1. Hi Frank,

    Just checked SNOPES.COM regarding this post about the VW Passat. They report it as probably false and gave a comprehensive reason why. The most important being the difference in the way mpg are calculated in the US and abroad, and the fact that VW tried to sell this car in the US and it didn’t sell very well. You might want to check it out.


  2. Think of the money the government would lose if our fuel consumption was reduced by just 1/4 what it is now! The government will, and has found something wrong with any high mileage vehicle. I am surprsed that they have not made motorcycles illegal.

    • When you consider oil companies pay on the average 46cents in taxes on every dollar they get to the tune of 80 some million a day just in taxes you can see why the guberment does all it can to keep fuel milage down. We used to be able to put a man on the moon so I would think that tripling todays mileage should be no problem.

  3. yes there was a local fellow back in the 70s that had a 427 with dual 4 barrels that he modified to get 75 mpg. All of a sudden the car disappeared and he retired to Fla. at 53 years old. Wonder what he got for that car.

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