With modern wars today being fought thousands miles away from the enemy, planes being flown with no pilots, missiles fired miles away, no young person today can appreciate what our veterans went through in WW I, II, Korea and Viet Nam,  but especially the first two wars when our borders were really threatened and their was a reason to fight.

I love to watch TMC TV on Memorial Day and I marvel at the vitality of our troops as they were constantly under fire, and knew their chances of living when they jumped off the small boats that dropped them off shore leaving them in the open to enemy fire were slim to none.

Battlefield conditions were at their worst, food, no bathing sleeping in fox holes, not knowing when you were suddenly under fire. Most veterans don’t speak of their time in the military, many left service with nightmares haunting them, mental illness, lost of limbs, alcoholism.

Many survived, too many died, many suffered hell after their tours. I lost my only sibling to Agent Orange which causes cancer, the spray the government used to kill foliage in Viet Nam. Then our government for years denied the spraying caused cancer. After he died, after losing a leg to cancer, some years after the government acknowledged the fact and his widow received a whopping $40 a month.

Too often we forget our veterans after their service, especially our government. The unemployment rate among veterans is 1% higher than the national average; health care and benefits for those returning and have need is not the best.

That still exists today; I’m not taking anything away from our heroes of today, but back then life was really hell.

So my hat is off to all our veterans especially those in the first war. I enjoy my freedom and I promise not to abuse it, because without those of you I wouldn’t be enjoying today with my family. Thanks!


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