A reader has forwarded to me what appears to be a list of administrative contracts made and pending in the Laurel School District.

The renewals were gotten off the December 2010 Minutes, the 2011 renewals were received from an identified source; the upcoming renewals were figured b looking at the end dates from the previous two years.

CONTRACTS UP FOR RENEWAL December 2012: Gail Fowler, Dorothy Nave, Judy Noll, and Leroy Travers. (contract through 6-30-13

CONTRACTS UP FOR RENEWAL DECEMBER 2011 (contracts were through 6-30-12) Renewed for two years through 6-30-14: Mary Bing, Rich Gaskill, Jennifer Givens, Dean Ivory, Chantel Janiszewski, Ann Lewis, Dorothy Nave, 6-30-13, Monet Smith, Brian Swain, Susan Whaley. Meghan Mitchell, nonrenewed.

CONTRACTS UP FOR RENEWAL DECEMBER 2010 (contracts were through 6-30-11) Renewed for two years.Gail Fowler, Cristy Greaves, Dean Ivory (1 yr), John McCoy, nonrenewed, Meghan Mitchell (1 Yr), Judy Noll, Monet Smith (1 yr), Leroy Travers.




  1. In a time of a money short fall someone some where gave group two a two year contract, when all others were one year, To think one of these people was removed from the job and still gets a two year contract, and you want to know why the school is broke. In the non state funded world that person would have been FIRED!

  2. All that information is public. The district should not be keeping that secret.

    Does this mean there is not a finance director any more? Geez.

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