I’m missing something in the controversal equal pay bill that failed in the U.S. Senate yesterday along party lines, 52 Democrats for and 47 Republicans against, short of the required 60-vote threshold.

Is there something in the Democratic sponsored bill that makes it wrong for a woman to make the same as a male colleague doing the same job?

If I were a woman busting my butt doing the same job as others in my job, I think I would be a mite upset over this vote. Doesn’t a loaf of bread and milk cost the same for women as men? With so many single moms in the work force, many not receiving child support from their sperm-donor ex-spouses it is more of a struggle for women to survive than many men in today’s society.

So what’s the problem with businesses and equal pay?

Even if Republicans didn’t like the bill, as much as they have crapped over women and need their votes to elect a Republican president, I think I would have taken a pass on this one and supported the bill. Guess that’s why I never ran for office, I would vote my conscious and not along my party lines.


35 thoughts on “WHY NOT EQUAL PAY?

  1. YES!!!I knew you would address this discrimination issue!!! Back in the 70’s I was happily employed by a local company, earning a fair wage. Then a new male was hired…no experience…low employee on seniority….BUT he was paid more that me from day one – he was married with one child. I was single. I filed a complaint with DOL and eventually won ( employer did not want DOL to do an audit, for some reason) Guess it’s time to go to DC and peacefully protest again with my NOW buddies…lol…those that can still get around! lol

  2. Why don’t you ask Nancy Pelosi why there is such a discrimination with her on staff between male and female staffers?

    According to publicly available salary data at the website Legistorm, Pelosi’s female employees earned an average annual salary of $96,394 in fiscal year 2011. Male employees earned $123,000 on average, a difference of 27.6 percent.

    The gap is even larger if calculated using the median salaries for men and women. For Pelosi’s female employees, the median annual salary was $93,320 in 2011, compared to $130,455 for male employees—a difference of $37,135, or 40 percent.

    Pelosi’s entire staff—men and women—earned an average annual salary of $108,150 and a median salary of $114,662. By both measures, women made considerably less.

    • My statement was broad for everyone in the country; Did you throw a dart at the board and come up with her name. I bet she would vote for the law; would the 47 douche bags in the Republican Senate do the same; looks not!

      • Douche bags? Seriously Frank? If you are such a warrior for women’s rights don’t use words that are disgusting and offensive to WOMEN!
        This is exactly why you can’t be taken seriously as a fair minded writer/blogger, how can you spew such obvious hatred for Republicans?
        And to Kathy, are you really still milking something that happened in the 70’s as if nothing has changed in 40 years?

  3. My take on this. Senator Brown (R-MA) voted against the bill calling the legislation “the right cause but the wrong bill”. As an example, the bill would make employers who violate existing sex discrimination laws liable for compensatory or punitive damages. HOWEVER, under the bill the federal government would be exempt from punitive damages (reason enough, in itself, to vote against the bill). Sen. Brown also said, “On the heels of last weeks dismal job report, the last thing we should be doing is putting more job killing burdens on small businesses and employers.”

    • That last line by the Senator is a freaking cop-out; the last thing on his mind was small business, big business yes. That’s like when they raise the minimum wage the Repbublicans pull the same pitch about McDonalds, etc. The just put up the price of a burger, so simple.

  4. Instead of leaving the Paycheck Fairness Act of 2008 in tact, they changed parts of it to include more punitive damages, DOL awards to labor unions, professional associations and partnerships. Grant programs to the DOE to award to labor unions, professional associations and partnerships for training. Then they made sure that they (our elected officials/Federal Gov) would not be govern by this act.

    My comment about Pelosi was after she bashed WalMart about their wages she was then caught being guilty of what she bashed WalMart about. Believe me she is no different then the rest, they were just smarter and kept their mouth shut.

    • As far as my personal experiece ( the attempt to screw me as far as fair wages), my employer was a well known (smaller) Sussex County business….forgot to mention a question I was asked during my interview for the job…..it went something like this… “we have never had a female in this position before, therefore why do you think a woman can perform as well as a man?’ 25 years ago or yesterday??? i didn’t seek punitive damages just fair wages.
      A lot of grants are awarded to DOL for “welfare to work’ clients (required classes) and the unemployed seeking a job…really.

  5. In the 2 companies that I worked for salary information was private. I have seen people lose their jobs for divulging or trading salary information. I guess that the government is different and I thought that this issue was settled long ago.

  6. If it was as simple as equal pay my guess is it would have passed hands down. It’s often difficult to find the “beef” but it’s usually rather easy to find the “pork”

  7. I totally agree that women and men should get equal pay. My question is what else was written into the Bill? There is usually something added on that some in government don’t agree with and that might be why it was voted against.

    • Like most bill of that type there werer government penalties for those who didn’t abide by the law; apparently Republicans wanted the sanctions lifted like they did with the banks when regulations were lifted. Leave the fence open and the fox comes in. Youu have to have government oversee; my opinion.

  8. No disagreeing with government overseeing certain policies, however, when you have mostly lawyers as elected officials in the District of Crime, they all think about what will they do when they are no longer are in office. They all go to cushy partner jobs at huge law firms.

  9. thought = hey guys….if females were paid more than males just because…how would you feel…angry, disgusted, or would you take action?

  10. I believe in equal pay for the same job, no questions asked. I have also believed for many years that there are at least 4 professions that women should not attempt. Brian Whaley will tell you what professions they are !!!!

    • That figure isn’t a fair representation because a very large portion of those women leave the workforce for many months and years to stay at home when they have babies, like I did, and can’t expect to stay equal to male counterparts who have no lapse in employment.

      • My info. relates to women who work outside the home – does not include working stay at home moms. (only those currently paying into Social Security) Alot of new moms that I know can not afford to stay at home for several years – they leave employment for as long as they can afford to. Thank you Pres. Clinton for FMLA!

  11. “The private sector is doing fine,” the president said during a White House press conference. “Where we’re seeing weaknesses in our economy have to do with state and local government. … If Republicans want to be helpful, if they really want to move forward and put people back to work, what they should be thinking about is how do we help state and local governments.”

    Can I please have some of what he is drinking, should make me think I am in the Bahamas this weekend instead of Laurel.

    • Dy apparently you only watched the headlines from FOX News, the fair reporting news network, and didn’t read the full content of his speech. After you read what he said maybe you will understand why I don’t watch FOX. By the way when is Romney going to announce his ‘secret” plan to make a better America?

  12. I actually got it from the liberal media MSNBC, I now search for other sources that are known liberal conduits because I know you are such a big fan of FOXNEWS.

    About Romney, I have no idea, not my choice. If I had my way we would get rid of all of them in the District of Crime and start over with people who have had to actually work and worry about finances and limit the terms.

    • Dy like your comments about cleaning house; but, how about the 10 Tea Party members elected to Congress and already in 2 years they are getting large donations and perks from Banks and Big Business, areas they swore to fight against.
      I saw it in Dover when I first went there as Chief Reading Clerk in the House in the ’60’s; they came in poor, dressed like they had been to a pawn shop to buy their clothing, a junk car, and left there, many years later, well-to do, dressed in current style, and big new cars.
      As long as their are lobbyists paid for by big business, the system will always be corrupt whether they serve one term or ten.

  13. Agree, there has to be lobbyist reform, how can you get elected to office and with in two years be a worth a couple of million more than when you were elected. Book deals for books you never write, speaking engagements, our forefathers had no idea how this republic would turn out.

    Tea Party- original idea of a grass roots organization trying to make people aware of the problems and have people elected with the same ideas to straighten out government, I was for. Now I am not, for two reasons- Power+Money =SOS (same old stuff).

    • Well put; if you read the “Lobby Reform” legislation that was just signed by the governor and the Campaign Finance Reform legislation soon to become law, is is just that SOS, except I have a better word for the last ‘S’.

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