I’m not going to try to defend the Laurel Special ed teacher who used neckties to tie the hands of two students behind their backs because they wouldn’t listen to the teacher mainly because they were special needs kids, and I have never had to work or be around them.

And this is a different day and time; discipline is not a priority in schools today.

In my time the teacher would have been awarded the ‘toughest teacher of the year award’, not by the school but by the parents.

Under today’s discipline, or lack of guidelines, many of my teachers would be behind bars. You never heard of student teacher relationships, although I do recall one hot looking teacher in junior high who quietly left school, but nothing was ever reported.

We had a teacher who chewed his pencils; one day he said he couldn’t find a pencil and my classmate stated, “perhaps you ate it”.

The teacher came to the student and slapped him in the face on the left and then the right. Do you think he went home and told his parents? No way because he would have gotten more for being disrespectful to the teacher, who was GOD.

We didn’t need GOD in the classroom as many say is the reason we have poor education today, we had respect and manners, which began at home.

Another incident from a smart mouth, this time a female teacher swatted a male student and blood flew across the room. Brutal, maybe, we didn’t think so, but you could hear a pin drop in my classrooms.

I once chuckled at a teacher because he missed the wastebasket tossing a wad of paper. He took me out in the hallway, grabbed me by the throat, raised me off the floor and dared me to laugh again. I never did.

Some teachers gave us verbal tongue lashings, but we never went home crying to mommy and daddy, because to them the teacher was always right.

We raised our kids the same way; when they came home with their swan song of how tough a teacher was our reply; “The teacher is the authority, they hold the upper hand, you do what they tell you and you’ll get along.”  I think it worked although I think I may have had a clown once or twice or more from the boys, but they knew their limits and never got into trouble.

I don’t know when we lost discipline in schools, whether it was a legal action from the liberal activists who can go too far sometimes, but it is a shame.

My late wife often said in her wisdom, “Until we put discipline back in schools, we’ll never have a good education system.” Well put honey.



  1. I could really get on a rant on this subject but I won’t! Just wondering WHO took the discipline out of the schools? Another Eienstein wannabe I assume !!!

  2. So again 9 people deciding what is best for the entire country!!! And you cannot find anyone that is against punishment in the schools!

  3. Actually ” Corporal Punishment in Schools” is still legal in 21 states and banned in 29 states. If you look at the split you could make an argument that states that do allow it lean to be conservative states, where states that don’t lean to be liberal or independent states. If you then look at the statistics for violent crimes, the states that don’t have corporal punishment seem to have higher violent crimes, could be also that these states have a higher population living in a metropolitan area.

  4. I shared on my facebook post about a teacher who yanked me by the hair so hard that I wet my pants. I was in the fourth or fifth grade. I had made a statement about a knot that he had on his head which was I found out later was the result of being wounded in Korea. When I got home and shared my tale of woe, I got it again from my Dad. I deserved it and I don’t recall disrespecting anymore teachers. By todays standards he could have been fired. I always told my daughters when they complained, that the tough ones are the ones you will remember later in life. Those were the ones who actually taught me, and I’m thankful for them.

  5. I told my first grade teacher that she couldn’t paddle me because my dad said so, she paddled me for being smart about it, I never told my parents until years later because I knew it would be worse. I never got in trouble again until about the 7th grade and they no longer paddled in school, instead it was detention or suspension, for which the trouble at home was much worse than paddling. I say bring back paddling, and God will

  6. You’ve got to be kidding me right? Theres a humongous difference between a spanking and smacking someone across the face. I have 3 kids in grades 8th, 2nd and Kindergarten. I have never had to smack my kids in the face or tie them up! All of my kids are either straight A or A’s and B’s students.
    Also my kids have NEVER been flat out disrespectful and nor will they. One of the reasons for this is because I showed them respect instead of talking about it and then making them fear me…
    Its pathetic that people think its ok to do something to a child who cant fight back that they would never do to a grown man…
    Not all teachers are bad let me say that before I make my next statement, However these teachers that apparently cant keep themselves under control in certain circumstances and have issues with keeping their hands to themselves are the ones that need to be taught some lessons.
    People need to remember that children are human beings as well and they have rights. A child is not property that you can do with as you will when they do not listen. We abolished slavery a long time ago and its sad that so many people still have the owner/property mind set when it comes to children.
    I also have to say one more comment.. As far as the children being special needs, well I honestly dont think that even plays a factor in this situation. If it was a special needs child or not, this teacher was wrong pure and simple!! She needs to be punished and made an example of that we will not allow teachers to treat our children as if they are property that can be tied up and punished however they please…
    For the next teacher that decides to tie up or put their hands on a child please remember their is a reason that they associate a woman and child to the phrase , a lioness and her cub.. We will protect our young to the fullest………..

    • If we had more children in school like yours, respectful, and there to learn the school system would be more productive; unfortunately we do not have enough of students like your children. Probably by my standard of raising my five children I would be put in jail today, but I do not believe in “time outs” or letting a child blow off steam with temper tantrums. We didn’t have hyper kids in school when I went, the method I described cured all that.
      I respect your opinion; this is your day, my day has passed, my generation was productive and led us to be a world leader. Your system doesn’t seem to be working. Just my opinion.

  7. years and years ago i had a child in my classroom that had times in which she behaved somewhat like a feral individual. i kept alcohol on hand for the times in which she bit me, and i bled, bruises on my legs from the times she kicked me or i tripped over chairs that were thrown at me. this child was under doctor care whenever her parents chose to deal with it. there were times she ran out of the classroom with me right behind her. fortunately there was a para left with the rest of the class. i would follow her up the street and into yards . this child, for her own good, had to be physically restrained at her worse moments. that involved her on her back and me straddled over her on my hands and knees. my ankles were over her ankles and my hands were stretched out holding her hands down. the whole time she was actively biting at any part of me she could reach. she would calm down from that position and then be dealt with. i suppose if someone came in my room and saw me down on my hands and knees restraining her, i could be painted as a child abuser and not deserving of my job. i know this is not a typical situation, but it’s a good example of how wrong conclusions can be made when all the facts aren’t known.

    • Gosh Carol I guess unless you have been in the battle zone you can’t draw conclusions. I’m sure you would have face displinary action had they seen you restraining that child.
      I’ved heard many of my teachers who tried substuting saying they would never go back into a classroom today. It is a shame teachers don’t receive support not only from their parents but from spineless administrators who fear losing their job for doing their job.

  8. Loving, supportive, and involved parents are the best indicators of any community or school district. Unfortunately, in our community a significant % of the the students are being “raised”
    by parents (one or the other) who don’t know what or where their kids are or if they are maturing to be productive members of society.

    After over 20+ years of school bussing and many years of volunteering in our schools, things have changed by the year. I have only 3 hours a day with loud, disruptive, disrespectful students on my bus, and I try to be strict. I can’t imagine what the teachers have to deal with, with the same kids ALL day long.

    ADD, ADHD, FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome)…etc.. and the “young ladies” scare me most of all.
    I think they are more brutal than the boys. Had a Middle School girl tell a boy who teased her getting on the bus “I’ll CUT YOU” and I had no doubt that she may do just that, if she had a chance.

    Dealing with some students is getting more challenging and scary by the day. I honestly don’t know what to do about it. I do sympathize (but don’t condone) those who have crumbled under the daily pressures of interacting with disruptive, disrespective students on a daily basis.

  9. Regarding the ADHD…as an older co-worker says…”in my day they called it ants in the pants and you got your a$$ busted”………I have a grandson currently medicated and I don’t agree with it. I think he needed to be raised with more discipline. And yes Kristen, you can discipline a child withot crossing the line to the point where your beating them. I coached little league for years…I had one kid who stayed in a lethargic zombie like state…over medicated. I had another who was 100 mph all the time, she could talk the legs off an iron pot when she’d missed her dose. I’d much rather worked with the non medicated child. One of these kids was from a two parent home, the other a single parent home so I don’t buy the statistical crap they put out there.

    • Brian I’m so glad you responded; I totally agreed with the ADHD theory that a good bust in the butt does more good than medication. Although in some cases I have seen where medication is the solution. But I do believe how they ae raised, the family make-up has a lot to do with childrens behavior.
      Raising our kids we didn’t know anything about ADHD; we just kicked tail and did the teachers. We never had a police officer have to stay in school, law and order was in the classroom.

  10. You can easily blame it on a diagnosis, or the child’s medication ( or lack of) and you may think that by letting an EDUCATOR put their hands on any child is the answer as well. Bringing God back into the schools will not do the job either because in the end, it is all about the home where the child is from. If there was any respect or responsible parents at home, schools would not be having these sort of problems. It is not the teachers job to raise my childen but it is their job to EDUCATE them….and that does not include the right to put a single hand on any child. I am somewhat disgusted at a few of the comments regarding this subject. I was even more disgusted to hear that there were actually staff members laughing about the incident regarding the kid’s hands being tied. I wonder how many would of been laughing if it turned out to be their child abused in that fashion. And unless you understand the actual medical diagnosis of ADD, ADHD or even Autism, I feel the assumption that any child that falls under that umbrella needs a good kick in the butt is ignorant. I agree with Kristen and Donna as well.

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