Gosh it’s been how many years since I sat in the principals office and got a butt chewing; today I felt like I was back in school seating in the chair in front of Principal Chester Dickerson.

I was accused of having a negative blog, not caring about the schools, particularly the high from a Laurel school administrator. This person doesn’t follow my blog, but from my understanding someone showed this person one post from the blog, regarding my comment about sex education 101 in the LHS District.

My comments about an open forum, the right to speak, and what I thought were good comments were said to deaf ears as repeatedly I was by my blog I was bringing down the school system, and partly responsible for the moral; Really?

I was told I didn’t know the facts; well maybe, but then those employed by the school and the parents who commented complaining apparently don’t know what is going on in school and with their kids? Again Really?

I was criticized last week by a principal saying I was wrong about the state test; bang, comments began coming in backing my comments from parents and a teacher. Maybe I don’t know the facts, but my readers do.

Because someone is critical does not mean they do not care; maybe they are frustrated because they see the job not  being done correctly, they are hurt seeing their community/schools struggling. I hated it during the Bush administration if you didn’t support his wars you were anti-American, like you can’t have another view.

This person like many school administrators thought the answer to our funding problems was to ask the state for more money; not the answer. Even me as a Democrat knows that’s not the answer. First as I stated earlier we ain’t gonna get it.

If we are negative it’s because that’s my position; some negative comments I have agreed with. If I am up on a topic, it is because that’s what I believe in.

I do know one thing I have over this administrator; I pay school, county and state taxes. This person lives in Maryland.

As my profile states, I come from the school of hard knocks. My growing up in the journalism trade came when editors met in the mornings to determine the day’s news in a smoke-filled room with hard whiskey, (for the record I didn’t partake, just inhaled the smoke and smell of liquor) and didn’t care who was a power house, right was right wrong was wrong. They reported the facts, true facts and that’s where I come from. Today’s journalists couldn’t carry their cigars. My column in the Star, “Frankly Speaking” means exactly that.

So what you sees is what you gets. This blog recorded over 1,500 hits for 3 straight days with 55 comments last week.  When Dr. McCoy was relieved this blog averaged 3,500 hits for 3 straight days. This proves to me people do care about their schools and are as concerned and frustrated as I am.

Students have been leaving this district for the past 15 years, what transpired last week did not happen overnight. We have had poor leadership at the top for over a decade; when we had someone who could have made a difference, (McCoy) the school board, so use to running the district with the previous administrator, wanted to continue that tradition; and here we are today. I’m supposed to be supported of that type of leadership?

We have as any other school, excellent, good, sub-standard teachers and administrators. I don’t just think we have too many administrators, the Dept. of Ed says so, and they should know because they are top-heavy as well.  I’m upset good teachers were let go to balance the deficit and the top-heavy administration was untouched.

I do not sensationalize  as one commenter suggested to gain readers.  If you don’t like what you read, do what I do when I watch FOX News, flip to something that suits you.

As always I allow all comments with the exception of personal attacks to be printed on this blog, whether they agree or disagree with me. Many blogs and talk shows cut people off if they disagree with their comments. People need to hear both sides, sometimes they change my view, not this time.

I believe that is why this blog is always ontop of the news and one of the most popular with World Press. We rated very high with them last year.



  1. Do you remember a few yrs back when the Charter school came to Laurel and did not even last a year. Maybe your blog could of saved the heart aches that failure caused. I believe your blog helps people understand that there is different views on what is going on. Not always do I agree with your point of views but I believe they are necessary to make sure that information is transparent. Hey if you are not pissing someone off then your not being a good journalist.

  2. I’m not sure why you chose to get the dig on Bush in here, I guess it’s comparable when you oppose Obamas views your immediately labeled a hater and a racist. Let’s save that for another blog. Keep firing away my friend, your obviously on the right track if your being met with so much resistance.

  3. Mr Calio,
    I read this blog because I find it informative since I no longer live in Laurel and I enjoy hearing about the latest “happenings”.. The great thing about this blog is that it gives a voice to people who may not otherwise have it and allows discussion to take place amongst differing views within the community.
    Please continue to report the news as you see it and tell the truth. If people feel the need to attack your blog and what you are trying to do then I would have to say I think you are doing the right thing!!

  4. Just wanted to put a little positive out there! There are great things happening in Laurel and it will take some time but things will get back to where they use to be! For some reason no one wants to put things like this in the news. Nicole Dickerson posted this on her facebook and I got permission from her to put it on here.

    -I do not normally say too much about the boys when it comes to academics. I do feel like I need to inform everyone about the progress that his been made. Laine has struggled with DCAS since he first started taking it. This year he received ones on both of the reading and math portions of the test, while getting A’s and B’s on his report cards. His teachers became aware of his anxiety and went …into action to help him. There were many teacher’s who started an after school tutoring program for the children that were having difficulty. This was free for us and the teachers did not receive pay for this. Each time he took the test he improved. Without these teachers I do not believe this would have been the case. My point is that if anyone is doubting our staff I want you to know that they go above and beyond what they are required to do. Laine’s self-esteem and confidence have soared. I am so proud of him as he came home with a 3 today! He was never asked to “fudge” the test and was only told to do his very best each and everytime. A special thank you goes out to Mr. Moyer, Mrs. Brennan, Mrs. Pugh, Mrs. Cormier, Mrs. Hastings, Mrs. Pusey, Mrs. Goff, Mrs. Pusey, Mrs. Ward, and Mrs. Susan Whaley. I’m sorry if I forgot anyone but please know I appreciate each and everyone of you. Your encouragement, dedication, and patience means the world to Laine and I. I strongly believe we are heading in the right direction. Laurel School District will be on top very soon. I ask each and everyone of you to pray for our district, release the negativity, and have FAITH! Our teachers, staff, administrators, board, and most importantly our children need this. We will get through this and we will only improve from here on out!

  5. I usually check your blog daily mainly becuase if it wasn’t for your blog I wouldn’t know what was going on concerning the Town of Laurel or the Laurel School District. They neither one are very forthcoming with information. People are made different, thus where are the different views and opinions come from. Rather I agree with you or not at least you make us aware of pending issues. You know the source or media doesn’t address it until after you do most of the time. Keep up the good work!!

  6. Keep up the good work Mr. Calio. We don’t agree on everything, but you keep us informed. I enjoy your blog and appreciate the truths you post regarding local news. Positive or negative the truth is what it is and we know where you stand and you don’t sugar coat things. To often these days everyone tries to be politically correct, but you are not one of them. People need a voice like yours. I respect that about you.

  7. Mr Calio, you know how I feel about you! When I was at the boys and girls club, I couldn’t think of anyone that put as much time, effort, and love into the children of our community than you and Carolyn! I will forever be grateful that I was graced with you and carolyns wonderful hearts. The way you two put yourselves into not only the childrens lives, but the entire community is something that was fantastic to be a part of and learn from. No one can ever question your passion for laurel and the people of laurel! You tell it like it is, always have, and I always admired that of you and Mrs Calio! She is looking down now reading these articles and just smiling and shaking her head at the same time, and I can see that smime now! Keep up the good work buddy!

  8. As an administrator in a neighboring district, I feel for the situation Laurel is facing. The district is in need of leadership and there are folks out there who would want to be a part of the solution just to help benefit your students.

  9. (Ms) Smith, I’m sure in your position at Seaford, you are well aware the the several, if not many teachers from Laurel (Riffed or not) that have been applying to the Seaford School District. I can’t blame them, and certainly wish them luck!

    I couldn’t attend the Supt. search meeting last night, birds going out. Did anyone come right out and ask about Kevin Carson, or not? Did I miss anything, or was it the same old story?

  10. I will say this much, even though we disagreed on the state testing issue, and telling children to score low so its easier the second go round, i will say that my son adores all his teachers and wouldnt rather be any other place. The teachers at the intermediate school in Laurel are fantastic, and care for our chidren as much as any teachers can care for children. Just ask anyone of the kids in the school and they will tell you……..I attended the field day and the organization and excitement that entire day was unbelievable. Every function, every event, every time something happens at the school, everything one of the children are having a good time, are safe, and you never see any problems take place. I feel like as much as i was unhappy with the test issue, i had to talk about the other 99% of the times things happen in the intermediate school. In all honesty, our teachers dont make enough money to deal day in and day out with the issues that they have to deal with. Going to school not knowing if you are going to have a job the next week, month, or year…..that pressure and stress sucks. There arent many jobs that burn you out or test your patience more than working with children on a daily basis, especially when you have 30+ in your room at one time and you are all alone. I can speak to that on a different level being at the boys and girls club for 15 years, i know that its even more so at the schools for our teachers. Were going to continue to lose great people if we dont show them support and compassion for what they do. My hats off to any teacher, but our experience with the intermediate school so far has been awesome. Our child loves it, loves to get up and go everyday, and has nothing but great things to say about the group of teachers that he deals with on a daily basis………keep up the good work guys, the most important people you are there for everyday know what kind of work you do, the children…..

  11. I must say, I have never seen such hypocrisy in my life. I attended (in the early spring I believe) a local charter school’s lottery with my daughter in law. I can tell you for certain half of this town was there waiting to see if their child’s ticket number would be called out so that they may have the opportunity to attend that institution this coming school year. Some of those very people. are now ranting, raving and placing ridicule on those who may not be in alignment of what is going on under the current school administration. This includes family members of some of the current school board members, they too were in attendance. I believe you have to do what is proper for you, your family and a child’s education. I feel this is god’s will or we would not have the School Choice Opportunity to begin with. Very shameless to be preaching to others. Also, can someone kindly fill me in as to what all the screaming is about online by the School Board Presidents wife in regards to ” not being lied to”? Did they announce or find a permanent candidate to steer this District? Thank You.

    • I don’t think she was screaming. She was just saying that people told her that her kids would love LIS and they weren’t lying (she wasn’t lied to)!

    • I read the same positive comment, on FB, by Susan Vanderslice as Ashley Pugh did. She was impressed by the behavior of the Laurel Intermediate School students, their behavior, and the teachers. She “was not lied to when people told her (the/her) kids would love that school”.

      • Well that I am very glad to hear. I had no idea as to what it meant. I was praying it was not another poor choice that had been made.

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