Sometimes I think people stay awake at nights thinking of stupid things to say. Democrat consultant Hillary Rosen’s remarks regarding Anne Romney’s decision to be a stay-at-home mom was utterly stupid and unprofessional.

I was glad to see the president, the first lady and the Democrat National Committee denounced her remarks; more than the Republicans did with good ole Rush and his feminist remarks.

Staying home and raising kids, 5 in the case of the Romney’s is not an easy task but a very important one. Most women today would like the opportunity of staying home and raising their kids, and quite a few say they aren’t cut out to be housewives.

With the cost of raising a family today, unfortunately women have joined the work force to compliment their spouses incomes. A lot of that can be attributed to wanting a higher standard of living, mostly it is a matter of survival.

My spouse raised 5 kids and for the most part was a stay-at-home mom. When the last one was at home we took her to the store with us and she took her naps there, but the bride would leave early and be home when the kids arrived from school.

Most wives I am sure didn’t have the luxuries Mrs. Romney had; probably a house cleaner, someone to take care of the lawn, maybe a house keeper, and I doubt if she had to worry about the food budget. Never-the-less she was responsible for those kids and how they performed; no easy task.

How women work, raise a family and be a wife; God Bless them. I don’t know how the do it without going insane. Go figure; up early in the morning, putting in a load of clothes, getting something for the kids to eat, dragging their butts out of bed, getting themselves ready for work, and then knowing when you come home it’s dinner, cleaning up, helping with homework, getting the kids to bed, possibly washing clothes again. Then if the poor girl isn’t too tired, maybe a ride in the hay!

Some women are fortunate to have a spouse who can cook, help with the chores and the kids; from what I hear from females not many are lucky.

I knew my bride carried a lot of the responsibilities in our family and I often wondered how she did it, but since I became widowed, no kids to raise, somedays just keeping up the house I don’t know how she found time and to help me with our businesses.

Today the world is faced with too many latch-key kids who come home from school to an empty house. I think we had a better society when there was a parent home to councel, console and talk to their kids. Kids find too many not-to-good things to do when they are home alone.

Anytime a homemaker is in a circle of business women and they all brag about their professions, a stay-at-home mome should stand tall; she has the most important job in the world.



  1. Our greed driven society, made that way by the U.S. Government now demands that both parents work so that everyone can have a bigger and/or better house/car than the Joneses !!!! Such a shame !!!!

  2. While I could take exception to your second paragraph, I’ll pass because of your ardent defense of all stay at home mothers. Well said, Frank!! As your other two commenters have also indicated, it is a choice. The wise parents agree that one of them will be a stay home “mom” and make the sacrifices necessary financially to do this. For some it is very tough to manage but, on average, they will be rewarded with a stronger family to face whatever life brings.

  3. Rosens attempt was to bring light of the Romneys wealth and backfired terribly. It was both ignorant and ill timed. So let me take a shot at the same….I find it ironic that Rosen would attack a woman who by her own words “hasn’t worked a day in her life”, when thats the exact demographic the DNC is counting on to reelect their candidate.

  4. Brian, it gets even worse. Comparing Romney’s record of putting people into policy positions as governor of Massachusetts (most women in these key positions of any of the 57 states), as head of the Olympic Committee and now on his campaign staff versus Obama’s “Good Old Boy” approach (source – Anita Dunn) is like comparing day and night The classic liberal “Do as I say not as I do.” philosophy by Obama. In reality, who is really conducting the “War on women”? It appears that Romney selects women on the basis of the qualifications while Obama picks some women based on his perception of the political need to do so.

    • Gee Bob, I’m sure the women in the Obama administration appreciate your assessment of their qualifications; you should co-host with Rush.You, of course, have checked into their qualifications, on both sides of the aisle?

      • I didn’t make any assessment of anyone’s qualifications but it would probably be easy to research since there are so few of them in positions of influence in the White House. Almost makes one wonder what Valerie Jarrett has on Obama doesn’t it?

        That was quite a jump, even for you, to go from the content of what I said to saying “you should co-host with Rush”. I’ll put my record of working with women as professionals up against yours any day of the week. Trust me, you don’t want to go there.

        Bob you should apply for a spin doctor position with the Republican party; your answers weren’t even close to what you said; I believe you aluded to the fact that the women in Obama’s administration weren’t as qualified as those in Romney’s as governor: Rush!
        You say you haven’t researched your comments; I suggest you do before making wild accusations. Republicans want to fire all Democrats who make mistakes, but are silent on gaffes of their own; Rush. Democrats from the top on down were very critical of comments made by Hillary, and she offered an apology; you said it was good enough for Rush, but not good enough for her. Saying a lady never worked a day in her life is worse than calling someone on national syndicated radion a “slut”. Your morales have sure changed.

  5. Hey Frank, Obama seems to enjoy those tax loop holes that you say only benefit republicans. Another classic do as I say not as I do from this administration.

    What president appointed the greatest number of woman to the Cabinet?

    George W. Bush and Clinton both appointed 6 women to cabinet positions, Obama only 4.

    • My man admits to the loos holes and openly says he pays less than the middle class; the difference between my man and your man is mine is trying to do something about it, yours wants to help the rich more; need I say more on the subject?
      Now that you have found their is a two woman diffeence in the two administrations, you checked to see how many of each party were more qualified, and by the way check to see the total number of women in the Obama administration, non-cabinet, vs Bushy.
      Noi doubt the 6 appointed by Bush were much more qualified in your eyes, than the ones in the Bush administration; Oh, by the way did you count the ones who left the Bush administration in frustration, and were replaced by men? Just asking.

  6. Just seeing how you would spin this, did not bash obama on cabinet members or qualifications, you brought that up.And if you want to see how many left in frustration bet it would be about equal for all presidents since carter. Qualifications do not matter for cabinet appointments, these appointments are
    pure political to pay someone or group back, or to get some other agenda through without controversy in the future. By the way obama has selected more minorities for federal and appellate judges than any past president on either side of the aisle. He has not selected more,just more have been minorities.

  7. Where are you Frank? Bill Maher is at again. A million dollar donor to Obama.

    Maher, though, took Rosen’s comments a step further.
    “What she meant to say, I think, was that Ann Romney has never gotten her ass out of the house to work,” Maher said.

  8. Trouble with Democrats they brag what they donate; Republicans can now hide under the new U.S. Supreme Court ruling and give all they want without anyone knowing.
    Maher by the way is not one of my favorites; can you say the same about Rush?

    • I have not listen to Rush in over 10 yrs, since he decided he was self important. By the way, I vote best candidate, not party lines. Lately it has became harder to find difference between the candidates.

      • The differences in the quality of people and their concerns for the people they serve have changed quite a bit I agree, but they are still miles apart on social and tax issues; enough for me make an easy choice on the national level; locally voting for the person is different than voting for the party.
        How’s that for political double-talk. lol

  9. Frank-
    I am new to your site and I don’t know a lot about your history as a politician in Sussex County. I am a fiscal-responsibility advocate, i.e. someone who believes in balancing budgets and supporting pro-growth economics. I cannot tell if you are for balanced budgets and less regulation on business, or a big-government, raise taxes kind of person. Please clarify.

    • Although some of my readers label me as a Liberal, I like to consider myself a moderate Democrat. I have always been pro-business, serving 11 years as Sussex County’s Economic Development Director, balance budgets. Regulations to some degree are needed, but I think in some areas the government goes too far. I believe government plays an important role in our lives, and is there to help us get on our feet, but not to support us forever, (Social programs, welfare, etc.) and I don’t believe the tax system to the working class, more should come from the wealthy to help pay for our government.
      And yep, if you want to know, I believe in a woman’s right to choose. Hope I haven’t scared you away from this site. Welcome! You can fdind out more about me on my profile.

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