GOOD NEWS: Teen births in the US is on the decline; local programs, contraceptives credited for the decline. BAD NEWS for Republican candidates and religious right groups who have vowed to cut personal responsibility educations programs, (sex education) and want to ban the use of contraceptives, Rick Santorum.

Between 2007 and 2009, DE saw a 14.2 percent decrease in the number of births to girls  between ages 15 and 19. The DE Health Statistics Center reported that teen births accounted for 9.3 percent of all babies born to state residents in 2009.

My guess is more people are using birth control methods, or they are drinking the same water Rush Limbaugh uses; he is childless after 4 marriages, or putting an aspirin between a females legs as he suggested also works.


8 thoughts on “GOOD NEWS BAD NEWS

  1. Nice “cherry picking” to support your premise, Frank. You left out “however birth rates for teens (15-19) were highest in Sussex County”. The 5 yr. running average teenage live birth rate for Sussex County is up over the last 4 yrs. Also found it interesting that the % of births to unmarried women increased from 32 to 48% from 1991 to 2008. The increase was due to increases in white and Hispanic rates as the black rate has been fairly constant at 70 % +/-. The only way to make a substantive reduction in birth rates of unmarried women is to make the father financially responsible. In this day and age of DNA testing this is medically achievable.

    • No cherry picking Bob; the article was about DE in general; this is a blog, short and sweet not a newspaper. People want their articles short and sweet. I could have written two pages.
      Good luck in DE to make the sperm donor dads pay; their system has to be one of the worst in the nation. Some will never live long enough to pay what they owe the mothers. Check into that; that’s where the ‘cherry picking’ is with innocent young girls.

  2. Actually, you and I probably have more agreement than disagreement on this subject. Just had to let you know I was back in New Bern and reading your blog.

  3. For the first time in 70 years the teen preganncy rate in Sussex County went down. My information is correct! Frank, you know that I have an excellent source for this information.

  4. Bob, It’s true, Trust me, I have inside info even if it is public information. Frank can confirm this and he and I don’t agree on anything !!!!

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