Chris Jones and Shawn Miller stand-out in varsity sports will sign Letters of Intent today at 2:30 to play college football.

Jones, who holds the state’s football rushing record will attend Hudson Valley Jr. College in New York; Miller a stand-out in football and basketball will attend Delaware Valley University.

The press release from Bulldog head coach Glenn Phillips, Jr.

Thank you for attending this special day for 2 great athletes and kids.  The Laurel School District and Laurel Football family are proud to announce the National Letter of Intent signing of #24 Chris Jones and # 27 Shawn Miller to extend their  playing career at the next level.    Chris will be playing next fall at Hudson Valley JUCO and Shawn will be playing next fall at Delaware Valley University.

Here are some numbers from the 4 years spent at Laurel High School

RB- Chris Jones #24 (5’11’’ 210lbs)

YR           CAR        YARDS   TD           REC        YARDS   TD

2008       190         1311       13           5              101         2

2009       243         1652       18           11           147         1

2010       233         1509       12           8              121         1

2011       256         1729       15           12           125         3 __________

Career  922         6201       58           36           494         7

SS/WR- Shawn Miller #27 (6’3’’ 200lbs)

YR           CAR        YARDS   TD           REC        YARDS   TD                           TACKLES

2009                                                       5              67           1                              27

2010       60           312         4              13           174         3                              81

2011       60           332         4              11           391         4                              82          

120         644         8              29           632         8                              148

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me via cell phone or email.

Glenn Phillips, Jr

Head Football Coach

Laurel High School


Good luck to two great kids, products of Laurel High School.



  1. CONGRATULATIONS to both of these young men! They have carried out a decades old tradition of Laurel High School Football dating back to the 1920’s!! We wish them both well in their endeavors!!!!

  2. I had the pleasure of watching these two grow up art the boys and girls club when I was there. Chris was there from day 1 and I remember him at a very early age. him and his cousins and grandfather were every day people at the club. if you ever met his pop pop you would know why Chris is such the outstanding young man he is. always quiet and very respectful, you could see at an early age he would be where he is today. Chris dominated in every athletic event that took place at the club, sometimes so much we had to move him up age groups just to make it fair. watching this young man grow up and being a part of his life was an honor.

    I can also still see Sean coming through those doors everyday as well. not a day went by that he didn’t just light the club up with laughter and fun. his sense of humor you saw when he was Judy a young man. Sean constantly had everyone on the edge of their seats. staff would say to me you’re not going to believe what just happened, my response was always, “I bet Sean was involved”! his sense of humor and knack for making everyone smile kept the club going everyday. he, like Chris, dominated athletically at the club. but it wasn’t their athletic dominance that made these two so successful, it was their unique personalities that you could see that someday would make them great. both these young men touched my lives for many years and both represented why I loved the boys and girls club so much. the boys and girls club didn’t make these two, they made the boys and girls club! I was truly blessed to be a part of their lives for so many years and can say with complete confidence that they will continue to dominate in every aspect of their lives. congratulations to these outstanding two young men and their parents and families as they continue on paths of greatness. these two young men represent what being a bulldog is ask about. we love you guys!

    want their athleticability I felt

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