Thanks to a 5-4 U.S. Supreme Court ruling police can now arrest you for a traffic violation, arrest you, strip search you, give you a shower and detain you in jail.

Boy those conservatives on the court are consistent. G.W. with his Patriots Act that allows law enforcement to break into your home if they are suspicious of something they think you may have done, can wire tap your home….

Gosh just think if the Republicans get control of the White House and Congress; why they might even be coming into your bedroom to make sure you aren’t using birth control, probably a person from Florida who is a member of  a Neighborhood Watch group. Better make sure there is a bottle of aspirns nearby and one between your partners knees.

In their 5-4 decision, the court ruled against a New Jersey man who was strip-searched in two-county jails following his arrest on a warrant for an unpaid fine that he had, in reality, paid, and had an affidavit in his glove department to show it had been paid, because some lazy bureaucrat never posted the paid fine on the computer.

Did I mention the victim was black? Doesn’t make any difference, everyone is treated the same; right?

Justice Anthony Kennedy gave 3 reasons to justify routine searches-detecting lice and contagious infections, looking for tattoos and other evidence of gang membership and preventing smuggling of drugs and weapons.

Really; this gentleman riding in an SUV, his pregnant wife driving, their child in the back seat, was going to his mother-in-laws home for dinner. Even if the warrant has been valid, failure to pay a fine is not a crime in NJ.

Bull Shit Kennedy and your other 4 disgraceful Justices. And Chief Justice John Roberts has the nerve to say he’d like to see larger majority votes, like maybe 9-0 in his favor; sure has hell will never freeze over you’ll never see this court vote the other way.



  1. Stinks doesn’t it! Republican or Democrat, doesn’t matter the Government is out for the Government and screw the citizens. That is exactly why the healthcare bill will be upheld in a, you guessed it, 5-4 vote !!!!!

  2. Still bet you the vote is 5-4 against the one provision in the healthcare bill; the rest stays because other parts have not been challenged, just the mandate. Steak dinner, place of choice?

  3. Frank- you know I love you and love your passion, but I do not agree with a good bit of your comments. First, he was not arrested for a traffic violation, he was arrested because he had an outstanding warrant for an alleged unpaid traffic violation. He was put in with others in a detention center. Should that have happened? Perhaps not. If it happened in Sussex County or many places in this country, he may have been brought before a JP judge or magistrate quickly to clear things up. I don’t know exactly where in NJ he was detained, but if it is anywhere in the northern part of the state, you are dealing with huge backlogs of human beings of a volume we could not begin to imagine here in our little county. He may have simply been parked there because they could not process, clear up or transport him fast enough. In my view, that is where the real issue lies. People should not be sent to Detention centers for warrants for minor infractions like traffic violations.

    Because, I do agree with the ruling of the Supreme Court- if you are held in a detention center, those workers and other detainees deserve the comfort of knowing that you have no contraband on your person, whether it is a weapon or drugs. Period. My parents taught me that when you commit or ( unfortunately for me as a child) are suspected or charged with committing a crime, you may well face an unpleasant set of circumstances over which you have no control until you come out from under that cloud. It is an imperfect system, but in my view an effective one for a country with the massive numbers of people that we have and the strained systems which are charged with protecting us. Perhaps I am biased because my son in law is a police officer and if a measure like this would keep him safe in doing his job, you know where my vote lies. Their jobs are dangerous enough as it is.

    And finally, in this atmosphere of the highly charged court of political correctness and the pervasive media bias, there is no way that you will ever convince me that the people sitting on the bench of the Supreme Court of this country would not give this matter the most unbiased, in depth and colorblind consideration that is humanly possible. Even if they were short sighted, narrow minded bigots, ( which they most certainly are not) they would know that the entire country would be scrutinizing every aspect of this decision. So, as in other recent cases, is it perhaps possible that we do not have all the facts available to us that would help us in making an informed ( and not via the mainstream media) opinion? I think it is.

    • Lynda my feelings are the same about you; His wife was stopped for speeding, I’m sure in a car titled in his name; thus the outstanding warrant. He showed documentation that verified his story; why wasn’t the wife charged in this incident and why was he charged when in NJ it is not a crime not to pay a speeding charge.
      I undestand the victim was strip searched when charged and 6 days later still not had a hearing was stripped searched again when transported to another county jail.
      In a dissenting opinion Justice Stephen Breyer stated “many jails, several states and associations of corrections officials say strip searches should be done only when there is reasonable suspicion, which could include arrest on drug charges or for violent crimes” certainly not the case here. This was not a harden criminal.
      Lynda do you really in your beautiful heart believe the 5 conservative members really base their decisions on the Constitution and are not biased in their decisions; that would mean since the majority of the controversal decisions are 5-4 that the moderate side of the bench doesn’t interpret the Constitution fairly and may be biased in their opinions.
      How do you attribute the 5-4 decisions, this latest one, and the one forthcoming on healthcare? If the court rules in favor of the healthcare law, they have assured Obama reelection because there is nothing else on the table for the Republicans to battle; certainly women’s rights are off the table.
      Do you think Chief Justice Roberts and his gang of theives are going to give Obama 4 more years in light of how little he regards the Republican 5?

  4. Don’t misunderstand me my friend. When I said ” the most unbiased…consideration humanly possible” , I say that with the understanding that we all look at everything we do with the filter of our own personal bias. Even people like Supreme Court justices who have been trained to view cases through the dispassionate lenses of law and precedent. They are, after all, human and as such, are fallable and have the leanings that their own bias’ create.I just feel that some of the more base and mundane prejudices that may cloud the thinking of folks like you and me, are feelings which these folks do not have the luxury of indulging in. I may be a Pollyana, but yes, I do think they are attempting to use the Constitution as a base for their decisions- both liberals and conservatives, and nope, they don’t always agree. Thank goodness we are in a country where we are allowed to have this kind of diversity in the highest court in the land.

    • Lynda I believe Jr. Bush would agree with you especially after the highest court in the land elected him; sorry I don’t. Dad was raised in Sicily, knew of the Mafia, mistrust of government, and I guess I inherited his suspicsons.

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