Bryant Richardson, president of Morning Start Publications, Inc. publishers of the Seaford and Laurel Star community newspapers and other business and speciality publications filed earlier this week for the 21st District Senate seat as a Republican for the seat now held by Democrat Robert Venables of Laurel. Because of reapportionment the seat is for two years, then will return to a four-year rotation.

Bryant and his wife Carol or 44 years, have been residents of Seaford for nearly 40 years. In addition to his current ownership;of the STAR publications, he was former owner of Banner Publications, Inc. where I first went to work for him; later he was the general manager of the Leader and State Register and I followed as I did when he started the STAR.

He caught me off guard when he phoned me; as you know Bryant and I are on the opposite sides of the political fence, but we have agreed to disagree. He agreed to allow me to break the story on my blog before he broke the story in his newspaper which will be out Thursday, along with his reasons for seeking the office and some of his concerns which helped in his decision to run.

He has expressed concerns over the lack of concern by the legislators to address som of the state’s more urgent concerns, including the depressed economy and increasing crime rate, concerns over educations policies and the lack of entrepreneurial growth in Delaware.

All of this and more can be seen in the STAR papers Thursday.

Several years ago, Bryant ran unsuccessfully for the GOP  U.S. House seat against Mike Castle.

He will make a formable challenger to Venables; this will probably be the strongest competition Venables has had in his political career.

Needless to say I will recluse myself from writing anything in my column or this blog regarding this race because of my friendship and relationship with Bryant. Finally, someone has found a way to silence me. lol



  1. “Finally, someone has found a way to silence me. lol”
    This alone is reason for Mr Richardson to win!
    Just kidding, we love you Mr Frank

  2. How are the Star papers going to cover this race fairly? Bryant has just put his staff into an unenviable position. For the sake of what? Ego? I think Bryant will be fair and balanced.

  3. In my post above, I did not write the line “I think Bryant will be fair and balanced.” To the contrary, I don’t think his staff can cover the campaign at all now and pretend to be fair. This race will get occasional coverage from TNJ, maybe two stories from the Sussex Post, and that’ll pretty much be it.

    • Jack, we’re not talking about MSNBC. Where in the Delaware constitution does it say people printing a newspaper can’t run for office? As long as Bryant doesn’t get free political ads in the Star I don’t see a problem.

  4. Bob Venables will be wasting his money by putting ads in the Star; otherwise, he will see that his ad (which he will have to pay for) at the bottom corner of page 48 and Bryant’s ad will be on page 3 in big bold print. Everyone always knew who Bryant was supporting based on ads that were placed in his newspaper. That is how Bryant handles his choices in the election. I can’t imagine how he will handle this while running for office himself. You will not see any letters published if anyone writes something negative about Bryant either so I don’t see this as “fair and balanced.”

    • In his announcement Jim, he said if elected he would hire someone else to oversee the paper; I know what you’re thinking, he’ll still be the owner, but I still have to give him the benefit of doubt.

  5. Bob – No one’s saying Bryant can’t run. What I’m wondering is how any reader can trust what his newspaper writes about the campaign. The Star papers are the only local publications left that provide consistent local coverage. This Senate race is one of the most important ones this election season, locally speaking. It seems extremely unfair to Senator Venables, and in stark contrast with journalism ethical standards. If Bryant wants to do the right thing, he should turn management and editing of the papers over to someone else immediately – someone unrelated to him and who has not worked for him before. That way the readers he serves will get the complete story, not just one Tony Windsor writes to please his buddy and boss.

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