We are a country that finds it easy to be critical of other people without thinking why there is a problem. We put down and write off those who have a drug of choice problem, drinking, smoking, and drug addiction.

Alcohol is a disease as is drug addiction; there is something in our body that triggers this habit and it is hereditary. Smoking is a habit that turns into an addiction. I haven’t had either but I feel sorry for those who are addicted and can’t beak the habit.

The tragic story of Whitney Huston this week-end was a tragic story of a talented young lady brought up in a religious back ground, got hooked up with a drug user and her love for him made her an addict.  We don’t know if she died of an overdose, but you can bet her body was damaged because of the years of abuse.

Many celebrities fall prey to drug or alcohol addiction; I can’t understand why.

But I can’t be critical of those who have fallen under the spell, because I have an addiction of my own; Food. I figure if I can’t push myself away from the table and stop eating so much, I’m as much an addict as those who use hard drugs, smoke, or drink.

If I can put down a fork, how hard is it for someone to stop shooting up, smoking or taking another drink.  I swear off food, but let me find a piece of candy lying around and it’s gone baby!

I’ve lost dear friends to alcohol, drugs, cancer due to smoking, and I’ve lost some because they ate too much.

So before we judge someone, look in the mirror; I bet you are addicted to something that is not good for you.



  1. In the end when I’m looking down at myself. I don’t want to think man I wish I had ate that, or I wish I had done that. I go 100% 100mph everyday. If I want to do something, eat something, whatever, if I have the means I just do it. Perhaps it shortens my life but what is life if your scared to live it?

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