Words expressing my contempt for the Ersay family owners of the Indianapolis Colts cannot be printed on this site. The spineless bastards sneaked out of Baltimore with one of the finest football franchises at night with tractor-trailer loads of equipment and moved to Indianapolis with no compasion for the fans, only the money they were offered to move and the NFL did nothing. .

No loyalty to a city that was devoted to the franchise and had made football history with a startling Super Bowl victory spurred by Hall of Famer John Unitas.

The Ursay’s were able to pluck one Payton Manning from the draft whose leadership led them to two Super Bowls and one win. Manning made millions for the family and the franchise became one of the more valuable ones in the league.

Then Manning suffered nerve damage in his neck and was unable to play the last part of a season and all of last year. He has since been given the ok to play again, but at his age his future is doubtful; still the risk of an occurring injury and his age are against.

Manning has always said he wanted to finish his career with the Colts. Because he is due a $20+ million if he stays with the Colts this year, instead of keeping Manning to train the #1 draft pick they will get this year, another quarterback, and allow Payton to finish his career with the Colts, Ersay is not exercising that option, so Manning will become a free agent today.

Twenty million is not pocket change, but to a Franchise player some loyalty is in order, and to Ersay $20 million is pocket change. People bought tickeys to seen Manning play not because they loved Ersay.

No doubt he will quickly be picked up by another team for a hefty amount, but the whole deal stinks.

Pigs like Ersay have made football from a sport to a business. Like a slave they work you until you can play up to expectations and instead of honoring their contracts, dump you.

I can only wish the Colt franchise all the worst luck as possible, and that Peyton Manning takes whatever team he signs with wins the Super Bowl and Manning gives the Super Ring to Ersay to put where the sun doesn’t shine.


11 thoughts on “NO LOVE FOR ERSAY FAMILY

  1. Hated the Indianapolis Colts and the Irsays for leaving Baltimore! Tolerated them when Peyton was there because I always thought that Peyton was a class act. Now I will have absolutely no use for the Indianapolis Colts!

  2. I hope he goes to a team in their division and he beats them twice a year for the next few years. Wins two more Superbowls and laughs all the way to Hall of Fame as fans in Indianapolis wear bags on the heads because their quarterback turned out to be another Ryan Leaf.

  3. Anyone who expected any more from the Ersay family is living under a rock. No suprise here. He was entitled to move his team but the colt name and records belong to Baltimore.

  4. It is the fault of whoever the NFL commish was ( I believe Pete Roselle) at the time of the Colts move that they did not make them leave the name in Baltimore. They just made them pay a lot of money to keep the colts name. The money went to the NFL and not the city of Baltimore. It still hurts !!! Making the Browns name stay with Cleveland was ust rubbing salt in the wound.

  5. You guys need to get over it!

    I was also a Colts fan when they were in Baltimore. Unitas to Berry is still the greatest passing combination there has ever been.

    If you think that the owners in New England, Pittsgurgh and New York would not do the same thing under the same circumstances, I’ve got a bridge in NY I’ll sell you.

  6. Irsay said “it was never about the money”…..duh! everyone know
    s it was always about the money…and if you don’t believe that I think i got a bridge for sale too….

  7. The hole NFL. STINKS refs. control who wins not a sport for players anymore big money controls just like nascar.Watch collage sports more interesting more of a sport.

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