The family of a Laurel man who is in need of a liver transplant has set up a non-profit trust foundation asking for donations to defray the cost associated with the transplant operation and the many expenses associated with this procedure.

Mike Evans’ liver is failing to the point where if he doesn’t soon have a transplant he may not be around long.

Having been through liver problems with my late bride I know how quickly a liver can go downhill once it hits a certain point. My bride had the makings of a bad liver, but not to a dangerous level, but once it hit in January, we had only a few months to get a transplant.

Mike has some insurance, but not nearly enough to cover the cost of the liver and the transplant expenses, plus the medications after the transplants and doctor visits before and after to Baltimore.

We were lucky with our insurance and Medicare, one of those social programs some people are critical of. My wifes liver, just the liver, cost $119,000, then the cost of the surgeons, hospital and medication.

Then the trips to the University before and after, the motel rooms before, during the surgery, and after; I figure our total cost was in excess of $350,000; our insurance covered everything except the co-pay for prescriptions.

Mike doesn’t have that luxury so he and his family are asking for your help. You can help with your support by sending a check made payable to:

County Bank

C/O “Friends of Mike Evans”

1122 S. Central Avenue

Laurel, DE 19956

Acct. #0700200688

Any donation of any size will be greatly appreciated.



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