According to the new U.S. Census report, Sussex County grew by 25% since 2000 and now has a population of 197,145 residents. The break down according to racial groups:

GROUP                   SHARE OF POPULATION                    % INCREASE FROM 2000

WHITE                         76%                                                                         21%

BLACK                          12%                                                                          7%

HISPANICS                   9%                                                                        145%

ASIANS                          1%                                                                          66%

NATIVE AMERICAN  0%                                                                        22%

MULTIRACIAL             2%                                                                      101%

OTHER GROUPS         0%                                                                        71%



  1. Assume 0% for Native Americans means less than 1% since there are some in Sussex County. Guess they are still the “forgotten people” of Delaware.

  2. Your stats don’t specify it, Frank, but it appears that the black share of the county population is the only one in decline. Wasn’t the black share much closer to 20 percent just a few decades ago?

    Clearly, white retirees and Hispanic workers have moved here in droves. Where are black retirees and blacks in search of work moving? News articles in recent years have noted northern urban blacks “returning” to the South, from which their parents, grandparents and forebears emigrated. But Sussex — here in a border state — doesn’t seem to be part of any such trend.

    Maybe a population expert will weigh in on this.

    • NCC had a 6% decline in whites, while having a 25% increase in blacks and 78% increase in hispanics; Kent a 47% increase in blacks and a 130% increase in hispanics. I had read by the next census the white population will be the minority and the others will be the majority in population.

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