You would have thought Newt Gingrich won the Florida Primary Tuesday the way he gave his speech after his defeat by Republican front-runner Mitt Romney.

You’d thought he had won the national election; his platform was accepted by the newly controlled Republican House and Senate, he had his inaugural ball, he was already signing legislation and the country was on the mend.

He talked often of the programs he was going to repeal, mostly those affecting the middle class, didn’t hear anything about leveling the playing field on who pays taxes, but he was on target of what he was going to repeal.

What was missing, again, not only from his speech, but Romney’s as well was what he was going to do; for healthcare, since he was going to repeal the administration’s health care plan, what he was going to do about the deficit, and creating jobs.

He did lead me to believe we are headed for another war under his leadership when he said he was going to set up an embassy in Israel and recognize it as the leader of the Arab world. And why not, $10 million of his campaign money has come from  a Las Vegas gambling head, the 3rd richest American, who gave him the money for that reason.

He bragged about not speaking from a teleprompter, a jab at the president and others who use one, but I think he needed one as he kept digging a deeper hole for himself.

So again, and I just can’t get over this with Americans struggling, Republicans voted for a rich American who pays less in taxes than the middle class, has money in Swiss banking accounts and the Cayman Islands to avoid paying U.S. taxes, and this same group trashes Obama who is trying to save the middle class; go figure.



  1. So you really believe that Pres. Obama is working to save the middle class. If you mean having the government control their life and everything they do then I might agree with you.

    You must have recently changed your criteria for candidates for president. Didn’t here you complaining when democrats were voting for rich guys Gore and Kerry.

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