Welcome to another exciting year of Bulldog Football. The coaching staff has been working hard since November 12

th of last year. The weight room has been up and running since December and have had a great turn out. This year we have some new ideas that we as coaches will be implementing for the fall of 2012. For the parents we will have a meet the coaches night for all parents that would like to attend, this is not just for parents but grandparents, alumni and community members. Senior parents, we will be setting up individual meetings with the Guidance Department to discuss the college process, so we all will have an understanding of what is needed to be done for your student athlete. We will also be doing this for the Junior Class as well.

I look forward to the start of the 2012 football season. Following are some key dates for this season:

June 11, 2012- Senior Parents/Players/Guidance Dept meetings (5pm-8pm) 30 minute meetings

June 13, 2012- Junior Parents/Players/Guidance Dept meetings (5pm-8pm) 30 Minute meetings

August 7, 2012- Meet the Coaches night

August 8, 2012- Senior/Junior equipment hand out

Weight room testing

August 9, 2012- Sophomore/Freshman equipment hand out

Weight room testing

TESTING- Max Bench Press, Max Squat, Max Power Clean, timed DOT drill, timed 40 yard dash



st from 6:30pm to 8pm

**We will also be doing a TEAM Camp at Cape Henlopen High School- June 18-22



**We will also be doing a 7 on 7 league**



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