The print media has suffered a great decline in advertising revenue over the past few years, those freebies you used to put in paper for free such as obituaries and those little meeting notices. Those little community meeting notices and who was awarded something is missing except maybe in your local weekly paper.

Obituaries for my bride in three daily papers ran $1500. Most people have stopped putting them in all papers because of costs and that is a shame because most are advertising in the lesser cost newspaper which means if you don’t receive that paper you miss the notice including the service if you want to attend.

Papers have shrunk in size both width and length, according to them to make our reading easier. What they don’t mention is you also are getting less news. With the computer era we can catch-all the news on-line or television, many times before we receive our paper.

Recently my paper cut out something in the Sunday edition, a section I rarely read. But to continue that section I could pay a few dollars more a month. I refused.

Now I am receiving my paper daily on my email as well as a live paper, for FREE no less. Yeah, something is in the works, and I feel a screwing coming.  I like having my morning newspaper in my hand, I don’t want to sit in front of a computer to ready my daily newspaper.

More newspapers are going on-line; this may be the wave of the future. I hope not.



  1. Mom and I get The Wilmington Daily Democrat and have for years. Mom has already said that she would be lost without her daily newspaper. And yes it has shrunk in many ways over the years. I recently came across a newspaper from the day Kennedy was assassinated and the first thing that was immediatly noticeable was how much larger the newspapers were back then. Technology and progress change the times, not always for the better!

    • I recall my earlier days as sports editor for the State Register when it was in Laurel, and I had four pages, the large pages, filled with sports and they let me run the pages with no ads. I was doing this part=time, working full-time with dad.
      Heck our paper was larger then than the daily’s are today.

  2. We get the News Journal at work and I can’t help but think that because it’s so thin and light now you couldn’t possibly throw one from a moving bike and have it hit the door and land on the step. I remember that only in an absolute monsoon would Mom or Dad even considering taking me on my route by car. I agree with you both, this is one change which is not for the better.

  3. Yes, Frank, it is the way of the future. My eldest daughter who is over 50 has been reading the New York Times online for over ten years and doesn’t get a print edition of any newspaper. Furthermore, this is a trend toward becoming “Green” and saving trees, ink, and delivery time, not to mention good old money. And, most of the news we find printed in the News Journal is one or two days old and we have already read it. The younger generation want things in nano-seconds, not even minutes, hours, or days and most anything online satisfies that desire. My R, however, is with you, he likes his paper in his hands, with his coffee, old news or not!

    • Rita good hearing from you; hope you are feeling better. Since living along, I usually breeze through the paper in the morning, then read the editorial page during lunch,and the rest of the paper at dinner. I too like my paper in my hands.

  4. I agree with you Frank. I also like the real thing in my hands. We never knew in our younger days that we would end up being so “touchy, feely”, did we?

  5. Frank – I check this website every morning – http://www.newseum.org/todaysfrontpages/flash/ Then I can click on whatever city I want – all the ones where I have family – then decide if I want to read anything from their websites or not. I always open the News Journal website… then decide if there is an article worth reading. I do read the Sussex County Post and the Seaford Star weekly!

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