Will radio celebrity Rush Limbaugh have a job after his recent racial/feminist remarks he made this week? Well, that depends upon his advertisers;  if they stay, he stays, they leave he goes. Some advertisers have pulled their sponsorship, the question is will others come forth to advertise on his show. Probably.

His comments regarding the young college female who spoke before Congress in support of birth control pills was cut-up by Limbaugh when he fell short of calling her a whore, suggesting he would purchase aspirns for women to put between their knees, a sure cure for birth control instead of the government paying for sex.

A similar remark was recently made by Rick Santorum’s main campaign contributor, as Republicans continue to push for pro-life issues.

Havoc broke loose with women groups and Democrats. Members of Congress asked Republican House Speaker John Boehner to speak out against Limbaugh; his statement and others from Republican presidential candidates have not blasted Limbaugh, instead they have soften their remarks saying, “They would have phrased the remarks differently”.

No one in the Republican Party wants to take on Limbaugh for the ass he is for fear of retaliation, and that’s the reason he is the power broker of the conservative cause.

Limbaugh has been married 4 times and has never fathered a child; either he is firing blanks or he has one hell of a stockpile of aspirns.



  1. Rush is a good one to run his mouth. I don’t know if Rush likes aspirin but Rush does like “pills” ………..the arrogant jerk has no room to call anyone disrepectful names. Rush Limbaugh’s mother should have used an aspirin nine months before he popped out……….or as Jim added………..a coat hanger.

  2. Rush has definitely “shit in his own flat hat” this time. I may have worded it differently but, what do you call a girl who is in college that needs a thousand condoms a year! And I don’t want my tax dollars paying for them. This whole issue is totally out of control just like EVERYTHING else that the Government touches !!!!!! Another problem with the whole situation; Nancy Pelosi is involved!

  3. I’ve written to two radio stations asking them to remove the pompous, crude, innacurate, self-serving Mr. Limbaugh from the airways. Anyone who listens to his blathering is of doudtful intellect or just plain prejudiced and sexist. May he soon join Glen Beck in whatever dank hole he crawled into, bless his soul.

    • John, you do always make us burst out laughing. You make me laugh even when I am not in agreement with you. Jim wants you to know that he thinks it is time for Rush to be “drug tested again.” Have a nice night.

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if the owners of the radio station have not thought twice about discharging him, after all he was talking about women and he increased attention and traffic to the station. Who was it that said, “bad new, is good news.” For many advertisers, especially those who advertise on show where racists, sexistist, and haters of most groups, business is business.

    My larger concern, is the Republican Party’s attack on women in 2012. From candidates and sitting officials from governors to their Presential Candidates. The Republican’s are holding up the passage of the reauthoriation of the Violence Against Women Act 2011. Legislation that has saved women’s lives, brought structure and coordination among the states and nation in educating, preventing, and responding to threats of and acts of violence against 54 percent of the population. What is the Republican Party strategy? In the 21st Century attacking the largest segment of the voting population, the most consistent voters, and the breadwinners of single and dual-parent households is a Rush Limbaugh devised strategy.

    I recently saw a button that read, “Women bring all politicians into the world. In 2012, women can also them out!” Whomever is writing strategy for the Republican Party, should repeat those words over, and over, again. Perhaps it should be their mantra.

  5. The same exact First amendment to The United States Constitition that grants you all on here the right to call people; racists, prejudiced, sexist and of doubtful intellect also grants people like Rush Limbaugh the right to say what he said. Weather you agree or disagree, weather what he and you say is right or wrong, it makes no difference !! The First Amendment gives all of us the right to say what is said. The current president of The United States and many other people say things daily that offend me but, The First Amendment gives them that right without ANY ifs, ands or buts. (period)

  6. hell no John this is not our right…go back to the 10Commandents. I think that’s what the religious right would say…unless they are saying it!

  7. Just for self-improvement, weather refers to atmospheric conditions; whomever is the objective case of the nominative whoever; if there is a god, it would supersede all laws!

    • Jim, I thought I was the only one who got irritated by poor grammar, especially by professional adults. FYI Matt, it’s TOO far, not TO far.

      As far as Rush goes, he is in the same category as shock jocks Howard Stern and Don Imus. He just has a different platform and audience. All horses butts!

      • Oh my gosh! Many times “poor grammar’ comes from not thinking about what you are writing because you are tired and sleepy, or just plain not thinking, and you hit the send key before reading what you wrote. There are many things that irritate me more than poor grammar. Who gives a hoot as long as you are not paying someone to write for you because we are not writing for a newspaper who is going to pay us. I don’t think Frank is going to pay John or Matt for their thoughts. I enjoy reading what they have to talk about on this blog.

  8. Rush Limbaugh is a clown, as is others and they are to numerous to count from both sides. Ironically, these guys never seem to have a problem finding a forum. While at times he speaks truth and brings light to injustices (again, as they all do) he doesn’t speak for me.

    • Radio host Imus, whatever, lost his show just saying a group of black back female basketball players had nappy hair; Rush can slander anyone and is still on the air. Imus was hired by FOX; tells you alot about their racial bias.

  9. What Rush said was wrong, however no such hype came of Bill Maher when he called Sarah Palin a Tw-t or when he called her a C–t. Or when he said Sarah Palin would F–k Rick Perry if he was black. Just wondering on the double standard here, Rush and Maher or both idiots that feed on the extreme of each political party,.

  10. Rush went to far this time. Bill Maher goes to far every time. But, that’s his thing and really for the most part, he’s a comedian so not thought of as big a deal when he’s saying something stupid or rude, as someone considered a more serious commentator such as Rush.

  11. I would comment but since I must be of doubtful intellect or just plain prejudicied and sexist according to Jim and a racist according to Frank it would seem to be a waste of everyone’s time to do so. What a bunch of hypocrites!

    For Rhonda, maybe the reauthorization of the VAWA would pass easily with strong Republican support if it wasn’t loaded up with radical feminist garbage, as it has been each time it has been reauthorized since it’s original passage in 1994. If it was truly a balanced bill then it should be called the Partner Violence Reduction Act. Then it would also address domestic violence against the other 46% of the population. Oh, by the way, Senator Murkowski, REPUBLICAN from Alaska, is a strong advocate of the bill so please be careful with that broad paint brush of yours. P.S. Maybe all of those Republicans are opposed to VAWA because their spouse or partners told them what would happen to them if they didn’t oppose the reauthorization.

    • Bob, I was sitting here reading your comment to Jim and I said to him, “I do not always agree with Bob, but I think he must be very intelligent.” Jim said, “Yes he is intelligent as he was near the top of his class.” Somehow I do not think you are of “doubtful intellect.” I enjoy your comments even when I don’t agree with you.

  12. I guess that I am just of doubtful intellect, racist and sexist! But I could be worse and be a liberal. Ever since all of this crap erupted about Rush Limbaugh I have made it a point to listen to him every chance I get and unfortunately for those who hate him, and me, he does make some very good arguements with some very valid FACTS to back it up. So for us die hard Conservatives he is just about all that we have left. You can Crucify me for this if you want but I DO NOT CARE!!!! YOU Liberals have killed all of our other supporters but for 27 years Rush is still there.

    • John upon returning from VA Beach this week on the radio AM and FM all I could get was conservative talk shows; even NPR was having a conservative session, and the conservatives don’t want to fund Public Radio.
      Where’s is this Libereal media you keep talking about?

  13. ABC is Liberal, CBS is Liberal, NBC is Liberal, MSNBC is LIberal, CNN is liberal, WBOC is Liberal, The Daily Times is Liberal, The News Journel is Liberal need I continue ????????????

  14. This is probably a waste of time because apparently you never have read my response to the answer you submitted again and again; Tpm Draper who owns WBOC is a Republican, he ran for his party’s National Committeeman position just a few years ago and is a large donor to the Republican Party. NBC is owned by Comcast who’s chairman is a Republican and large contributor to his cause; ABC is owned by Disney, and I’m not sure how Micky Mouse is registered. You forgot to mention the Wall Street Journal owned by Rupert Murdoch who also owns FOX News and many daily papers throughout this country. Gannet owns the Daily Times,and Wilmington paper; they have endorsed many Republicans for office; the Delaware State News is a Republican Paper.
    What’s your point again?

  15. I guess the real point is that the mainstream media, ie; the media that most of those who live off of the working people are familar with, are controlled by the government and told what they can and cannot report to the governments loyal subects. I use a lot of alternative news sources to hear the real news, the truth, And no, a lot of times I don’t like it but, at least it is reported factually. You said a lot above when you point out who apparently owns a lot of the media outlets. Republicans with deep pockets! That’s just another part of the problem, like everything else, it is about money! These people got rich at the expense of the working class of people and the government !!!!

  16. I have to agree with John on WBOC….Draper maybe a republican but I think they report the news with a liberal bias/slant. There is certainly nothing to indicate that they are conservative biased such as Fox…..There is a simple matter of handling Rush, Maher, Oberman, Mad Cow, O’Reilly and all of the others. Don’t listen or watch and if you feel that strongly about it don’t buy products from companies who sponsor them. The dollar will indeed trump all.

    • Brian does all the media have to be as strongly biased as Fox for you to think they are not liberal? I get the sence from those who think the medial is liberal, is that in spite of reporting as they see it, they are not seeing it the way you want to see it.
      Tell me this; when Obama or any Democrat sponsors a good bill, or a Democrat president does well, how much coverage does FOX News and their group of self-proclaiming moderaters give the time of day to them.
      Even MSNBC as liberal as you may think of them, have comments from both sides of the fence; I don’t see that with FOX, it’s just a stream of negative about the opposing party.
      O’Reilly was on The View the other day, and lied through his teeth on women’s right, which he was later proven wrong by women’s group; but he sounded so convincing until the truth came out.
      Comments from everyone are welcomed on this blog; if this was a conservative blog a lot of comments would be eliminated. Listen to WGMD in the morning; when someone disagrees with the host, they are cut off, or slammed!

      • Several points Frank. First of all, please cite when Obama has “sponsored” any bill. (Oh darn, I did forget his 2012 budget proposal which was voted down by the Senate by an unanimous vote.) Closer to the truth is that he rules by executive order and use of his czars. Second, in my humble opinion, Fox does cover the news more fairly than anyone else. As an example, O’Reilly goes out of his way to be fair to Obama and credit him for a lot more than I would. And, I would find it hard to believe that you could find fault with Greta or the hard news reporting by Fox, such as that of Shepard Smith. Hannity is another story, as he is a staunch conservative. Third, for you to defend MSNBC as being “fair and balanced” shows your inability or unwillingness to believe the facts. Finally, concerning O’reilly “lied through his teeth” and “was later proven wrong by women’s group”, what was your source? The only thing that I can find even close is oreilly-sucks.com ….. are they objective?? Far too often you take what you hear and want to believe as fact, when at the best it is opinion.

      • Our perception of the media is going to reflect our views. I see Fox as slanted to the conservatived side but more balanced than most. You see Fox as conservative biased and see the others as more balanced. You never really commented on my belief in another topic about all the media having a preference to see Romney as the nominee. How do you see that? Do my thoughts have merit, or are they a fig newton of my imagination?

  17. Shucks Bob I apoligize, I should have knows your sources were reliable, why I ever thought mine was is foolish on my part. Did Willard Fisher teach you only the legislative body proposed legislation and nothing came from the executive branch; I must have missed that in class.
    Interesting response to your letter this week in the STAR. I told the writer to expect a reply from you because you are never wrong and although the writer is probably more educated than the two of us put together, I know you will find him wrong.

  18. Sorry Frank, but there is a huge difference between proposing legislation and passing legislation, as I learned in Mr. Fisher’s class. Obama proposed a FY2012 budget and the Senate, by a vote of 97-0 voted down a motion to consider his FY2012 proposed budget. For the record, I have been wrong, on occasion, as my wife has reminded me. Speaking of her, she wants me to buy a Chevy Volt but
    I told her I wouldn’t consider it until you’ve bought one.

  19. Ya know, I catch a lot of flack because everytime something unsuitable happens I blame it on the U.S. Government. But when you think about it, it is not just a finger pointing thing, It is a fact. The U.S. Government currently controls pretty much every facet of our lives. Our freedoms are basically gone! So ultimately everything that happens in this country, today, to anybody, to you, to me, good or bad has been signifigantly influenced by the U.S. Government. So really it is a fact; “it’s the Governments Fault !!!”

    • Just a simple question John; Thke government was founded with rules, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution; where would we be without government; schools, roads, social security, medicare, bridges etc.

  20. To answer a question with a question; where would we be without runaway gas prices, 8.3% unemployment, 2.8 million foreclosures, almost no interest on investments, foreign automobiles, a rebuilt Japan,a still communist North Korea and Vietnam, an Iraq and Iran that still exist despite their centuries of evil ways, a record percentage of non-working people living off of working people! Again a Government is good in moderation but ours is out of control !!!

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