1. Frank, you have said many times in the past that WGMD is NOT a credible source for information so I will take this with a grain of salt!

      • Understand Brian, been there done that when I was accused wile being Election Commission of something that wasn’t true. I was cleared by a 17 page report from the AG;s Office. Thought we’d get this out before it hit the streets. I’m saying since the letter was not signed it will die as just a rumor. But where it says the letter MAY have originated, makes political sense. You not being in the game may be taken aback by the story, but playing hardball is not just a baseball term.

  2. Sort have some problems with this. The only two places that I can find any info is from the daily morning moron radio station page and the Delaware liberal. The news urinal has not mentioned it, with how they love to give one sided political stories it is hard to believe that they have not report it. I can’t find any other coverage of it. Not saying it did or did not happen, just the timing is funny with the bill being passed on the Sheriff powers and his deputy trying to get his job back.

  3. Frank, I am fascinated on why you would post this link with no opinion. Don’t you have one, if not why did you post it?

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