When it comes to government regulations and unions, I try to understand both sides of the argument. Many say there are too many government regulations; I agree, but then on the other hand if people would follow the law and do what is right we wouldn’t need as many regulations. Regulations are in place to protect the public; some go too far.

Unions were born because employees treated some like dogs, offered poor working conditions, abused their employees and offered no benefits and poor wages. In some instances I agree with my readers, some are not worth what they get, but if it were not for unions and their higher wages those of us working non-union jobs would be paid less and have less or no benefits.

I refuse to believe unions are the reason for the overseas exodus. If they were, why am I paying more for products produced overseas than I was when the products were produced in this country?

The topic of regulations came up yesterday when I was in a meeting with the director of the Western Sussex Boy and Girls Club. The Laurel Club has run out of space; the teen center owned by the town next to the Social Services Center is not habitable and now there is no place to house the teens, and that population has fallen off. That group is an important segment to the club and the kids.

While we need a short-term solution now, we spoke of long-range plans for the club, that being if the Paul Lawrence Dunbar school is vacated when the new schools are built that building would become excess state property and could be awarded to a non-profit such as the B/G Club.

Not so fast I was warned. This was attempted before by an upstate club which inherited an abandoned school. It appears the state can get away with having an old building without sprinklers, not handicapped accessible, and a general poor condition of the building.

As soon as the B/G Club took ownership they had to bring the building up to code. Cost; $350,000.

The Seaford Club wanted to hire a teacher from the Seaford School District to tutor students after school at the club. This teacher had been teaching for 20 plus years, but as soon as he became a member of the B/G Club he was ruled ineligible because of the strict licensing of the state. As it was put to me: a good teacher who taught thousands of kids during his career suddenly became a piece of trash.

So we don’t care for the safety of our kids in school, because the state won’t pick up the tab, but government expects everyone else to abide by the rules. Another do as I do, not as I say.

I just finished remodeling a commercial rental by putting up a new back wall. To do this we had to remove the back steps from the second floor which I use only as storage. The old steps were a straight shot from the door to the ground. Been there for decades.

When we went to restore the steps, I found I had to have Fire Marshall approval and submit a set of drawings. I now have a set of steps with 3 landings, one large enough to have a cook-out and instead of a $500 bill I ended up with a $4000 set of steps. Best set of steps in town. When you drive by the library, look in the alley in back of the library next to the Chinese restaurant; beautiful! Even has handicapped rails.

Regulations are sometimes important, other times they are too much.



  1. Frank, I agree with you that regulations are important and exist quite often because people aren’t being nice to each other, and treating people fairly. As far as building improvements, it’s cheaper to put in a sprinkler system than building a new building and acquiring land.

    Unions are a great asset to the working person and what has happened to them in the last decade is going to set back employee rights centuries. However, I see the union problem a lot like being a citizen of the United States. It’s only as good as the people who belong and if they particpate. Strong people will try to take over anything, it’s up to the membership, either in a country, a union, or a club, to remain active and particpate. Good or bad, Unions are a necessity and for the worker and for the employer, they can keep everyone honest and focused.


  2. Just my opinion. I feel there was definitely a time when unions were needed and many of the benefits workers union and non union have today benefited from them. However with all of today’s checks and balances, I just don’t see how a corporation could get away with something that wouldn’t go unnoticed by the world and the resulting pressure of a bad faith act would really hurt the corporations bottom line. And there should not be public sector unions period because who is doing the negotiating for us the tax payer? Certainly not the elected officials who pander and seek votes. I think the majority of benefits received now by unions are to the union bosses themselves.

    as far as businesses leaving for overseas. Unions probably are a part but only a small part. It’s mainly assinine regulations and high corporate tax rates.

  3. I do agree with you Frank, that is a very nice set of steps, probably one of the best in Laurel, until the garbage truck backs into them.

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