Location Date/Time

Laurel High School Auditorium Wednesday, April 18, 2012

1133 South Central Ave

Laurel, Delaware 19956

Regular Meeting

6:00 PM

1. Call to Order


Executive Session Discussion of Collective Bargaining and/or Pending or Potential

Litigation and/or Personnel (reconvene to public session at approximately 7:00 p.m.)

3. Review/Revision/Approval of Agenda

4. Review/Revision/Approval of Minutes

5. Recognition of Guests

6. Communications and Announcements

a. Board Participation

7. Reports

a. District Financial Report(s)

b. ASCD National Conference Report

c. Race to the Top Report(s)

d. PLC Presentations

e. Construction Liaison Report(s)

f. Superintendent Report(s)

1. Teachers of the Year Recognition

2. District Summer Hours

g. Board Member Report(s)

8. Unfinished Business

a. Second Reading of the 2012-2013 Laurel School District Calendar

b. Second Reading of the Revised Student Attendance Policy (JE) and

Student Attendance Regulations (JE-R)

9. New Business

a. 2012-2013 Laurel Board of Education Regular Meeting Schedule

b. Superintendent Search

c. First Reading of the Revised Student Dress Code Regulations (JFCA-R)

d. Choice

e. Fundraisers

f. Rentals

g. Student Trips

h. Professional Trips

10. Possible Action on Executive Session Items

a. Personnel

11. Public Participation

12. Future Agenda Items

13. Adjournment

POSTED 04/05/2012

During the course of the meeting, the Board may enter into executive session in order to consider matters authorized under TITLE 29, DE CODE,

SUBSECTION 10004(b). Further, the Board reserves the right, pursuant to SECTION 10004(e) (2), to change the agenda to include additional

items, including executive session, or to delete items, including executive session, which arise at the time of the meeting.


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