It’s been a few years since I have been shopping at the outlets; the last time I went with my bride prices were getting a little steeper, but they were usually running sales heavily discounted which brought the prices down to a reasonable level. Still I fumed when I saw where the clothing was made. Having been in the clothing business I figured the enormous mark-ups the stores were making; quite a lot considering the foreign labor.

I would think; the manufactures don’t want to pay Americans a decent wage to work, instead they pay nothing for labor overseas, and reap huge profits for the CEO’s and stock holders.

This time I was blown away at the prices; an Izod pull over men’s tops at $72, discounted to around $27, still way too much to pay for a shirt made in Bangladesh and to advertise their logo on the shirt. Van Heusen, shirts made in Viet Nam at $52 discounted to about $25.

That one ticked me off; my brother was poisoned by Agent Orange fighting in Nam, later died, and here they have our jobs while our people, many who fought and risked their lives over there are out of work.

Bass shoes I used to sell for $29.95, now $119 a pair, buy one get one free. Those I sold were hand sewn, these were machine sewned, and of course made overseas; ours were U.S. made.

One ladies company whose name I won’t mention, use to manufacture clothes in the south for us and we purchased directly from them, all made in the U.S. A. They had an outlet store above their factory which was located in the basement. They sold clothes there  a buck above what I paid for my blouses.

Now all of their clothes are made overseas and they have outlet stores all over the country; their prices are outrageous!

I think the outlets stores, when they first began, ran all the little mom and pops out of business and now the sky is the limit.

The sales pitch for companies moving overseas was labor costs, but with cheap, and I mean cheap labor overseas shouldn’t prices be less or at least stabilize?

I’m not sure if we have a recession or people just can’t afford to buy anything. God help people with families today.



  1. Went down to the Outlets with my wife,while I was sitting outside the store. Many people that were leaving the store came out saying the prices were higher at the outlets then the regular stores. Frank it’s a trap!

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