I’m getting a little tired of groups interpreting the Constitution to fit their needs and criticizing those who disagree with their thoughts.

Groups squeal when their freedom of speech goes too far and becomes a topic of criticism by people, when they feel they have their right in the Constitution to say whatever they please. But when the public and media goes against them, it is “The Liberal media going after them.”

The Constitution speaks to the separation of church and state. The churches use that to avoid being taxed the same as a regular Joe, but they can’t seem to keep their nose of out politics, which to me is the same as being involved in government.

They’ll preach from the pulpit and tell their parishioners how they should vote with no regard to the separation of church and state; the Catholic Church, which is my religion, in some areas will not allow elected officials to take communion if they are pro-choice. When U.S. Senator John Kerry was running for president, he, a Catholic was denied communion as were other elected officials who had different opinions from the church.

Joe Biden, also a Catholic, had problems with his Bishop regarding communion, but somehow it got resolved. Some churches pushed the issue, some had enough sense to leave well enough alone.

Now there is a squabble regarding a law that says churches or organizations which are against birth control, must carry in their insurance coverage allowing coverage for birth control pills, and the churches are up in arms.

A priest was on Morning Joe today saying the government is interfering with their mission and their should be a separation between state and church. Really? Now that the shoe is on the other foot we’re singing another tune?

A compromise has been reached to make that group happy, but somebody will pay the premium instead of the churches…..give me a break here.

When I was a kid growing up when a family went to church they filled a pew. Today you may see two kids tops. Now either couples are becoming sterile, or impotent after two kids, or they are practicing birth control.  If the ministry can’t figure the reason for the reduction of children in church, then they need to see me; I have a bridge I want to sell them.

Back in the day people lived on farms, they were self-sufficient growing and raising their own food, and mom usually made the clothes they wore and they all hopped into the family pick-up to travel. The shoe repairman kept their one pair of shoes fixed; times have changed.  The farm is no longer, mom has to go to the grocery store, the kids have to have different shoes, and can’t wear the same clothes in the same week; designer clothes have replaced mom’s home brand, and now many mom’s don’t know what a needle and thread is for, and their mothers old sewing machine is now an antique decoration in the house.

The one toy for Christmas doesn’t hack it, kids have to have a car when they get their driver’s license, mon and dad work which means two more cars, and it take a lot more to raise a kid today.

We teach sex education in schools, parents buy birth control pills for their daughters, and condoms for their boys. Sex, whether right or wrong in this society begins early. An elderly lady today told me before she gave it up she had to have a ring on her finger. Today the ring is an after thought, if a girl is lucky enough to get one. Many prefer living together and not getting married.

Guess it like trying out a car before you make the purchase.

The churches may not want to hear this, but a report out today indicates birth rates are down in this country, as well as with unwed girls, and abortions are down as well.

So, what’s the problem and the fuss over paying for birth control pills if the people who work for the churches are using them? Should they be required to take a test to see if they are on the pill, tubes tied, vasectomy, and be fired the same as those who take drug tests and test positive are fired?



  1. Clearly written by a big government advocate! What would your dad say today if he had to pay for an employee’s birth control pills because the federal government says he has to? All of this free crap that the government is requiring is not free by any means. It is actually redistribution of wealth in the basest sense.

    P.S. I agreed 95% of your article in the Star this week.

    • Wow you really over shot the target this time, not even close to the target; the point being I would be willing to bet the majority of these conservative groups employees use birth control methods why should they be penalized in their health benefits. If they accuse Democrats, liberals, pro-choice people of being killers because they use birth control, don’t hire them and their would be no problem with them not insuring their employees; keep the ‘sinners’ employed, then pay the insurance the same as every other employer does. Has nothing to do with government.
      This phrase of redistribution of wealth is now considered old hat Bob and won’t fly in this election. People are not stupid and know where the real distribution of wealth is going, and it’s not to them.
      Glad I didn’t hit 100% on the article, i would have thought I had screwed up the article.

      • Has everything to do with government! And control! and the urge for power to control ALL individuals lives! A point you either do not see or refuse to acknowledge. Apparently, as long as the government is, in your opinion, helping the “needy”, then the rights of the rest aren’t important. And just think, now all of the women of families earning more than $250,000 per year will get “free” birth control. My main point is that the federal government doesn’t belong in this and a lot of other arenas. These issues should be addressed at the state level as the constitution requires (10th Amendment).

        John anyone making $250,000 a year is not working in some church I an assure you; she has insurance that covers her, she is not the person who needs the coverage you don’t think they should have.

        I just have to laugh at the conservatives who think too much government, and you want to bring government back; what the hell you going to do with all these programs dumped in your lap? Do you realize the financial burden the Republicans want to throw on you?

        You’re too young to remember but at one time the counties in Delaware had the burden of welfare and the counties were struggling; Then Gov. Peterson took that all away from the counties and the state went busted.

        You’ll never convince me that we need 50 states with 50 different sets of guidelines; we need uniformity and that is why we have a central government, like it or not. I don’t want to see it because I know it’s wrong, but I wouldn’t care if the Republicans won every freaken seat in the country and turned every damn thing over to the states and I hope they gag on it. I’m so sick of hearing how bad government is and we can do a better job. BS.

        Delaware can’t even afford to do new roads this year and they receive a ton of federal highway money. You and your conservative friends going to pick up the tab for new roads, upkeep of old roads, bridges, flooding, pay for ALL the schools upkeep, new construction, teachers pay, benefits?

        What’s going to happen is all the good qualified people in the state are going to move to states with higher incomes and we are going to be left with like what we have in our schools after the majority of students go school choice. And you will pay for those who can’t pay, just like you are now going to pay for those the churches wouldn’t insure. Congratulations.

  2. There are so many facets to this arguement that it would never end. Several ways to look at birth control/contraception/planned parenthood. When you see some people with kids your first thought is that it should be mandatory. Then you see others with kids and think that it is a blessing. You have to respect the couple that has enough sense to know when they can or cannot support a family. The Government getting involved in birth control is just another example of them wanting to have more control over our lives. (period) And again you cannot legislate stupidity or, common sense for that matter. Stay Out. Let God take care of it in whichever way that he chooses !

      • Gee Frank, You never tired of talking about how bad government was and how it could be improved when Bush was president!

        P.S. Just got a notice that they are raising my health insurance by $50/year
        but now I’ll get free toothpaste. The government wants to “encourage” me to take good care of my teeth. Funny thing is people with false teeth will also be paying $50 more.

        Bob I understand Jay Leno is looking for writers; you should apply because you are becoming a joke. I don’t even know where you are coming from. Leno’s ratings are low, he could use your talents.

  3. If I were to sum up your entire argument in one sentence, it would be: “I don’t have a problem with birth control.”

    So what? That’s your personal opinion. It’s also mine. But we’re talking about forcing private groups and organizations (and not just Catholic ones, by the way) to pay for products and services that violate their teachings. Our opinion of birth control is irrelevant — it’s their opinion that matters, as it’s their money that will pay for it.

    In a free market in a free country, you and I can voluntarily contribute to organizations and causes. You can write checks all day long for others’ birth control. But you can’t — or shouldn’t — threaten innocent people with fines and jail time if they refuse to fund something, anything, that contradicts their beliefs about right and wrong.

  4. Your assumption would be correct; if you read my column in the STAR this week you would understand why.
    I have a problem with a person earning a paycheck working in a grocery or retail store and shopping for the same product at a competitive store.
    I have a problem with the non-profits who preach birth control having employees working for them who practice birth control. If the non-profits believe that strongly in birth control, and people like you condemn liberals and Democrats for killing babies, then they should hire people who share their beliefs. You can’t have it both ways; if you want to, then pay the damn insurance and give them coverage. Plain and simple!
    You are an opponent of government giving welfare, pre-natial care, sex education, food stamps, etc to support these unwanted babies or unwed mothers, yet you wonder why welfare is so much a part of our national debt. You can’t have it both ways either.

    • 1. Not going to take the time to confirm but I believe it’s against the law to discriminate against perspective employees because of their religious beliefs. So you can not exclude people who do not share your beliefs. Thus one is forced to have it both ways, again by our benevolent federal government.

      2. So you also have a problem with all of the GM employees who own non-GM cars?

      • Yes it is against the law to discriminate, the point being how can people be critical of another person when they know damn well what is going on; they can’t be blind.
        And yes I have a huge problem with GM employees and others car plants when they go to work in a car made by another company. Buy a good car from another company for pleasure, but for God’s sake buy a used junklet to drive to work, don’t park another company car in the lot where you work. Common sense.
        When GM closed a former union rep for the Newark Plant was being interviewed, bitched about the plant closing, then drove off in a Chrysler.
        When I worked in Econ Development a lady wanted me to help keep the Super Fresh store open where her husband was a meat cutter, then she admitted to me she bought her meats across the street from Food Lion because it was cheaper. Go figure the American people.
        That’s what started this overseas manufacturing, when people began buying the junk because of price. WE have no one to blame but ourselves.

  5. P.S. Reference another of your charges, I have never heard our pastor tell us how to vote. Also, please note that you continue to phrase separation of church and state as the right to freedom from religion when, in fact, the first amendment stresses freedom OF religion, i.e. the founding fathers intent was to prohibit a state sponsored religion.

    • Bob when JFK ran for president the ministerial association in Laurel and other areas voted not to endorse him because he was Catholic and if elected the Pope would be running the country, and they preached it in their churches.
      I saw one of those Christian ministers after he was elected and told him to start packing his bags because the Pope was coming over. Bad boy I was; single, smart butt.
      Told you that you were the smartest boy in our class.

  6. I agree on the work at GM drive a GM car scenario….but in todays times that is considered discrimination. I once had a part timer call out because of vehicle troubles who came in the next day and said he bought an alternator from Autozone because he “thought ” it would be cheaper….needless to say he didn’t last to long after that.

  7. I agree Brian. Work at Gm and drive a toy car. I saw it all the time when we lived in Michigan and Ohio. Made my blood boil! Got into several “discussions” with people over this issue. I blame the United States Government !!! They Should have taxed and tarrifed the foreign auto industriy so heavily right out of the gate so it would not have been feasable for them to sell cars here.

    • John tarriffs are a touchy subject; raise the tarrifs too high on imports, then they do the same with out exports and our companies can’t sell their product; a catch-22. Your argument has been around for years; we do run a deficet on tarrifs which I think should be changed. I don’t find foreign cars to be cheaper, the better ones, than American made, the quality was the selling point for years when American Auto makers got sloppy with workmanship, but I think quality control is much better now.
      A reminder a lot of our American cars are made overseas, and a lot of their components.

  8. The words, ‘separation of church and state’ has already been addressed above in the blog. As for this issue, it is not in the U.S. Constitution. It was written in a personal letter from Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptist. Ironically, they were concerned about the the government infringing on the rights of the local church. Wgoever thought a couple of hundred years ago that the government would make decisions that would affect the church. I think i know the answer. The church, although not perfect, has always had a purpose of influencing society. My home is that the church would have a greater impact on society.

    • However they don’t hesitate to make sure they have tax free status from the government and the deal is they stay out of government or lose that status. Can’t have it both ways. I say tax them the same as you and me and let they go at it!

  9. Kinda of an interesting thought.

    We contend that for a nation to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle. Winston Churchill

  10. .Advertisements Community Events Local News Opinion-Commentary Podcasts Uncategorized WGMD Announcements WGMD Callers WGMD Sponsors ..
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    Feb 14, 2012 posted by: Bill Colley WGMD Host
    .Commentary: Obama’s Party of Death
    This is a good, good view about President Obama’s war on faith from a writer located at the heart and soul of America. Carbondale is a lovely community east of Scranton:

    • John you made me go to their web site; as I thought their entire page is pro-Republican, and anti-Democrat. You call the News Journal the Delaware Democrat, we Republicans call WGMD, our WGOP. Anything they put on the air is suspective from my point of view. They have never endorsed a Democrat. Does that tell you anything John about your last post about Obama who probably has more religious faith than the majority of so-called religious people?
      But I’m really praying for you and your following to sweep this election and BRING GOVERNMENT BACK TO THE PEOPLE. I’m anxious to see what programs are going to be cut and how you are going to pay for everything since you don’t kwant to raise taxes. Of course seldom are my prayers answered so you may have 4 more of Obama.

  11. Frank, WGMD is as slanted as all of the rest of the news media but they are the best source for the most local news you just have to filter everything else. I just thought that column was interesting because I am not familar with the source and could maybe be unbiased about the story. And, according to CBS news this morning Obamma has already been reelected.

  12. oh and The republicans are not my following, the democrats are not my following either. I am TOTALLY ANTI U.S. GOVERNMENT ANYTHING RIGHT NOW!!!!!! My government ceased to exist on April 9, 1865 !!!!!

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