Today was not a happy one at Laurel High School as many received pink slips in an effort to trim the estimated $650,000 deficet.

Unoffically at North Laurel 7 teaching positions were slashed; I do not have numbers for other schools.

The support stff had 20 RIFS, 13 were paras but of those 10 could posssibly return because they are one-on-ones and if their student remains in Laurel that para will return to be with their student.

Five custodians and one mainenance person was cut. Two secretaries were also cut.

Guess what: NO ADMINISTRATORS WERE CUT. Moral of the story; get out of teaching, become an administrator for job security.


66 thoughts on “MANY GET THE AX AT LHS TODAY

  1. I am so upset over this, I need to find a new school for my son, one that won’t have 60 kids per teacher. How will my son learn to love art, music, computers or even books. This is such a shame. And the advertise to hire more Admin positions.

  2. Or, better yet, do an incompetent job in the classroom, or administration job you were hired for, and have a job created especially for you! You are surely not going to lose that one!!

  3. All I am gonna say is that there were 5 teachers from the High School who showed up to the meeting – myself included. (custodians had a separate meeting, and I assume Paraprofessionals did too) I will not name names to who was there, or give any details. You want details – call the people responsible. The shame is I know that no one will come to tell my kids tomorrow what happened or why, I will have to do it and deal with the tears. So much for bringing 10 years of notably good press to Laurel for the accomplishments my kids made.

    Maybe the lesson for anyone here is this: Do for yourself instead of thinking of others. I spent 10 years thinking of the students – after school Marching Band, Musicals, etc. and never got any advanced degree or other teaching certificates because I was busy with the kids.

    Please don’t misplace my anger right now – I LOVE everyone of my students, and will give them my all through the end of the school year.

    As taxpayers, calls also need to be made to Dover – fix the Equalization Money in DE. That makes more uniform tax basis to districts like ours. I personally would ask that all business be more transparent in the district – everything.

    I would also question why were the electives targeted at the HS? Then ask what elective classes will be missing. We’ll have no classes for the kids to take if there are less electives. Who thought of that? What happens when a few of us have kids in a Career Pathway (required by DE) that can not finish?

    My head is spinning right now – I’m baffled.

    • I cannot imagine what is going on in your mind; you have done a great job with the band; it’s was one hell of a rebuilding job. You started with nothing and brought pride back to our community. When the job losses are posted and the shock wave hits, I imagine a lot of pissed off residents in this community. There is nothing left to send a child to school for; no balance for the students, no options. A shame.

  4. Mr Cass you have done an awesome job and I am sorry to see you go. When my kids were in school there was 1 principal in the middle school. Now we need 2 principals 2 assistant principals, 2 office staffs, and then they want to cut the teachers. Are the administrators going to step down and teach the kids or since they got rid of 6 custodians is administration going to clean the schools?
    And I will sign my name, not use a screen name.
    Rose Hastings

    • Thank you Rose for speaking from a professional point of view; many of us have thought the same, but we were realling speaking from common sense not experience. We thank you for your service to our community.

    • Rose, Can you remember when there was one principal for 4 grades (aka Middle School) one secretary & NO Asst./Vice principal? Ed Tayor’s breakdown was the end of a single “Middle” school. Now we have high paid admistrators for everything. Even ones that were “dismissed” by the state for not doing thier jobs and given big bucks for another “created” job.
      And then we have another principal, not technically qualified, but given the financial opportunity(paid), by the district to be a principal, with (what I have have heard by many sources) to have questionable personal ethics, even by students, that had a contract renewed, months ago. Yet we are letting young, enthusthiastic, and older experienced teachers go? Not to mention the Para-professionals. Give me a break…NO give our kids a break, please, Cut from the top!! Every 2 = 4 1/2 grunts in the trenches…AKA teachers.

  5. I hope the kids boycott, this is just ridiculous. It is a shame that the kids have to suffer as well as those teachers and their families. Colleges look at extra activities and here we are taking away music, and drama, and art is a rumor I hear. I am a Laurel Graduate and it saddens me to hear these kids cry and these teachers so heart broken. I have always had Bulldog pride no matter what, but I can say today I questioned it just a bit.

  6. Ok I have a flat out question. I went to my sons concert tonight at the middle school (he plays percussion) . I went to the principal and the vice principal and flat out asked them both if their was going to be band next year at the high school. They both said that their will be a band at the high school next year and that everyone saying that their wont be is just rumors. If someone could answer me this question I would truly appreciate it. Thanks in advance 🙂

    • They say the PROGRAM is not cut – just the low man on the totem pole in the music department. They have to reconfigure how Mr. Rogers and Mrs. Denney are going to be teaching. I can not answer what that will look like in the fall.

  7. I want to know why my high school student came home and told me that his teacher was taken out in the hall, told he had no job by the principal, and sent back to class? Why was this done to those poor teachers while kids were still there. He said that the kids were crying and asking questions. A ftiend said the same was done at the other schools. How do they expect teachers to go on teaching after being told such terrible news. This is cruel.

    • So the children watched their teachers being fired?!?! How is this possible? What kind of people would do that to the kids? To the teachers? Horrible

      • Thats right. He said he could tell that something was wrong but none of the teachers would say much. They actually care about our children. The administrators that decided to do it this way obviously don’t. It is dispicable.

      • I think that everyone should home school their children and the hell with Laurel School. This is totally ridiculous. How in the world are these children going to learn with soooo many children in the classroom not to mention how the teachers moods will be having to deal with so many kids. Someone has to do something. Get rid of some of these principles that could care less as long as they are bringing in the bigger paychecks. I can’t believe how much this world has gone to hell.

      • The hallways were in chaos. Groups of students huddled together sobbing were left alone by teachers for the rest of the day. I would know, I was in one of them. The whole school was rocked emotionally. To say it felt like a scene from a funeral would be an understatement. Why would the administration do this to the teachers in front of the kids unless they though that we would do nothing but lay down and take it. I’m sorry, but my mama raised me better. I will do whatever I can to make this situation better, and I will fight this decision to the bitter end. WE will fight this until the bitter end.

  8. Today was a sad day! I have very little left to say…probably because I have said so much to so many people in the last few days. The teachers who were let go will all find jobs in schools where they will be seen for what they are…AMAZING educators who will continue to touch the lives of students. Laurel however is sealing its own fate faster than they know. When a school has a reputation like this no one wants to work there. Current teachers are applying out of the district at an alarming rate. Students are looking up loop holes in the school choice rules so that they can leave laurel sooner rather than later. Parents are talking about moving so that their children have to be accepted into different districts. I have not heard of any teachers applying to laurel. Nor should we. I will leave you with my current facebook status as it says all I have left to say:
    This week has been full of so many ups and downs. I have stood by and watched while amazing teachers were let go and told they no longer have a home in the laurel school district. I have also seen the banning together of truly inspired, strong willed, highly passionate students in an effort to show the district that they have mad a mistake. To those teachers who were let go today keep your heads up and know that today is the start of a fantastic new chapter for each of you. You have changed the lives of hundreds upon hundreds of laurel students in your years of service. Now it is a new districts time to gain some wonderful teachers. Best of luck to each and every one of you! Thank you from the bottom of your current and former students hearts! ♥

  9. No wonder so many parents are opting for school choice, maybe they all should. Just close the school and send 1/2 to Delmar the other 1/2 to Seaford then see how the administration feels about not having a job. In the private sector if you don’t do your job, you are dismissed, not have a “job” created for you with the same pay and no responsibilities. If the state thought admin was heavy why didn’t they say start the cuts there? You could get 2 or more teachers for what 1 administrator gets paid.

    • Well Rose guess who ake up the list of the cuts? The principals. Don’t think they would cut their own throat. Another dumb decision by the board and acting superintendent.

      • I could not find the article in the the internet, but there was was an article in the News Journal a year or so ago there listed all the school districts in the state in order of the administrators vs teachers. Guess which school had the most administrators per teachers. LAUREL!

  10. Herman for once you and I agree. I remember that article; most recently the state reminded them of that; what did the board do? The allowed the principals to make the cuts.

  11. Another sad sad situation for Laurel. I just would like to see it restored back to its former glory…and not being managed by all the bs. Allowing the principals to make the cuts is ridiculous. OF course administrations jobs were secured. Makes me sick. Brian Cass, my hats off to you sir. You are one of the exceptional that in no way deserves what has happened to you. You did things with these failing departments within the school that many could not. In my school day our drama department was non existent, The wonderful and brilliant things that have developed from our kids because of your nurturing is amazing. I wish you and yours all the luck on your future endeavors and I am one to say that I am devastated to see you go.

    • Well said Cami. The Cass’s have done so much for our grandaughter i could never praise them enough for what they have done for the school and our community. My heart breaks for the loss of all of the teachers. I am so glad that we do not have anyone in the Laurel Schools now.

  12. I have been a resident of Laurel for twenty years. /my three children attended Laurel and were involved in everything from the band to football. I can honestly say that over the past ten years, this school district has gone horribly wrong. The kids coming out of these schools cannot read, write, spell or pass a college entrance math exam. I know because my wife taught remedial math classes at Delaware Tech and had many many students who suffered the added expense of make up classes because they couldnt begin to pass an entrance exam for a community college. Its not just here either, don’t get me wrong, but it is worse here. My wife also teaches in another district also so we are both well aware of the trials and tribulations of being a school teacher. It is the most un-thanking and under appreciated job in the country. I still sit up until midnoght most nights helping her grade papers, write reports, prepare lesson plans and objectives for the next day, etc., etc., etc. Teaching is a 16 hour a day job! My wife suffers every day, with balancing that, a husband, three children, bills, laundry, the home, and all the other everyday tasks that normal people have to deal with. Unfortunately, teachers cannot disconnect from their jobs when the students leave. Believe me, the summers vacation is more than made up for during a school year.
    Please do not even get me started on other topics concerning this school district such as lack of responsibility, lack of discipline of students, no school guidelines for what these students wear, or ramifications for what they do. Start paddeling these kids like they did back when we were in school and this mess would start to straighten up. STOP BLAMING THE TEACHING STAFF FOR THE ISSUES UNDER WHICH THEY HAVE NO CONTROL BECAUSE IT WAS REMOVED FROM THEM BY AN UN-NECESSARY AND OVER-PAID AMOUNT OF ADMINISTRATION. THESE ARE THE PEOPLE DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE GROWTH AND NURTURING OF OUR CHILDREN AND THE ONES WHO USED TO LOVE BEING WITH THEM AND SEEING THEM SUCCEED. The system have turned these once caring and lovable mentors into people who refuse to care too much because they are told not to, who wont mentor a student for the fear of being accused of malintent, and who want nothing more than to have a factory worker type mentality and get their check and go home. This system is killing the “want” to become a teacher because it is placing too many requirements onto the teacher and blaming them for the lack of progress that our students achieve because they are simply EXHAUSTED.
    Firing our teachers in response to trying to get a budget under control is like dropping the STAR quarterback on the football team because the waterboy gets paid too much money.
    Get your act together or close the schools. My property taxes are suffering because this system is broke and nobody has the intelligence to figure it out or the guts to make changes where they really need to be made. Too many chiefs and not enough indians….so lets start eliminating indians.
    By the way…we used the school of choice last year to move our children to the Delmar district and make sacrifices to get them there and back because we saw this happening. Not that they are without problems. Nobody is, but this system is totally broken. Do any of us realize what examples we are making of ourselves to these students? They may not right now, but just wait until they take that college entrance exam and they are left scratching their heads

    • Emerson you have hit the nail on the head especially when it comes to preparing our students. One of my daughters sought an engineering career in designing homes. No courses were available to assist her; she went to college and found on opening day the professor was ‘reviewing’ what students should have already known, and my daughter didn’t have a clue. She eventually received her degree but she really struggled throughout. This is not a teacher problem, it’s the programs the school offers and that is the fault of the administration.

      • Frank, when I went to Laurel High we were given choices as to what courses we were to take. I choose all of the highest academic avenues and left Laurel High easily prepared for college. In fact our graduating class produced several teachers, a geologist, a Lawyer/judge, many business professionals, and at least one engineer, among others. A solid education has always been offered at LHS for those ready to receive it.

      • Mike we had to fight just to get the school to give our daughter a special math class to prepare her for engineering. I hear from too many kids parents who tell me their child wasn’t prepared for college.

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    Not just the school board, but Laurel in general, during the building boom all other towns on Rt13 figured out that getting water and sewer out to the highway would benefit the town. We missed that one which in turn hurt our schools, no tax base. Nepotism runs mighty deep in this town.

  14. I have to ask this. Was the School Board President at the Spring Concert enjoying the production knowing this was going to happen?

  15. Well, now that the cat is out of the bag, they should of “let go” that one particular principle who is having an open affair with a married teacher. I know why they did not and it is all about who is having dinner with whom. That should be a violation of a district ethic code someplace. At the very least it is a moral issue. I just do not understand.

    • Brendalee, the cat has been out of the bag for a while. I, too, do not understand how a principal can have an open affair with a teacher, if she is married or not. From what I have seen and hear, it was a very open affair. I personally do not understand why or how anyone could be seen with that particular principal. I even understand that he is married and has a little child. Makes me sick to my stomach to think my children have to go to a school where this is happening. There should be a district ethic code somewhere. FYI it is the same principal with 2 married teachers. Talk about playing the field.

      • Way to go Frank. You are on it. I wonder how much a teacher would get for teaching “Sex Education 101”, Laurel District Style. I guess on the other hand, you don’t need a PAID teacher to teach this, it has already been done. I didn’t realize that so many knew about this. Such a shame indeed.

      • Everyone is entitled to thier private lives, even if it’s immoral or has the illusion of impropriety. However, it’s pretty sad when young students openly comment & joke about Mr. —– and his girlfriend. This is not High School sex education, it’s elementary sex education! Shouldn’t a Principal have better principles at least in school?

      • I’m a teacher at North Laurel Elementary School and I’m guessing the discussion regarding inappropriate relations between principal and staff may be targeted at my building. Those who know me know that I’m a strong advocate of the family. I adore my two children as well as my wife and will forever be faithful to her and our relationship. I believe that children with two loving parents have the best opportunity to succeed in school and beyond. But I am far from perfect and I pray each and every night asking God to help me to be a better father to my children, a better husband to my wife and also a better teacher to my students. I pray for God’s help in many areas of my life as well and ask for his forgiveness when I have failed him. I strive to be the man my family needs me to be and strive to fulfill the potential God has given me. Life is a struggle for each and every one of us and without God’s grace, none of us would be worthy to be in His kingdom when we leave this world.

        I have faith that my principal loves his family and is working to preserve his relationship with his wife. I have talked and spent time with him and his family and I see love in his eyes when he is with his family. I pray that he is able to continue leaning on the Lord and asking Him for guidance and strength. He has helped our school during a very difficult year and in his first year as principal, has guided us to one of the most successful academic years we have seen in a very long time. We have certainly had much to celebrate this year. The students know that he cares for them and will do everything in his power to help them achieve to the best of their ability. I certainly don’t envy him or any of the principals in our district. Teachers have a difficult job and the job of a principal is not easy either. And as we all know the hardest years are still ahead. Please do what you can to encourage as many parents and/or community members to come into our schools and get involved in any way they can. No matter the upcoming challenges, we remain committed to our students and will not let these challenges stand in our way of helping them receive the best possible education.

      • Garrett thanks for your comments; I won’t comment on most of what you have written because I don’t dwell into personalities or people’s lives on ths blog.
        I will say this is a great forgiving community and one willing to lend a helping hend. But of late with the past and now current make up of the board they ask, receive, and don’t heed the recommendations of the community members willing to serve and give of their time.
        I was born, raised here and went to our local school. My bride who also was a native and a LHS graduate always gave back to our community to our schools, booster clubs, PTA, civic clubs, town government and the local Chamber of Commerce. So many times we have seen others give and give only to be shot down or discouraged; including ourselves. We were not just members of the above groups but active participants.
        The last couple of years have been a nightmare seeing what is not happening that should with our schools. People served on the superintendent search committee, hired a good man, and the board crapped on him; I served with others on the referendum committee; the board didn’t even look at our recomendations and did what they wanted. Now they want input on the building and have another search committee for the new superintendent. Want to guess what will happed with those recomendations?
        Then you want us to get involved in the schools? Even GOD can’t save us from destruction unless the board leaves education to the educators and stay the hell out of the way and do what they are elected to do; approve, disaprove policy set forth by the administration or give recommendations/suggestions. They are not supposed to walk into he superintendent’s or any administrators office every day and try to run the school.
        If our administrators can’t do their job then they need to be replaced.

  16. I graduated from Laurel in the class of ’83. I was so proud to have made that accomplishment here in a town where everyone cared about their childs education and supported not just the sports but the arts also. I am sorry to say that my child will graduate from Laurel this year and can not have that same pride when she talks about her high school. The Cass’ name has been in my home since my child began high school and I can tell you that no other teacher’s name was ever used here with so much respect and genuine affection from my child. Flip a coin and I can not begin to tell you the things that I have heard from my child regarding their principal or school board. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU for your terrible mis-management of our childrens lives. Best of luck to the Cass’ I am sure such wonderful people will be greatly appreciated and the children will benefit greatly on their next endeavor.

  17. This is a quote that has been on my mind throughout the day: “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” How long will the citizens of Laurel remain silent?

    • When the board appointed groups/committees, they never took their recomendations. Suggestions fall upon deaf ears and we become more frustrated. The board and administration are in their own little world and we are not allowed in. Come a referendum and they fall all over us, after they get what they want, screw you!

  18. Thank you Frank for sharing the information with parents/ voters. As a district employee my only request is that people ask questions of the decision makers. Please contact the district office (Director of Human Resources), and each school board member.
    Ask 2 questions:
    1. What did you do to avoid cutting 35 positions?
    2. Will the district be in this position 1 year from now?
    As tax payers you have a right to know. Please listen with calmness and share the responses given.

  19. I have seen a couple ppl comment that their children left Laurel very ill prepared for college and one person (Emerson) say that kids should be paddled and that would straighten them out, I have to say on both accts thats just flat out BS. On the one issue of kids are going into school being disrespectful and such then thats the parents fault. Pure and Simple. No person should be putting their hands or paddles on another persons child. If ANYONE attempted to take a wooden paddle and hit one of my kids with it then I would be in the school with a bat beating them. Regardless of how much you want to beat some sense into a child if they have not had the proper home training all your doing is wasting your time paddleing them.
    On the other topic of peoples children not being prepared for college math and such , well theres an excellent program called Academic Challenge that you can put your child into if they can handle the work and have the grades. The school district doesnt have a choice.
    I know Laurel has done some really F***ed up stuff dont get me wrong and Im really irritated with alot of it myself. However it is the parents job to teach children their manners, and morals not the teachers or the administration. If the Laurel parents would really step up and truly make sure they know what is going on with their kids schooling then you wont have problems when it comes time to go to college. Also another qucik point, I am not disagreeing with anyone that they need to start making some cuts at the top especially with the middle school mess. But we do have some great teachers and I hate to see some bash the district over all. ,,, parent of 3 Laurel students

    • Not only did we lost some great teachers with this lay-off but I understand others are looking for employment elsewhere. We could end up hiring teachers who aren’t qualified to teach and landing in Laurel.

  20. Parent of three…..I do agree with you on some points of your comment but lets face it, it takes a community to raise a child. Both in their education and in their morals. Parents have to take blame on the homefront in holding their children responsible and accountable for their work, AND the schools need to take responsibility for their lack of accountability towards the students. And its not just in Laurel, but our entire countries educational system is failing our students. In a society where sports takes precident of studies, this is bound to happen. All I know is that we all know that twenty years ago, I would much rather take a paddeling at school then have them call my parents when I needed to be paddeled. Somewhere along the line, someone got out of controll and corporal punishment got taken out of school along with God. In this example though, punishment at school only worked when the fear of punishment at home was evident. Now a days, there is no fear. And although most believe that fear should not be the motivating factor for children, there will be no discipline without it. Im not saying that children should walk in fear of abuse, because no child should ever endure abuse. What I am saying is that a child needs to know that there are going to be punishments for unwanted behaviors whether it be a removal of some luxuries, or whateve the parent deems necessary. The problem is that there are no punishments at school, no pounishments at home and the kids have the control. The students do what they want when they want and know that the parents wont deal with it and the schools arent allowed to. The administration doesnt want to deal with the teachers when they have an unruly student and are told not to send students to the office. I know for a fact that teachers who send unruly students to the office are thought of as teachers who cannot control their classrooms. Records are kept as to how many referrals are reported to the office, and these teachers are being told to keep these numbers low. Who knows how many students actually should be sent to the office and are not written up or sent right back to the classroom they just came from. Care to take a guess at how many times a teacher I know has to endure a student telling her to shut up or sticking up a middle finger at her before the office will take any steps to correct it? Want to take a guess who it was that told teachers not to assign any homework to students because ti wasnt fair that some students didnt have help at home to do it and grading homework was being prejudiced against those that didnt have a strong guiding structure at home? Guess what happens when grades for a school drop because they refuse to study or do homework? The state stops giving them money, thats what happens. So why don’t we just pay teachers on a performance base pay like Maryland does so that we can later find out that the teachers teach to the test or give answers to those who dont study to keep their higher pay? Think none of this goes on? Become friends with a teacher and get the real scoop from both sides, and you would be shocked! Where does all of this end? Do we continue to blame people until we all give up? Bottom line is this people….And all of those who think it isnt about this are wrong. THE SCHOOLS SHOULD BE PREPARING OUR CHILDREN IN COOPERATION WITH THE PARENTS TO MOVE ON TO COLLEGE STUDIES OR THE WORKFORCE AND INTO SOCIETY AS PRODUCTIVE AND CIVILIZED PARTICIPANTS. If any parent out there thinks that the school can do it alone or any school thinks that the parents can do it alone, then they are failing the student. For those that have gone to college, then you know that a college does not baby their students….a college does not pay for a student to have individualized attention…a college does not care that you show up for class…better yet, a college does not care that you dont have a strong home life. The strong survive, and the rest either figure it out quickly or drop out. Those that succeed in college and in society are those that look at their situation and find a way to overcome those issues. In todays society, we coddle our students so much that they learn not to excel themselves, but to wait for others to provide it. Those students, whether from this country or not, who appreciate the value of a strong education will be the only ones who move on in life to succeed while others blame them for being successful. To the parents reading this: ARE YOU DOING YOUR RESPONSIBILITY IN PREPARING YOUR CHILD TO MOVE ONTO COLLEGE OR TO HAVE THE BEST CHANCES TO BE PRODUCTIVE IN SOCIETY? IF NOT, STOP BLAMING THE SCHOOL AND THOSE INVOLVED WITH IT. To the school(From the administrators to the paraprofessionals): ARE YOU WHOLE HEARTIDLY DOING EVERYTHING IN YOUR ABILITY TO PROVIDE OUR SOCIETY WITH STUDENTS WHO ARE AS PREPARED AS POSSIBLE TO FACE THE DAUNTING TASKS THAT WE ALL KNOW IS IN FRONT OF THEM? IS YOUR MISSION ANYTHING DIFFERENT THAN THE WELL BEING OF THE STUDENTS TRUSTED TO YOU? dO YOU MAKE DECISIONS BASED ON WHAT IT WOULD DO TO HELP NOT ONLY YOUR SCHOOL BUT ALSO THE COMMUNITY? IF NOT, THEN STOP BLAMING THE PARENTS.
    Someone, somewhere has got to step up and stand for whats right. Somebody has to want to have a student return to teach in their school system someday, or make a million dollar contribution to the school because of the education they received there. Our children shouldnt be considered a job, or a means to a paycheck, they shold be considered our future. We should trust our admiinistration, our teachers, our janitors, or coaches, and our school systems to have our children in their possession without the fear of alot of the garbage that has been going on. We need to weed out the bad and hire the good. Get caught abusing your given authorities, and you are out. Get caught messing with the students and you are out. Get caught selling drugs to our children and you are out. Stop sweeping this trash under the rug. Stop using the Sussex County good old boy hiring and firing technique and hire based on integrity. Become a school system with integrity, honesty.perserverence, and all the other terms that are being preached to the students. They learn by example. Become a district that is know for its integrity.
    So who will stand up for our kids? Its going to take more than one with the guts and determination to stand up.
    As I said at the beginning, it takes a village to raise a child.

  21. Laurel is a sinking ship, any teacher that tries to leave has the stigma that they were not up to par as most other teachers because of how the kids test, or a teacher foolish enough to come here now isn’t unpacking anything. Most people tried to get off the Titanic not climb on board when it was going down. Laurel had potential…. too bad no body could put it to use.

  22. Emerson, I agree completely with the notion that it takes a village. That is exactly how we raise our children. But like I said, you are completely wrong when it comes to paddleing the students. Google videos of students being paddled at school and see what comes up. Its awful, I know because I have googled it. Unfortunatley you have adults that get irritated at gets and their anger out weighs their judgement and they abuse the kids sometimes. Lets remember that the same people that apparently cant comprehend how to make good decisions for our kids education would be the same ones paddleing them?? Like I said before the school needs to make ALOT of changes, big ones. But I will tell you this much I have an 8th grader who is a straight A honor roll student, and also is an A student in academic challenge, a 2nd grader and a kindergartener. If anyone in that school ever decided that they were going to pick up a piece of wood to beat my child on ANY part of their body for ANY reason what so ever, Myself with all of my family and friends would be in that school with wood in our hands to beat the person that touched my child..
    If you want to talk about going old school just remember it is a god given right for a person to protect their child.
    Moral of the story, alot needs to be changed in the schools. But picking up a piece of wood and beating a child because they have parents that arent doing what they need to do is nothing but abuse and bullying.

  23. You know as I read some of these comments I am blown away by the double standards. I know some of you here and also know that some of you are active members in the Laurel Fire department.. Well we all know one of your very well and upper level members has been having an open affair with a woman for over two years and even living with her in another town and still living with his wife. Heck he even had a baby with his wife while still having his girlfriend. His kids has had to see it all over face book and he has even put pictures up of his girlfriend and her kids! Mind you the whole time he is still married and going back and forth between his wifes house and hers. You all know about it because he has even had her at the fire department. I know there must be some kind of moral code but yet no one has done anything! So how about you stop making comments about the principal and look at your own place before pointing fingers at a man that has at least tried to help the school!!

    • Oh my, I find this type of behavior unacceptable anywhere. I see this goling on everywhere anymore. I was fortunate to be married to a lovely woman for 42 years; she had my children, kept a good home, was a good person; I couldn’t do anything like that to her, and I miss her dearly.
      I wish we no longer get into this conversation on this blog and just please concentrate on the issue at hand; our schools, our kids and our community.
      I will not be accepting anymore comments about the private lives of people. I do not walk in their shoes thus I do not understand what they are going through with their personal life.
      Please let us move on.

  24. Somehow, I told you all so, just doesn’t do the job. The district can’t handle money. It is oh so obvious now to you what has been obvious to me since day one. So now we get new schools that won’t be taken care of and now with fewer teachers to fill them. smh Reap what you sow Laurel, reap what you sow.

  25. Reap what you sow, reap what you sow!!! The ones on here are not the ones that your arrows are directed at!!! We care but, are caught in a hopeless barrage of politically thinking, selfish bunch of morons. We are trying to speak out against what is going on but are way overmatched by the majority who could care less !!! I would agree that the district, at this time is having a problem handling money but it their unwillingness to accept help that is the problem. Not the willingness of those trying to give help.

  26. John, I think you misunderstood what Ed was saying. I think he just meant that we shouldn’t have voted to give anymore money away until things change.
    Also, Parent of 3, you really need to get off of this “piece of wood” thing you seem to be hung up on. 1st of all if your kids are as perfect as you have described, they wouldn’t have any reason to be disaplined, 2nd, you say the teachers would use their anger with the paddle, well when I was in school (a long time ago) the teacher wasn’t the one who did the paddling, they sent you to the Principal who would do it, so this blows your theory of anger beatings out the window. The Principal wouldn’t be using any anger over the situation that happened in class, he wasn’t even there. I have to say that the paddle did work when I was in school, especially for those kids who didn’t have parents who were involved. They knew that if they were bad they would be sent to the principal and unlike home, the principal would follow thru.

    • Amen Anne and thank you for clarifying. For a while there I thought I was the only one who understood that some form of discipline, if handled correctly like you stated, is better than none. What we have now is none. And the behavior reflects that. Who wants to address the uniform issue? Structure is the key here folks. Children thrive with structure.

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