Although I will agree there are serious problems at Carvel Gardens, a rent-subsidized apartment complex in Laurel, their first and oldest, I’m not sure I agree with the town placing a curfew on the Laurel complex.

This is one time I can agree with my contributor to this blog John Trivits about too much government involvement. This is private property we are talking about; I don’t think this is a taxpayers problem, but the responsibility of the apartment complex.

They should be employing security to take care of the problem, they know best who belongs on the property not the local police department.

The 130 resident complex has been the scene of several shootings as of lately and for several years has been the scene of much police activity taking up a lot of police time, thus taking security away from other residents and areas in town.

I believe the curfew will last awhile because those coming from out of the area will be careful, but shortly when they see it is impossible for the police to be there all the time, and with summer coming, their will be more problems there.

The problems shed a bad light on the majority of residents who try to be law-abiding but sometimes a few rotten apples spoil the barrel for everyone. It also places a black eye on the name of the person the development was named after, former DE Governor, Elbert N. Carvel of Laurel who was a proud man when this complex opened and it was named after him.



  1. I agree, it’s another typical case of government treating the sympton and not the problem. I would imagine further investigation would reveal a large majority of the problems are coming from “friends” of a few residents. Kick them out, pure and simple and let the management company hire their own security.

  2. Two things here; if the rent is largely subsidized as you say then yes our taxpayer funded police can control our taxpayer rented apartments. And, Elbert Carvel would be proud as he was the king of take from the working man and give to the man who won’t work. Many, many, many times either with the fire department or delivering Christmas baskets I went into apartments there only to be knocked backed out the door by dope smoke !!!!!! just sayin……

  3. Just for clarification purposes….I don’t really have an issue with the town doing this, the injustice is that they have to. The more you give… the more they want the more they want, the more they take…the more they expect, the more they expect…the less they care. We have become a society of professional victums.

  4. Seems simple enough to me. Get rid of low income housing, and you get rid of its problems. Oh wait, can’t do that right Frank? Too many Democratic voters in those apartments.

    • correct me if Im wrong, but wasn’t there a plan for buses to pick up these residents to come vote for the new schools that they don’t have to pay for?

      • Partly right Mike, thought of but not implemented. Had a poor showing for a presentation for all of the subsidized housing residents, three showed up for two meetings, very few voted.

  5. Ummm…news flash. Most of the tenants may be registered to vote, however never make it to the polls.
    Since Carvel is soon remodeling, all tenants are having to go through criminal background checks (again) and this process has resulted in 8 – 10 tenants being evicted.
    Also, delinquent rent and utilities are resulting in evictions…no second chances.
    Asked the management about income requirements for applicants – now, with zero income, one can be approved. Sure this enables someone to pay zero rent, but a $90. utility allowance is not going to pay 2 monthly bills – gas and electric. I feel an applicant must have documented income of some sort.

  6. Next step should be drug testing for any recipient (and any one living with them over the age of say 15) receiving any government largesse with, going forward, drug testing on a random basis. Failure of drug test means eviction. May seem cruel to some but would quickly clean up the drug problem along with crime and violence. A place to live or use drugs, which choice are the vast majority of all people going to make?

  7. Really do not know that much about subsidized housing but it must not be a good thing. When we moved to Ohio the town we moved to was a lot like Laurel except for 2 things; it was bigger and there were no blighted areas. I asked a gentleman from the Chamber of Commerce how come the town was so clean and there did not appear to be any bad areas in town. His response, almost verbatum; ‘ there are 2 big reasons, we have been able to keep subsidized housing out and we make so difficult and expensive to have rental properties that there aren’t many here.’ Just sayin…………..

  8. it’s a shame that the standard of living has fallen in laurel, if it’s government operated it will surely be half a$$ed and probably get worse. and that’s for all of laurel not just these apartments, this town has fallen so far and the apartments are proof of what it once was and now what this town is. . . . tear them down and start all over?

  9. I don’t believe assuring public safety is unconstitutional, Chris? And I suspect that those victums of several recent shootings would agree.

  10. they start selling drugs and running a muck around my house, they will get a full lead salad. i hope they evict all of them and send them on their way.

  11. Evict everyone??? How about some of the elderly that are trying to live on Social Security checks and $16. (a month) food benefits?? Take subsidized housing away from them? (rent based on income…and some are tenants @ Carvel, Hollybrook and Little Creek)
    Drug testing for all??? Not the answer either…there are numerous ways to alter drug tests.
    I can tell most of these posts by the uninformed know next to nothing about subsidized housing and tenants who pay (some) rent to live there.
    Have you talked to the management @ Carvel, etc? Non- tenants do cause most of the problems there…check all of the police reports.
    Changes are in the works to make this necessary mode of housing better…I see it each and every day…Amen.

  12. I know nothing about subsidized housing, other then that I’m paying for it while most of them are lazy jobless P.O.S. with 6 kids. I’m just happy to be working for them and my family while I have to pay almost $1000.00 a month for day care for 2 kids they get theirs for free along with food and shelter so they can sit at home and pro create. If they can’t work give them a tent and let them figure out how to get money. All you hear about in these apartments are how drugs and crime run a muck. We keep moving down to their level and that’s all this town will be. Get rid of everyone.

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