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    • My condolences go out to you this morning; With the economy turning around the only argument your guys had left has disappeared into the sunset. And of course the man who likes to fire people thinks he could have done better. Good luch with that one. Obama for 4 more!

  1. Quote from; There’s no sugar-coating it, as some supporters of President Obama have tried to do. And the rapid rise in the debt is alarming enough without fabricating false statistics, as some Obama critics have done.

    • I knew from the comments I would receive from my conservative buddies that you would all misread the message. This debt has been accumulating for years; of course it’s higher, the interest from the previous debtors is added into this, but more so is the debt by previous presidents have been as high or higher than Obama.

      • Good catch- another key reason the obama debt ramp up is so alarming is that rates are significantly lower than under Bush which significantly reduces the impact of previous administrations borrowings on todays debt- Got it

      • Anyone who can read the FactCheck data as a positive for Obama is beyond help! What was it Lincoln said. You can fool some of the people all the time and all of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all the people all the time. Today’s version – Obama says you can fool all the Democrats all of the time and some of the Republicans and Independents some of the time and hopefully that’s enough to get by with our socialist charade.

  2. Yes, in this instance there are 2 issues that we are dealing with; interest rates are at an all time low and; when they (the liberals) bring up the percentage numbers they forget that (just for example) 10% of 5 million dollars is a lot more than 5% of 1 million dollars. Just sayin !!!!!!

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