushed by the NRA to keep their membership up.

You can’t have it both ways; you either allow the babies to come forth and take care of them or stop it; tough. The rich have ways to protect their children from an unwanted pregnancy, why not offer it to others. Or is it just a white-collar crime?

But this is another column.

Then my classmate suggests I have changed my tune not nailing Al Gore and John Kerry for their wealth when they ran for president. To my mind the wealth of both of them never came close to matching Romney. And wealth was never an issue in their campaign because they didn’t belittle the middle class, had proposed programs to help the middle class, and never stated the income tax standard was fair. I also don’ know of any off-shore bank accounts.

So, if you all think the abortion issue will put food on your table, get you a job, keep a roof over your head, take care of the infrastructure in this country, then by all means vote Republican, and we’ll just have to agree to disagree on this election.



  1. John Kerry estimated net worth 600 million to 1 billion ( includes wifes) remember him hiding the yacht in the other state so he did not have to pay state taxes.

    Mitt Rommneys est 200-320 million

    Al Gore est 160-280 million is worth more now because of pre IPO of Google stock options and Apple Stock options since VP days.

    • My response in the article was when Gore and Kerry were running for the presidency; that was almost two decades back; They weren’t worth even in today’s dollars back then what Romney is. And prove to me since you do a lot of research if either had a Swiss account, or accounts off shore. Not laying down for you conservatives this year; too important a year to be spreading the manure. Again I never heard them say they were not concerned about the middle class or they didn’t want to change the tax code as Romney did. If you’re going to write back cover the good and the bad in your reply, don”t cherry pick. I threw everything out, you and the other respondent pick and choose. I don’t play those games.
      You both can write back; their will be no reply; not wasting my time on people who don’t care about working people and think of themselves only.
      Romney will be the nominee and I do believe he will be the next president because corporate America is going to buy the election. I don’t care, like you I have mine, but I feel for my children, grandchildren and Americans who still have to work. Another round with the Republicans and we will lose it all. More jobs overseas, no unions, wages will not rise, benefits (insurance/pensions) will be gone; SALAVERY will return, the only thing missing is the chains around their ankles; not too sure about that.

  2. Again, I’ll say to dy, don’t confuse Frank with facts.

    Also, have to comment on Frank writing this entire article in response to a comment on another article — that’s a first even for him.

    While there are numerous inaccuracies and distortions in the above article there is no point in addressing them any more than dy did except to say that there is a huge difference between promises and results. Just ask the poor and middle class in the 10 poorest cities in the U.S. about Democrats’ promises vs. results.

    • Bob you need to get a job as a spin doctor with a political party; you talk about me taking things out of context; you pick 10 cities in the U.S that haven’t had a Republican Mayor; how many cities are there in the U.S.? Are all the solvent ones run by Republicans, or do you think their may be a Democrat or two? Gee, what did you eat while you were up here?

      Bob this morning they list the top 10 most expensive cities in the country to live; do me a favor and see how many of those cities are under a Democrat mayor?

  3. “Now with no support from the Republican house he hasn’t delivered” Without a doubt that’s the first time I’ve heard you admit this administrations failure. The first two years he had the house and senate. He wanted a health care bill, he got it. He wanted a stimulus, he got it. He got everything he wanted and it didn’t work. I applaud the effort for trying, but lets cut our losses and move on. Instead of blaming everything on one year of a republican house. He talks a great game, but then does the opposite. He says we need to lesson our dependance on foreign energy….so he does what? bans offshore drilling….hops in bed with Chavez or whatever his name is, and vetoes the Keystone pipeline project…Show me the beef!

    • Cut what losses; the stimulus saved thousands of police, teaching, etc. jobs. people who were ready to be laid off; what do you really know about the healthcare bill? Tell people who were cut off from their policies by insurance companies for no reason, that now the companies can’t; tell students without a job who can now stay on their families insurance policy until they are 26 that Obama failed.
      The point Brian is this president has tried to help people like you and me; yes he had two years of ‘his congress’; he bailed out the auto industry, 1 millions jobs saved, put back banking regulations that the previous administration dropped causing the financial down fall, and he had to fight big money to get that, then people weren’t satisfied and he got a Republican Congress and look what has happened; NOTHING. Can’t you working class see you are getting screwed not by Obama, but by those you think are GOD. You really think Romney gives a rat’s ass about your life? If you do, be my guest and vote that way.
      I value your opinion, but on Obama’s concerns for you, you are out in left field, no make that right.

  4. What does anybody really know about the health care bill? Hence the problem. I know my deductible went up $1500.00 after it was passed…I know several people who work in the medical field that say the physicians don’t approve of it. I know hidden items seem to pop up daily. I supported health care reform, but it needed to be done right, not rushed into to merely serve as political victory. PS….I was a pretty decent left fielder in my younger days, and an even better first baseman (after my growth spurt)

    • Brian you’re smarter than that; The government had nothing to do with your deductible; either your company negotiated a new contract and in order for them not to pay a higher premium they agreed to a higher deductable; same happened to me with the county. I bet if you check into this you’ll find that to be correct. The government’s healthcare bill has nothing to do with you local carrier and the bulk of the bill doesn’t go into effect for at least another year. In the meantime, because insurance companies will be restricted from doing their usual screwing of the public, they are reaping all they can now, or should I say raping.
      And you make a valid point; how can we be critical of the new healthcare bill when 1: most of us don’t know the full impact of the bill and all we are hearing is scare taticts from those who oppose the bill and won’t get as rich and 2: the full bill hasn’t become enacted.
      Again, I see no help from the other side to help people like yourself, therefore I think we should reserve our comments until we see what happens. Of course should the Republicans take over they are going to repeal the bill; the only guarentee then is your premiums; well the sky will be the limit.

      • Frank, you and Nancy Pelosi. Let’s wait and see what happens after we pass it (and it’s implemented). Did it ever occur to you that even you might not like then? Have you wondered why some of the heavy stuff in the bill is not being implemented until after the 2012 election. I can assure you it wasn’t so the conservatives and moderates could then repeal it. As you said to Brian, “You are smarter than that.”

        P.S. Suggest you check out Heritage Foundation’s “Obama Care One Year Later”.

      • Yes I expressed caution when the bill was being debated often quoting Bill Clinton who said “any bill was better than no bill” adding “A bill can be amended after it’s passed”, He cited the Social Security, Medicare bills which are still being changed since FDR introduced it. He knew the bill was not perfect, as I have said, but it is a start toward better health care and covereage for all Americans.
        If you recall I have often written when I was chairman of Nanticoke Hospital during the Sr. Bush Administration, after his two years in office and healthcare was becoming a big cost factor all DE hospitals went to speak in DC with Bush’s healthcare team, and they didn’t have even a clue where to begin with healthcare. And no one not even Clinton touched health care and it has continued to be a cancer in our society.
        Now a man steps up to the plate to help people, and people want to crucify the guy without giving him a chance. People are listening to the BS of the drug companies, and medical groups who have spent millions in adverse advertising.

  5. I love listening to a good argument – whether it’s politics or religion. Our family had many an argument at the dinner table on one or both subjects. Some took opposing sides just to play devil’s advocate. And at the end of the day – we all still get along with each other.

    Many of the statements used in political arguments just don’t stand up to the facts. There is usually a kernel of truth somewhere in the statement… but one kernel does make an ear of corn!

    Here are a couple articles for you to check out:

    Annenberg Public Policy
    Center of the University of Pennsylvania
    Obama’s Teacher Tax Whopper: Posted on September 28, 2011


    The Washington Examiner
    What Really Happened in the Gingrich Ethics Case


    Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns
    Washington Post: January 24, 2012


    There are always more than just two sides to any story… and we all should do as much “fact checking” as we can….

  6. I just Don’t Understand Most People! Thank you, Bob, I enjoy partaking of these discussions but it all seems so in vain. Frank, have to agree with Brian on some points. Most of us will not know the impact of Obammacare for a long time. I only know what immediatly is available to me. That is; in my daily walk, interacting with several dozen folks a day I cannot find, on average 3 people in every 100 that support it. My insurance company made many changes due to upcoming Obammacare, one of which was to raise my deductables. My Doctors offices tell me that nothing good is going to come from it. Again I am believeing that these people directly involved in the situation should know what the effects will be. Again, this is all that I have to go on. Then, I have heard several times through the media that people who fail to obtain health care will be fined on their tax returns! Again, I have heard this several times through the media and have no choice but to believe that they are correct. If there was even an exact copy available for every American to read we would not understand it because it is written by lawyers and politicians! Just another of many incidents where the politicians in washington dc have thrown the citizens of this country under the bus !!!

  7. John do you think when Social Security, Medicare, Pell grants and other programs people stuck their necks out for knew what the impact would be on their electorate?
    People have to take risks, inventors do, some fail at first, but succeed later. Government’s responsibility is to do what is best for us; we may not always agree, and some programs suck!
    Government must lead; simple example, but to prove a point. As a young turk I ran for town council on a ticket with 4 other young turks against the old establishment. The isssue? Should the town purchase a street cleaner or continue using man power shoveling. We wanted the sweeper. No one in town would take a stand, but we won and purchased a street sweeper with a street schedule when the sweeper would be on a certain street.
    Guess what; those who were quiet became vocal when that street cleaner missed the scheduled appointment on their street.
    The point being we stuck our neck out, took the risk of what we thought was best for the people in our community. After they saw the cleaner they liked it.
    Same with the healthcare bill. We don’t know what we have until we see it. The broken pipes will be fixed. Let’s look beyond our nose.

  8. Oh John, give me a minute to be shocked doctors don’t like the new health care. When I chaired the board at Nanticoke, doctors threatened to quit when the government cut medicare reimbursements; that was in the 80’s John.
    Again, apparently you didn’t read my response to Brian, your insurance company is the cause for your premium increase not the new law. Don’t call your insurance co. look it up yourself; take a break from reading your NRA literature.

    • Please don’t tell me you are one of those Tea Partiers who want to take control of the government, and wouldn’t know how to lead if they had control.
      You think you should be in control of the countries infrastructure, schools, social security, Medicare?
      Who do you think should run healthcare? The inssurance companies; you think they have done such a great job regulating health care?
      Now you tell me how to run the country if your were president; don’t clam up like the Republicans do, be critical, but no alternatives. Sell me on your program for; job creation, settling the budget, reducing health care costs, covering everyone with health care, building and maintaining our highway system without government intervention.
      I’ll await your answer; thus far in two years all I’ve heard from you is how bad the Obama administration is and how wonderful Jr. Bush was, but no beef.

  9. Frank, was the wonderful Jr. Busch question directed at me? I did not care for him either and would have had no reason to refer to him as wonderful, I did not like Clinton, I did not like Busch Sr either. I DO NOT LIKE THE GOVERNMENT DICTATING MY LIFE. (period) There are some great and necessary programs out there but for the most part we have too much government. I don’t have ANY NRA literature in my house!!!! All they want is money. I just want to keep my second amendment right FOREVER!!!!!!

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