Basketball is not at the top of my favorite sporting events, especially women’s basketball, but I became a follower of the University of Delaware’s women’s basketball team. Who could not follow the exciting play of junior Delle Donne, whom I heard many basketball fans in DE and other colleges say of her, “She’s a beast.”

Their 31-2 record using 5 juniors as starters lead many to believe the lady Hens will fare even better next year not only because they will be seniors, played together as a unit this year, but the experience of playing in tournament and playing larger colleges and the taste of being number one in the nation; they were ranked #8 until their loss to Kansas last week.

Ms. Donne averaged 28 points per game this year, and scored 38 points in their 70-64 loss. Many of the games went down to the buzzer and without the tall Donne DE would have lost those games.

Kansas double teamed Donne most of the game and what little I know of basketball, did a darn good job keeping her bottled up, leaving her teammates open to shoot, but they couldn’t produce. Without Donne running loose on the court the Hens couldn’t score; in the second half to Hen guards combined on only 5-for-22 from the field, and only 1-for-9 on 3-pointers, shots that can put a game out of reach.

Now that opposing teams have seen keeping Donne busy her teammates can’t pick up the slack, unless one or two of the remaining 5 pick up the slack  don’t look forward to Delaware Lady Hens doing as well next year.

I hope they can, I kinda enjoyed following them.



  1. Unfortunately they have set the bar so high after this season it will be extremely difficult to acheive let alone surpass this seasons success. The suprise element is gone concerning non conference games. I do predict a conference championship and return trip to tournament with a lower seed. They will be a pleasure to follow. Delle Donne is a truly amazing player.

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