Let’s see; a national high-profile syndicated radio political talk show host slanders a women on the air to millions of listeners calling her by name a slut, and saying he wanted to see videos of her having sex in exchange for the government paying for her birth control and stays on the air….No apology or remorse for his remarks forthcoming…..

A baseball manager says he admired Fidel Castro, he apologizes for his remarks and is still suspended for 5 days by his team?

If Clear Channel owners of the radio station Rush Limburg which hosts his show doesn’t mind losing millions in radio advertisement because they have a bigot host, why should the Miami Marlins worry about losing a few South Florida Cuban fans…well maybe because they don’t have many fans left to lose.

That’s all I have to say about that as Forrest Gump would say.



  1. It is all due to the Liberal mindset! Aw, it’s ok say what you want, it does not matter. If we had TRUE First Amendment Rights it should not matter. But because we DO NOT have Freedom of Speech the Liberals want to raise hell about what is said. ie; Howard Cosell, Jimmy The Greek, Howard Stern; etc., etc., etc., ………….OUR CONSTSIUTION IS BEING DESTROYED BY THE CURRENT REGIME!!! “Prepare to sustain yourself and defend what is yours.”

    • John I usually agree with you until you hit the last sentence and blame everything that has been goingwrong for years on the current administration. Don’t you know it’s all Bush’s fault?!?!

  2. Let’s deal with the facts. How is that for a novel idea on this blog.

    Limbaugh DID apologize for his remarks. The only financial losers in the Limbaugh episode were the sponsors that dropped their ads. He has a waiting list for sponsors. As Andrew Wilkow says, “We’re right, you are wrong and that is the end of the story”.

  3. P.S. More than a few Cuban Americans are upset. And if you think the Rev. Sharpton can steer up the folks you haven’t seen anything until you get the ardent Cuban Americans fired up.

    • His apology half ass, and the rest of your statement: BS! Surprised your bride would let you in the house for defending him and his statement about women. Good thing your mom doesn’t know your opinion on this matter; think I’ll give her a call!

  4. It should not matter, no one should have to apologize. Freedom of speech without exceptions is what we are granted by The Constitution! I am not defending anyone just sayin it is FREE SPEECH!! I don’t like a lot of things that people say but I respect their right to say it. Usually people that get upset at others expression of free speech is due to the fact that the offender told the truth and thay can’t stand the fact that they can’t change the truth so they just object to it !!!

    • John I cannot understand why we are the only country in the word not doing business with Cuba, or not allowed to travel there. We can go to Canada, catch a plane and fly to Cuba, but we can’t fly or take a boat from FL. Just a bunch of politicians afraid they are going to lose votes in Fl if they say differently.

  5. I agree with Frank, I don’t think the current politicians even remember why we don’t allow people to go to Cuba. Is funny when you fly into Jamaica, 30 minutes after you land there is a flight to Cuba, which leaves you enough time to clear Jamaincan Immigration and buy your ticket and catch the flight.

  6. Whatever happened to free speech and the good old fashion disclaimer?…it could go something like this….” The opinions expressed by Ozzie Guillen (spelling?) are his own and do not reflect those of the Florida Marlins and Major Leagur Baseball. We sincerely apologize in the event that these remarks were found to be offensive” This is one instance where being politically correct would be…correct!

    • Easy question; unlike the Republican elected officials, especially the presidential candidates who didn’t have the balls to stand up to Rush’s comments, the president, the first lady, the DNC and other Democrats dumped on Ms. Rosen for her unkind and unnecessary remarks.

  7. The first amendment deals with Congress abridging the freedom of speech. It does not apply to organizations, people, etc., just the government. As far as I know neither person mentioned was arrested or abridged by the government. If I don’t like what someone says there is nothing stopping me from taking my business elsewhere, or am I compelled to listen no matter what someone has to say?

    I don’t understand the Cuba deal myself. We fought a “war” with Vietnam, and now we trade with them and recently DTCC was offering trips to the country. Someone needs to get over theirselves, because the guy that Castro kicked out was no blushing flower himself. But I guess he was in the pocket of big business and the American government so that made him “acceptable”. Go figure.

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