I guess the board will have to go through the motion to sit and listen to the community then do what they to do in to benefit their interests?

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Superintendent Search Community Meeting

The Laurel School District Board of Education is seeking comprehensive community input as it begins the search for a new Superintendent of Schools.

Utilizing the facilitation services of the University of Delaware’s Institute for Public Administration, the Laurel School District Board of Education will host a community meeting to collect comments and recommendations from all members of the community relating to the characteristics and qualifications that the District’s next Superintendent of Schools should possess.

Information gleaned from these meetings will help the Board in formulating a leadership profile of the next Superintendent as well as develop strategies for recruiting and screening the best candidate to meet the educational needs of all children in the Laurel School District.

The date, time, and location for this event was announced at the May 9, 2012 Laurel School District Board of Education meeting. Please make every effort to attend this community meeting:

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

6pm – 7pm

Laurel High School Auditorium



  1. It has been out for weeks. you spell it C-A-R-S-O-N. You think he would quit his job without something else guarenteed? Just ask Vanderslice and Hartstein. Since Dot votes the same way as Hartstein (thats 3 votes) this is all makebelieve for the public and more money on a fake search thrown down the drain.

    • Kevin was asst. superintendent when I served on the Sussex Tech board, then he went to Woodbridge, then Cape. No doubt he would like to return to this side of the county. I think he still lives in Bridgeville, maybe the reason the board wants to or has changed the residency requirements.

  2. They’d have to be dangling an awful big carrot to get anyone to come here…just my opinion and I could be wrong.

    • Brian I have been in sutuitions where I took on a job because I felt the bottom had been hit and there was nowhere to go but up, some like the challenge. I guess things could get worse, God help us if it does.

  3. I heard Carson 3 weeks ago!!!! This is a setup! Just like all of the other BS that we are being fed. The search committee is playing the politics game too. We cannot win!!! The superintendant SHOULD live in the dist. They are making concessions to get who THEY want. NOT who is best for Laurel !!!!!!!! I just pray that I can get my son through 1 more year here than I too am done. This is a shame since my family has been attending and graduating from Laurel schools since 1916. Makes me sick !!!!!!!!!!

    • I understand that people should be upset if this is a setup, but does it really matter if the superintendent lives in the district or not if he or she ONLY WANTS WHAT IS BEST FOR OUR KIDS. If you only want a superintendent because they live in Laurel we will only have a small pool of candidates to choose from, don’t we want someone who is dedicated enough to make the drive to our community whether it be during the academic day, sporting events, or community events. To me, that would be someone who is willing to go out of their way and give their all to our kids and the community because they want to be here.

      • The district changed the residency requirement after the previous one who lived out of state never participated in any of the school or town events. I was told by many when he came to work which toward the end was not much, he would go into his office, shut the door and stay in there all day. Citizens felt living in the district a superintendent would understand the concerns and problems of the district. should have a presence at school functions; be visible and the search committee was given those instructions by the board, which I totally agreed with; however after the search committee found the person who the community wanted, the board soured on him. The money they make they should live in the district and pay school taxes; maybe they’d squeeze the budget a little more.
        I believe all supervisors of a town should live in the school district. Not happy about paying peoplies salaries and they spend their pay check out of town except for lunch!

  4. I won’t apologize either.. the district superintendent as well as the town manager should live here. If you hire outside they have a certain amount of time to relocate. Other than that it should be non negotiable.

  5. Wouldn’t be too worried about a super moving to Laurel…… who the hell would want this job? Anyone that takes this job shouldn’t unpack too many items, if the board doesn’t approve of you then you will be out, and if the board likes you there’s a good chance the community won’t like you. Laurel School District Superintendent is job only a fool would take………..any takers????

  6. Well, let’s just think about this. Carson left Woodbridge to go to Cape. Was given a 3 year contract, then bailed after only 1 year! Due to disagreements with the school board !?! And the WAY he anounced his resignation was very unprofessional.

    Just like a cheater in a marrage, if they do it once they WILL do it again. If the taxpayers are going to invest $100 K + in a new supt., that person should have to invest some of that cash and live in the district. Just a little extra incentive to stay and do their JOB. I know of many “available” houses in Laurel. Just un-board the windows & call it home.
    Sorry for the sarcasm.

    • I have heard but not confirmed that the residency policy was changed or is to be changed, the superintendent can live anywhere, China, Italy, California, as long as they show up for work.

  7. Brian I think the School Superintendent should live in the area also. But I do not live in the Laurel Town limits. BUT WHAT

    • I believe the intent of the residency policy unless it has been changed was for the superintendent and TM to live in the school district. Not that much in modern housing n the town limits.

    • Foolishly the mayor and budget committee think their is no need for a TM that the department heads can do the job. Another words there is no oversight in town government, each is free to do their own thing. All the other towns have it wrong; as usual Laurel is correct in that thinking. The rest of you are morons according to our town government. I will say my son who is on the council strongly believes we need a TM, but he is one vote.

  8. Mike, in the the opposite perspective to what you say; Who would not want to come to Laurel! Nowhere to go but up, a great chance to look like a hero but, if you fail you were supposed to !!!!

  9. IMO…the Super should live within the district boundries…and if/when there is a town manager they should reside in town.

  10. that’s a more optimistic way of looking at it. I just don’t think a super would look at this job as a first choice. If Hitch had paid all the money back “something like $250000.00, and their in the hole $260000.00” would these cuts have come down? Just wondering if that had any affect on the cuts?

    • I think the number was more like $150,000; the red ink expected in the school district is $650,000. I think the $150,000 may have been covered by insurance, not sure, financial officers are usually bonded by the state. .

  11. According to an article in The News Journel a while back the State paid Laurel what Hitch owed and the state will have to collect from Hitch !

  12. I agree that the Super (and TM if we had one) should live in Laurel just like I believe Senators, Representatives, and Governors should live in the confines of who and where they govern.
    When my daughter was in high school several yrs ago the Principal (or maybe she was the district Supervisor, can’t remember which) had a son who attended Sussex Tech. She had no faith in the school she was representing but I was suppose to.
    Oh and Mr Frank, I agree with the other post regarding your comment about Bush. He is absolutely right in that if you don’t agree with Obama then you’re labeled a racist! And I love your blog, I HATE your political views, but love your blog. I could handle your criticism of republicans if you criticized the democrats more, cause God knows they are also deserving too.

  13. Here are a couple comments off WGMD. No wonder the board wants him:

    leverage says: May 12, 2012 at 9:42 am
    Finally, Cape wised up to his antics. The Woodbridge board never learned how bad he was but lucked out when he decided to take the Cape job. Woodbridge is so much better off without him and Cape will find it the same way. Good going Cape Board.

    Keep him away from WoodBridge!!!!

    Viking Teacher says: May 14, 2012 at 4:29 pm
    If the whole place sucks then why don’t you leave ???. I hear laurel has a few openings or not. At least our Board is in control instead of some wayward spendthrift womanizer trying to take control! Maybe now we can get back to the morale we had BC, Before Carson! Cape back to Great, can’t wait.

    Sound like something laurel needs?

  14. I have a question for you frank. If no one likes the way the School board is running this district (me included) why can’t we as tax payers in the Laurel School District have a vote of no confident, and get rid of all of them. I think we aere all handed a bunch of crap during the last two elections

    • School boards in DE have immunity from a recall by the public. The only way you removed a board member is when they come up for re-election unless they commit a criminal act defined by DE code.

  15. Jhb, during the Dr. McCoy debacle several people went to the State about removing the entire board and they were basically told; sorry about your luck! We can only remove them as we put them in, 1 per year, it stinks but we have now replaced 2 and will soon have a caring majority!

  16. I think that there is a board member with a very clear agenda of a want to be politician; he is already taking cues from a senator from another district, so much for the caring board and a new start in Laurel

    • Would this happen to be the same senator that works at Tech? SO this person is paid by tech and advising our board? I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I am sure they will decide on the best candidate for laurel and not just one of their other political cronies…sarcasm intented

  17. Sooo…what happened at the meeting last night? Couldn’t make it. Neither could several others that would have liked to attend.

  18. I have yet to talk to anyone who attended the meeting or hear anything that was discussed. I guess since the cat is out of the bag that Carson is their man there’s not much to say. I was hoping that someone with Laurel roots that has that born in Bulldog pride would come here and instill that into our Schools again but it just ain’t to be!!!!!!

    • John no need to crucify a local, get an outsider. I think with McCoy we all wanted an outsider who had no click within the community and wold treat everyone as an equal. Course that didn’t work out too well thanks to the previous board.

    • Yeah, hiring locals has done Laurel great. Heinz Retzlaff, cheating on pupil counts … Bill Hitch, stealing from us for years … great role models! Laurel needs an outsider to be a drill sergeant who can clean this place up and fire those who need firing, and tell the jackanapes on the board to stuff it, the Bulldog network be damned. Laurel will be the perpetual laughingstock of Sussex until it realizes it’s got to professionalize itself. We look like a bunch of bumbling hicks to the rest of the state.

  19. Jack Sprat, since you refuse to really identify yourself; stuff it !!!! There are many many good people in Laurel !!! And yes there are locals who could take us to the next level !!!! We just have yet to find one !!! And no I am NOT ashamed LIke YOU to place my real true name on what I say on here !!!!!! You and people like you just pi$$ off us who have been here forever!! If you do not like what we do THAN LEAVE, PLEEEEEESE !!!!!!!!!! YOU might look a bumbling hick but do NOT use this to describe the rest of us !!!! Thank You !!!!!!

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