I know I’m out numbered on this one, but every time I attend a funeral service and hear the officiating clergy say, “He/she is in a better place” I don’t know whether to rejoice or cringe.

My religious followers will tell me they are in heaven with all the glory, with departed members of their families, and no longer in pain.

Maybe I should have my butt kicked but when my priest visited our home prior to my wife’s funeral I asked one thing of him; not to say she was in a better place at the service, for I believed she wanted to be with her family here on earth and sitting in her chair at the table, the one the priest was sitting in.

Our conversation after that I cannot print, but he understood and was very comfortable with my remarks. He did mention assuming she was looking down upon us that she was just as sad being away from her family as we were not having her here.

I have had many give me reasons why she is better off, and that I will see her in heaven again; never the same story, but each has their belief how the reuniting will be.

I guess I’m somewhat like the ole guy from Missouri who always made a person prove their point by saying, “Show me”.

Until someone returns from the Golden Gates and tells me how great it is up there, excuse me, but until then I will believe I am better off here on earth. Sorry if I offended anyone. Just thinking to myself. Couple of the kids passed by the hospital where she passed away in Baltimore combined with a story I saw on TV about a lovely lady passing, just set me thinking….again.


3 thoughts on “DO WE GO TO A BETTER PLACE?

  1. Frank, when I think of someone who passed away almost a year ago next month, I know she is in a better place only because she is no longer suffering. When I think back on her last days, she could barely walk was in a lot of pain and did not have a quality life. When she passed and stop breathing her pain stopped, that has to be a better place for her.

    However, her loss was and still is painful for me, and it is me who is not in a better place. It is hard to separate my own pain from the knowledge that what hurts me, is good for my friend. It would be selfish and cruel of me, to wish she were alive regaedlss of her condition, just because life without her is often unmanageable . I think the anger and sense of abandonment, which I feel makes me wonder how can she be in a better place, if I am not? I hope a time will come when I can replace that anger and abandonment feelings with the the
    solace that she is free of pain and suffering, and that is better for both of us.

  2. If we live our lives as if God truly exists, only to die and find that there is no God then we’ve lost nothing…If we live our life as God doesn’t exist, only to die and find that God truly exists, then we’ve lost everything. (Pascal’s Wager paraphrased)

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