I have been asked by many where were the recycling containers went that were behind the Laurel Town Hall. According to one town official they were removed because the town will be repaving the area between the Town Hall and former train station.

According to the town official the town has informed The DE Solid Waste Authority they will not take the containers back; if they are to be in Laurel they would have to be on private property; a Food Lion, etc.

Before you jump all over the town, I am in agreement with this. We in town have to pay for recycling pick up, bear the expense of maintaining the parking lot. Many times during my lifetime with the Discovery Project being the last, residents outside of town have expressed no interest in being annexed into town.

Until people outside of town limits want to help with our taxes, then they can find another place to dump their waste.

Laurel just waived over $700,000 dollars in fees for the new school building project, money that was already in the bond bill for the schools which was spread to all residents of the school district. The Town needed that money badly to fund the expenses of the town, but our fearless leaders decided to play Santa Claus and let us keep paying more for sewer, water, trash, and property taxes. Ain’t they nice generous people? 



  1. We were ready to be annexed over in our way a few years ago. Seems the town didn’t like the idea of some of the folks over here having a say in the town thus the annex didn’t happen.

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