1. Why are some people uninsurable?? It is because they are sick beyond repair! Is this my fault? Should other people pay for my incurable illness? NO! Why do I have to pay for someone whose home was destroyed by a Tornado, Hurricane or Earthquake over which I have no control??? However, the U.S. Government has taken MY money to spend unwisely on others!! I would expect them to do the same for me !!!!!!

  2. John I guess I will never get you to understand everyone is not a dead beat, some can’t help; their situition. My brides liver alone, not including doctors, tests, hospital, etc was $119,000 just for the liver; Had we not had insurance she would not have gotten that liver; to save her I would have sold everything I could; the trade off would be we would live in poverty which I would have been glad to do, but would have been ticked to know she wouldn’t live long.
    That aside, for this lady to get insurance because she had a pre-existing condition over $800 a month, outrageous, with the new healthcare law she paid over $300 a month. To me, that is what the government is for. Even though I am retired I don’t mind paying taxes to help someone like that.

  3. Frank- this story illustrates very well the need for reform of healthcare insurance coverage–carriers should not be allowed to discriminate against pre existing conditions. It does not, however, do one thing to validate the other one thousand plus pages of the law and the many, many broad and invasive provisions which are, in my opinion, one more step closer to socialism. There are few who could argue against the need for the availability of healthcare for the un and under insured people of this country. But this law is so much more than that. And, in my opinion- little of it good.

    • Lynda never have said the bill was perfect; nor was social security, Medicare, Medicaid or other government programs when they were first introduced. I was using the words of former president Bill Clinton who remarked about the bill saying “A bad bill is better than no bill, because you can always make changes.” Was he wrong; isn’t this bill a start? In this instance the government found the original charge for this type of policy was too expensive, so they lowered the premium. Changes can be made.
      I’m just saying give the bill a chance, their are good programs in that bill, and I agree some suck. So do we go with something to help some, or drop the bill and let everyone continue to suffer?

  4. I must disagree! No bill is better than a bad bill! Examples, Social security. Medicare, Medicade, FEMA, USPS, IRS, BATFE, no child left behind, etc. etc. etc. need I say more………

  5. insurance allowing for pre-existing conditions is not insurance. insurance is for what if, not what is. we’ve corrupted what insurance is thought to be.

    • That sounds wonderful in theory, but given that health care costs are so prohibitively high (thanks in great part to our current health insurance systems), what’s a person with a pre-existing condition to do if they must change insurance companies?

  6. From what I’ve heard and read often in the last couple of weeks, there are parts of the law that the Republicans would like to keep if the bill is struck down by the Court.


    In addition, there is talk of stop-gap legilstation in the current session to take care of pre-existing conditions as well as “children” on parents’ policies if the law is overturned by the Court

    I think the pre-existing condition issue has always been an issue that both sides felt needed reform.

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