Just a short immigration story; I just returned from a relaxing trip to see my bride’s family in Al. In this area we depend heavily on mulch for use in our yards to enhance our plants.

In AL where pine trees are plentiful, they use pine shatts in place of mulch. The shatts are bailed like hay and sold in stores mulch like our mulch. The pine shatts are harvested by immigrants; the labor is cheap which results in the pine shatts being reasonably priced.

AL like many states have recently passed strict anti-immigration bills that have ‘scared’ immigrants into moving elsewhere, thus causing that work force to become scarce. As a result the harvesting labor force of the pine stats has gone to American laborers where not only is the cost much more, but they can’t find enough Americans to fill the vacancies left by the immigrants.

As a result the price of obtaining pine shatts has sky rocketed, almost doubling the price of last year.

Last summer in the Arizona area where the first anti-immigration bill was passed millions of acres of truck vegetable products rotted in the fields because there were not enough American laborers willing to do the grueling job of bending over 10 hours a day and hand picking crops.

It’s difficult for many to understand the importance of immigrants to this country; they don’t come here to commit crimes, they can do that in Mexico. They don’t come here to hang around and enjoy government benefits because in spite of misguided rumors, what benefits would those be? They come to work and for a better life.

Interesting now many more people are leaving this country to live in Mexico than leaving Mexico because the economy is better there than here.  Gosh could that mean Americans may have to do more of those dirty chores? Hush your mouth!


46 thoughts on “WHO NEEDS IMMIGRANTS?

  1. They still need to come legally and learn to communicate with us proficiently before doing so! Legals are not really the problem, illegals are!!! Maybe some of the Americans who insist upon living on the system should be made to do this kind of work for the handouts that they are already receiving.

  2. I find yor 6th paragraph amusing, yet sad. According to the California Department of Justice, 95% of their outstanding warrants for homocide are for illegals, 66% of fugitive felony warrants are for illegals. According to WND news, since 9-11-01, there have been 21,900 murdered by illegals. That is 12 Americans daily. According to the federal GAO 2.5 billion dollars were spent for medicare in 2006 on illegals. Food stsmps, WIC and free school lunches cost tax payers 1.9 billions. The federal court and prison systems ocst tax payers 1.6 billion. Federal aid to schools cost tax payers 1.4 billion. Look it up, this not just my misguided opoinion.

  3. Speaking of Immigrants we now have an Asian Massage Parlor here in Laurel, and is raising quite a stir. Wonder if this one is like the ones that got busted at the beach for prositution. Can you guess what plaza it is in on Rt 13?

  4. At what point does two wrongs constitute a right? Because crops are rotting in fields? Or because many Americans workers have become complacent and lazy because they can turn to a government who is eager to support them? We are so quick to forget that being in this country illegally is a crime. I deal with immigrants everyday. If I had to guess, I would say many whom are in this country illegally. That doesn’t make them bad people, but the bottom line is that there are procedures and policies in place to be followed.

  5. Illegal means just that; ILLEGAL!! What the hell part of ILLEGAL do people not understand !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Unlike you Frank, I read the article that you suggested to shove up my butt. Nicely put. The article was writtten by Louis Freeberg using Barry Krisberg of California-Berkley, one of the most liberal universities in the nation, as his reference. He refers to California Watch in writing his article. If you check the Board of Directors of California Watch, you will see a Who’s Who of liberal reporting. It does not refer to any government or independent sources. The whole article seems to be based on opinion of one person with no honest hard facts behind it.

  7. How about Googling to see what percentage are illegals and what percentage sponge vs Americans while remembering my dad was an illegal immigrant walking off a ship where he shoveled coal in the ship’s boiler. Not every immigrant is illegal nor a threat to our society.

  8. There was a time in America when immigration, legal or illegal was acceptable. Not anymore! We can no longer control who comes and goes which is exactly why 9/11 happened. It is time to close and secure our borders or continue to be at the mercy of people like the 9/11 terrorists that WE let into OUR country!!!!!

    • In case you haven’t checked lately, immigratioln entry in the U.S. is less as the economy is better in Mexico than here. Good luck finding workers sin the dirty jobs.

  9. Why does everyone put illegal aliens and Mexico together? More than just Mexicans come across our southern border, not only people from South and Central America but other people use this as a way to enter the US illegally. Also the major drug trafficking route into the US.

    This time of the year the beaches become crowed with J-1 visa holders looking for jobs. They are supposed to leave after four months, how many of them stay?

    The govt grants asylum to certain people from different countries dues to the current political or economic situation of their countries. This allows a person to be in this country legally and travel, usually the first place they travel is back to their home country where they were granted asylum from.

    There is another system the Diversity Visa program that is way for person to come here legally but by fraudulent means and is next to impossible to prove that there was fraud involved.This Visa program as with all Visa are issued by the State Department not US Citizen and Immigration Services. USCIS. I can go on and on about problems with the “Immigration System” not just the illegal alien part, but the whole process.

    • Yes dy the process has problems too numerous to mention mainly because the U.S. Government is involved. Need I say more !!!!!

  10. My opinions come from reading Barry Krisburg, Louis Freeburg and California Watch own web sites. Try it sometimes. By that, you could say that my opinions are bias.

    • I understand that; that’s why your responses don’t upset me because I know you are coming from the other side; unfortunately the readers can’t see that you write from the right. You will never see me responding to you in the paper because I understand your views will never be that of mine, but keep writing; I get a raise for each letter written.

  11. Is there any umemployed person that you know that would work in a field 10 to 12 hours a day in the middle of summer picking watermelons, corn, tomatoes, oranges? Without illegal immigrants a gallon of OJ would be over $10.00. Let them work…… not like the fat ass AMERICAN would do it, and welfare sucking POS in this country aren’t going to do anything anytime soon

    • Let documented foreign workers here on work permits do the work, NOT illegal aliens. Oops, not supposed to use term “illegal aliens” anymore, since it is dehumanizing. Do agree with Mike that without foreign workers OJ would so expensive that those of us not on welfare would have to do without while those on it would get an adjustment in welfare payments so that they could still have their OJ.

    • Oh Mike, don’t you know only immigrats are bleeding the system; all others are working to support the immigrants. Wootten thinks we would have to supplement the OJ because of the immigrants, not because of the “fat ass Americans” as you so nicely put it who refuse to work.

      • Wow! How can you so completely misread what I say Frank? What you state that I said is 180 degrees from what I said. Sounds like you already have your mind made up about what I say before you even read it!! Please take the time to read carefully in the future so I don’t have to spend time pointing out your mistakes.

    • How about blaming non working citizens (doesn’t include retired, previously working citizens) who could and should be working? Also, there are examples were “non U.S. citizens” have taken jobs away from U.S. citizens. Two examples are the construction industry and landscaping/grass cutting.

  12. so true, the majority of non working americans are simply too lazy or too incompentant to work. they complain about jobs being held by “illegal citizens” but wouldn’t dare to pick up a hammer or a shovel….. their blood suckers draining the country dry. their highly educated and feel they are above manual labor and think.

  13. And then there is Bob Wootten; I was on the Sussex Tech Board for 9 years; we had to drop trades; brick mason, AC/Heat, plumbing, small engie repair, welding and other trades because the spoiled American kids didn’t want to get their hands dirty. One machine shop went to schools, put up bill boards; couldn’t attract one kid. Starting pay was over $25,000, this was in the late ’80’s.
    Ask your classmate you have lunch with how many Americans do landscapping out in the sun all day? I’m really surprised you haven’t thought this out before you make such a comment. I had an insulation company insulate a two story building for me, the one I showed you; they sent one man, a foreigner. He insulated the entire building in less than one day; walls, ceilings, attic. I don’t get that from honkies!
    Had two more who tore off a roof, replaced shingles on a 1 car garage in less than a day. The contractor didn’t lift a finger, just took my check.
    The only jobs immigrants are taking away are the ones American’s don’t want.
    I brought in a deboning chicken plant to the Industrial Park; I can guarentee you 99% of them are immigrants. The owners tell me they can’t beg a honkie to work there, and those who debone make $5-600 a week.

    • Sorry Frank, I was relying on my 40 + years of construction experience which is no where as relevant as your nine years on the Sussex Tech Board. The difference in our experience could be location. Here in the Carolinas and elsewhere in the south working people have lost a lot of jobs to immigrants. In many cases it started with one or two contractors hiring illegals to undercut other contractors bids and the others eventually having to do the same or get out of business. I will accept your apology, if offered, relative to me not thinking prior to the comment that you objected to me making.

      • Possibly the reason why we have lost industrial jobs to the south; cheap labor and non-union employees. In the ’90’s companies were pulling out of here like crazy.

  14. And then there is John Trivits doing his best Rush Limbaugh impersonation, telling the truth;The honkies don’t need to work because they know that if they do not work the U.S. government will support them, no problem and, if the ILLEGALS were not here stealing the jobs then maybe some more of the lazy honkies would feel compelled to work. Just another PROOF that everything that the U.S. Government is involved in is screwed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I don’t feel immigrants are stealing anything, no one wanted these jobs. the laid off unemployed accountant is not going to go pick tomatoes or build houses, their degree puts them above a job like that, or so they think. and the lazy ass jobless 6 kids living on welfare in subsidized housing isn’t going to because well they havent earned anyting in ther life why start now. the government has more holes then the titanic, it’s just taking longer to sink.

  16. I know I am late to this conversation; however, couldn’t employers who wanted seasonal employees go through the immigration system arrange for seasonal VISAS, pick up and return the seasonal workers home again when the crops are picked? I have to believe there is a legal way to provide temporary employment opportunities for people who do not want to become citizens enough to go through the proper channels themselves. Whatever their issue, unable to complete the documentation, etc.; if the employer and consortium of employers did all of the legal work and transported them back and forth safely, we wouldn’t have an issue. It’s very sad that this issue has brought out the darkest, ugliest side of people who we never would have imagined were racists.

    As for the young people who “don’t want to get dirty”, the issue is much bigger than getting dirty.

  17. a majority of young people want to sit on their butts and do nothing, or they see how hard their parents, grand parents worked, ect…, and get college degrees and corporate office jobs “nothing wrong with that” but when a person with a degree thinks they are too good to work in a manual labor job to provide for their families and would rather stay on unemployment…. there’s a problem

  18. What I write in the paper and here, I have giving references like newspapers, government agencies and concerning the illegal issue, sites that you pointed out. Rarely have you read something that was strictly my opinion only. Right or left, it helps when you give references that readers can verify for them selves.

  19. Remember the day when boys in high school would start lining up work on local farms in April for the summer? I bought my first car from picking up hay and straw, hoeing melons,throwing melons,shoveling out chicken houses and whatever else I could scrunge up for work. Never thought my parents or anyone else owed me a thing. Had the beginnings of a trade skill and worked co-op my Jr and Sr years graduating with a good paying fulltime job ,which at that time was 1.75 per hour. Lets see how many kids you see trying to find work at the block.

    • Amen to that David. I worked in dad’s shop every day after school and on week-ends. When I played sports, I worked in the shop after dinner. Many of my classmates worked in grocery stores, ushered in the movie theater and in the summer as you said on the farms and at the Block. And we often share those memories.

  20. I thanked my dad years ago for putting me to work at C. C. Oliphant’s when I became 16. Working there, including with the hot asphalt roofing crews, convinced me that I needed to get a colloge education. Also helped in working with the crafts as an young engineer and later as a construction manager during my 40 plus year construction career.

  21. No different here either….on the football practice field until 5:30 then pumping gas at 6…my Mother would bring me dinner. On the game field Friday night, pumping gas Saturday morning at 8 and on Sunday too. I wanted a nice car, I had to work to pay for it and keep it. In our efforts to give our children “everything” we didn’t have, we have managed to raise a generation of ungreatful persons with no work ethic. We as a society consistanly reward failure.

    • Brian your comment brings back a memory; when I graduated I asked dad for a new car; I got the keys to his car, not appreciated at the time, but probably a good deal.

  22. We all worked hard then. I started when I was 12 working for Mr. Crouch all the way through High School. Then when I started college I worked 2 jobs and for about 9 months worked 3 jobs and went to college. I never asked for a car because I knew that it was not an option.

  23. I knew that you bought that trailer when Mr. Bill sold the business. Wow, that was in 1977 I think! I am glad it is still around. It holds six push mowers or 1 riding mower perfectly. Good memories.

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