After three attempts at finding another management post, former Sussex County Administrator has found a home with Dewey Beach as their town manager.

Stickels began his managerial training as town manager at Georgetown, a registered Republican he became assistant county administrator for the Sussex County Council under a Republican regime; later he was named to the top post a position he held for 20 years under a Democrat administration, still a sore spot among Democrat leaders.

He remained in the position for a short time after Republicans took control of the council and worked briefly for GMB an engineering firm. He changed his  registration to Democrat and latched on to then Lt. John Carney who appointed him to a state commission.

When Carney was elected Congressmen Stickels worked as a staff member for Carney, again another sore spot for Democrat leaders. During his time with Carney it was reported when Stickel’s successor announced he would retire, Stickels was interested in returning to that post but was unable to pick up the needed support from the Republican Council.

It has been mentioned he was not happy in his position with Carney; long hours and not enough pay. With the election coming on, he would be on-call 24-7.

He also reportedly applied for the town managers position in Milford but did not make the cut. Dewey mayor Diane Hanson asked Stickels if he would be interested in her town and he said yes.

His salary is $85,000. Wonder if he’ll change his registration again?


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