It’s interesting how the gap in the presidential polls are narrowing, similar to when Sarah Palin came on board with John McCain and the Republican ticket really took off in the polls. That is until the American people woke up and found no substance in their message; the result was a solid win for Obama.

Mitt Romney is making the same inroads using the same message that as president he can do better, and rants about the terrible job Obama is doing.

OK, for the sake of argument, although things are better than when Obama became president, the run on the banks has stopped, people still losing jobs, but not as many, unemployment is down some, the stock market is not stable but at record numbers, and company’s have more cash on hand that ever before, let’s say things are still not where we want them to be, and give it to Romney, they could be better.

Given that Mr. Romney, please tell me what you plan to do to make the lives of Americans better. Have any of you critics of the president heard anything? All I’m hearing is about his plan, but we never hear this tightly held secret.

He won’t face difficult questions, he has been invasive of the media only appearing on FOX News where they toss their favorite Republicans soft questions, many pre-arranged so the candidate knows the answer. He has not appeared on any of the Sunday news programs except for FOX. And please don’t give me that ‘other stations are liberal, unfair”. BS! If he’s elected president is he going to not have press conferences, or will he give a few questions to a select few of reporters?

Presidents are always under fire from the people and the media, and must respond immediately; an “I’ll get back to you with that later” answer doesn’t work. We have a president now who will stand up under the hear and answer those tough questions and admit if his programs don’t work or what he wants to do to make this country better.

If Americans want a change they deserve to know where the candidates stand; the president will have to defend his agenda, Romney will have to  give us a better alternative to the DEBT and how he can create JOBS and how to PAY for his programs.

Cut the Bull Mr. Romney, show me the beef!


31 thoughts on “MR ROMNEY; SHOW ME SOME BEEF!

  1. Let’s dissect your 3rd paragraph; the run on banks has not stopped but slowed down because it went too far. Jobs were lost in record numbers early in his administration and, just when we thought it could get no worse people are STILL losing jobs.(200 in Millsboro this week) Unemployment is down because by government statistics they only track it by unemployment claims and many of those unemployed have run out of unemployment! The stock market is more stable because the investors and companies that made it unstable have found other investment options and most small people, like me, pulled out when we lost our asses. Companies have more cash because they are afraid to invest it. Things are far, far worse than the Government even let’s on and people just do not want to admit it !!!!!!!

  2. But as to Frank’s major statement…HOW is Mr. Romney going to improve the economy? No answers, solutions…just empty words with empty promises. WOW…perhaps he will give America some of his billions …yea, count on that! Yes, Pinnicle is closing and that is sad. 200 + need to locate new employment and they will. Love to know the percentage of current (f/t) workers who are documented immigrants cause I am pretty sure that Pinnicle could not operate without them (Kenny Bros. too) And that’s the truth!

  3. From your prospective, I expect it. Are you too young to remember the character in the old Joe Paloloka comics, I think that was the cartoon, who went around with a cloud over his head all the time. He was always negative; That’s you John. Restricts once removed by Bush to the banks have been restored, more scruitny of banks, enemployment in DE is the lowest in the nation and a damn Democrat is the governor; now how did they happen? Their are some higher, some lower, soft spots in the building trade, sosme prospering, nothing is where we ant it to be, but you can’t be so blind not to compare what is now and what was under Bush and when Obama took office. And the debt: Bush never never claimed the billions he spent every money against the budget; Obama did and that’s why we have such a huge debt.

  4. AND the amount of $$$ hubbie and I lost (401 K) thanks to the Bush years was unbelievable and frightening!!! THANK GOD we have recovered …umm.. and this happened x the last 2 -3 years 🙂
    AND as a 30 year state employee, huge raises (1-2 %) only occured when a D was in office.
    I have chores to do…to be continued…

  5. Yep that’s me with the cloud over my head, at least I am not alone; the entire nation has that cloud over it’s head and that clouds name is barock obamma ! IF romney gets in he will do no better!!!!!!!

  6. “the president will have to defend his agenda”……perhaps when that starts Romney will roll out the “beef”. This administration campaigns on fear, class warfare and woe is me scenarios.

  7. Fear> You are correct…I am terrified just thinkin that Romney (and his administration) have a snowballs chance in h*** Class warfare> Romney and I are in totally different classes…me=working poor,,,Romney=silver spoon Woe is me = correct..IF Romney is elected.

    • Kathy, not my first choice either….this election to me is clearly taking on a persona of Obama and/or Obama light (beer reference not race) I agree with Joe Palooka, there needs to be at least five hundred incidences of hope and change in DC, and I could care less about party lines.

  8. We don’t need a new President! It will not help! We are at a complete do-over stage with our government, all obamma has done is bring this fact into a clearer light !!!!

  9. So, Kathy, you have nothing in common with Romney. Okay, I accept that but please tell us what you have in common with a Harvard lawyer, bought and paid for by Wall Street in 2007 and 2008 and who has never had a real job in his entire life.

    • Can’t answer for her, but for me Obama earned what he has, no small fortune was left to him to ‘get a start in life’, he paid his way through college and law school, nobody paid his full tuition, and I think the cahances are He’ll help a middle class guy like me as well as his wall street buddies, but your guy ain’t giving a damn about me or you.

    • Frank…you really get me, huh? President Obama has compassion, understanding, and a heart….as a social worker I try to have these same qualities…that is what I have in commom with President Obama

  10. Kathy, while I absolutely do not doubt that you have compassion, understanding and a heart, to attribute those qualities to our president leaves me not knowing whether to laugh for cry. That ranks right up there with an acquaintance who said back in the 90’s that she voted for Joe Biden for the U.S. Senate because “he’s so sexy”.

    • Have known Joe and his family since 1972 and all the men are sexy…lol
      curious to hear your list of Romney’s attributes (I do like the Mrs.) and more importantly HOW he is gonna make such positive changes for ALL!

  11. So Frank and Kathy, you did not support John Kerry when he ran for president because he had a silver spoon? What about JFK? (Frank) Let’s not forget AL Gore? So none of these guys would get your vote because they were wealthy?

    • yup, I voted for Kerry…he got the bonus points for he is a Vet (as all Vets should!) and yupI voted for Al too. Lotta good that did since the Supreme Court ummm (fill in the blank) and those good ole hanging chads.
      I was a student @ Corpus Christi elementary school @ Elsmere when JFK won.
      And voted for Carter too (my 1st) election…I think after he lost was when I became an active member of NOW, peacefully protesting in DC for equal rights for all women!
      Bet you are thinkin.that dame is liberal as heck…lol.

  12. Wootten where did Kerry come into any of my comments; Kathy dear if you expect to hear any proposals from Romney or even see him on any news shows other than FOX stating what he can do better; don’t hold your breath. If he wins this election it will be through negative ads that sound believable which will sway those who do not get involved in their candidates but only watch the 60-sec TV spots.
    Now Wootten while the hair is rising on your neck, didn’t say Obama wouldn’t have negative ads, but the key words here are we are waiting for the rich guy Romney whom you think will look out for you better than Obama, to not only tell us what Obama has done wrong, but how he plans to right it. I say it will be a cold day in hell before we hear. He has the nomination, now he can reveal his “plan” he’s been telling us he has for a Better America!!!

  13. Are you referring to John Kerry…the “lifelong” hunter by his own admission after a cameo appearance goose hunting if I remember correctly. Funny thing was, there was no records of him purchasing a hunting license his entire life.

  14. Kathy, is that the John Kerry who took a video camera to Nam with him to film his exploits? There! Hope you are happy now Frank.

    • Bob, let’s sget back on the main topic; “Where’s the beef”? Politics aside, and accepting criticism of the Obama administration, have you heard any platforms of how he can do the job better? I’m just hearing about all the wrong in the past 3 years, and “I have a better plan for America”! Great; let us in on the secret.

    • Bob, wish my spouse had a video camera to document all of the wrongdoings and inhumane actions he was ordered to do by his superiors in Vietnam. But, being the “point man” in the jungle umm didn’t give him a free hand nor any extra room in his pack. Darn.

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