When Jack Owens was Dean at DelTech, his favorite saying when something went wrong was: “When one door closes, another opens”;  many good people got the ax this month from LHS, the most notable was Brian Cass who for several years rebuilt the HS band and drama class. And suddenly after years of hard effort his door closed.

But today his door opened and he was offered and accepted a position with Wesley College, Dover, a position he describes as “a remarkable, fabulous opportunity. It’s going to be great”, he told me tonight after the graduation ceremonies when I confronted him about the news I had heard in the stands. I imagine he won’t be the only great teacher we will lose.

As for the graduation, the first outdoor one at Laurel I attended, it was wonderful. As those young kids came marching out under the giant Bulldog blow-up I was thinking of the turmoil these kids have gone through; they’ve witnessed two wars, a recession, a slow economy, and the final blast the lay-off of 35 staff members they grew to know and love.

What was going on in their mind about their future; I shook my head hoping they had a better future ahead of them.

HS principal Dean Ivory welcomed the almost 100 seniors with encouragement for their future and to listen to their hearts so to speak and not be misguided by others, at which time he mentioned Blogs….hmmmmmmm. I had to chuckle since this blog has been critical of past board efforts and has pushed for less administrators in our top-heavy administrative staff.

Then I chuckled  again; it was ok when this Blog supported the referendum and Dr. McCoy to the tune of an average of 3000 hits a day for almost a month.

Acting Superintendent Dr. Dorothy Nave asked the students to remember where they had been, where they are now, and where they hope to be in the future. I liked her remarks; she didn’t mention Blogs.

Almost $2 million in scholarships were awarded to this class, ($1.7 million); while you may remember graduating with one Salutatorian and one Valedictorian, this class as has been a past ritual, 4 Salutatorian’s and two valedictorian’s; congratulations to all of them; I only saw 9 who were on the National Honor Society, congratulations to them and Ivory said 67% of the class will go into higher education and two in the military; the rest like me in school will claw their way to survival. Some of these will make more than their college peers.

I guess the football stadium doesn’t have an American Flag; the pole was bare and when the National Anthem was played the students and everyone looked for a flag. I would be glad to donate a flag in memory of my bride if the school cannot afford one.  Call me.

The Class of 1962 was the honored class, celebrating 50 years out of school. That was my brothers class; he died of cancer from Agent Orange incurred during his tour of Vien Nam.

Finally congratulations to two fine people, kids who grew up with my children and are advisors for this class. Mike Allen, and Tiesha Niblett, and to the teachers, and especially the graduates. God Speed.



  1. I guess one of the administrators was to busy with other stuff. facebook, texting about what this blog says, that they forgot about the flag. But all of their contracts were renewed why worry we are in good hands.

  2. No teacher, no flags… WAY TOO MANY @ the top! If they didn’t fire the Custodians, they flag would have been there I’m sure!

    • I heard this morning in all the preparations the principal forgot the flag; but they do have one. Maybe they need to hire an additional assistant principal to remind the assistant principal to remind the principal.

  3. Best wishes to Mr. Cass in his new endeavors. I believe the one door closes another door opens is actually Biblical. I’ll have to research that. The apparent oversight regarding the displaying or lack thereof of the flag is a serious issue and I certainly hope it is a concern for many others besides those who read and participate in this blog.

  4. Was the Pledge said? After consulting with my dearest Legionaire, it should not have been. Some may feel that “ohh someone just forgot…no big deal” WRONG…it is a BIG deal…just ask a Veteran!!!

  5. oops…guess no pledge ???? National Anthem = No Flag. Not surprised…guess my priorities are different than others …plus I enjoy Blogs…freedom of speech, not where I obtain News of the Day (just enjoy reading different opinions of News of the Day)

  6. As a Veteran there is no good excuse not haveing the American Flag flying! The problem is there is no Veterans that work in admin postions in the school are admin building.The pledge should be said. As a Life member of the VFW you can ask me for advice any time you want, and guess what it is FREE.

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