With the U.S. Economy showing improvement, manufacturing up, orders up, retail sales up, stock market approaching a record high, and corporate profits continuing to rise, unemployment filings down, and the housing market showing some signs of improving, the Republican Party is changing their focus on the election from the economy.

With the economy improving the bashing over President Obama’s economic policy has slowed and the GOP is now going to their favorite campaign target, abortion and birth control.

In an attempt to hold onto their conservative/religious base their hot issue the past two weeks has been insurance coverage for birth control pills to religious orders and organizations. Obama zapped that in a hurry giving those who want birth control coverage at no expense to their employers.

Not satisfied with that the Republicans have used the message that this was an example of too much government interference. Well, that is a matter of choice, whether you are pro-life, and honestly don’t use birth control, although I don’t see many of these people with large families, or if you are pro-choice and use birth control.

Each day to the disgust of Republicans who can’t decide on a front-runner for their parties presidential nominee, it looks more like another term for the current president.

This country could do much worse.



  1. Doesn’t matter what any other party does, The News Media, which is controlled by the Government already has the current president re-elected. This country will do much worse !!!!

  2. It’s obvious to me the media wants Romney to be the nominee. An Obama win is a great victory for them, a Romney win is the next best thing. Maybe we could do worse, but regardless of the outcome we will assuedly do worse.

  3. Do you realize how the Bureau of Labor Statistics arrive at the unemployment number. By the number of people who are collecting unemployment benefits. Since December of last year the unemployment benefits have been running out on people. So every month now less people will show up as being unemployed. This is another shell game ran by our government, watch this hand and this hand picks your pocket.

  4. dy, that is just one angle of our current predicament! The current regime will manipulate the press in more ways than we can imagine in order to get re-elected and turn this country into a Muslim led Socialist Republic. Prepare to sustain yourself and defend what is yours !!!!!!!!!

  5. Haha a Muslim led socialist republic? Where do people come up with this stuff. Thats almost as funny as members of the tea party being on medicare and other forms of government assistance.

    It is quite obvious we are no longer an educated society. Therefore education should be a priority of the utmost importance!

  6. Obviously the maority are uneducated, hence we wind up with idiots for a president such as the current one. Educated people would not have to be told by the government and the mainstream media how to vote !!!

  7. Gee Frank, what was going on 4 years ago. If I remember correctly, Barack, Hillary and John Edwards were in a mad scramble for delegates and I don’t remember the media saying that the eventual winner couldn’t win in November.
    By the way is there any truth to the report that the Obama people bussed thousands of people into Iowa from Illinois for the 2008 caucuses?

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