This is a good read; In 2007, Republican Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina sent a letter to President George W. Bush saying he would like to work on legislation that would “ensure that all Americans would have affordable, quality, private health coverage, while protecting current government programs.

Other Republicans and Democrats joined in on the idea; What happened to the Republican Party to change their stance?

Now DeMint is a Tea Party advocate and is against his own idea for America.



  1. Obamacare is full of things well beyond just coverage for all. I don’ think the republicans are against health care for all, they just don’ t like all the little mechanisms in this law… , I mean Tax plan. Romney needs to put forth a plan which I am sure he will.

  2. AGAIN, for the third time, Frank, he has put forth his ideas on reforming healthcare. Your needle is stuck in a groove. Hope you are looking forward to the 250% increase in your social security deduction for Medicare in 1 1/2 yrs under the “Affordable Care Act”.

  3. This Republican favors healthcare access for everyone too. However, this thrown together poorly constructed mishmash (which contains laws totally unrelated to healthcare) was not appropriately built. This has the potential of having the greatest fiscal and social impact on this country since social security and it was rushed without the kind of vetting, research and review that something of this magnitude deserves. And I am tired of anyone who opposes this kind of politically expedient grandstanding being accused of being anti healthcare options for Americans. I am not. But I am opposed to a president and Congress trying to establish their legacy on the backs of small busineses and taxpayers.

  4. Frank, what a short memory you have, if you will recall, Romney as Gov of Mass, implemented affordable Health Care for all. He did this without making it a tax, and it works with medicare. Why do liberals overlook that fact, because it would disprove that he does not have a plan for affordable healthcare.

    • If his plan was so good why is he stepping away from it? He talks like it never existed. If u read the article u would have seen that or are u waiting for Fox News to do a spin on it?

  5. The problem here folks is that Frank hasn’t seen it on MSNBC therefore it must not exist. And Lynda, well written and pertinent comments. And you notice when you present a serious argument what you get back is “my dad can beat your dad”.

  6. If this Health Care Reform is so great, then why did Congress, Senators and the President make sure they are exempt from it.

    • Dy I don’t follow u. The bill is for coverage who don’t have health care. Mine won’t change why should Congress go to this has no effect on their health care?

    • Because government workers have a health plan PAID FOR BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT…like Medicare.
      Obamacare would NOT be paid for by the government but by private for profit insurance companies.
      Senators and Congressmen love to TALK about free market health care…but when it comes to actually providing health care options for THEIR FAMILIES….they want the government to be in charge of footing the bill.
      That’s because Government doesn’t have to make a profit and more of their government provided healthcare dollars can go to providing medicare care.

  7. Why does everyone have to get off the subject of the was an information piece..didn’t take sides just stated past history? Guess it’s easier to sidestep the truth.

  8. Lynda is dead on and dy is correct as well. This ultimately will affect everyones health care, especially if you work for a small business (as I do). What a nice unbiased article by the News Urinal….that’s certainly a nickname which they have earned.

  9. You need to call in some reinforcements. You are getting clobbered with facts on this one by Jack, John, Lynda, dy, Brian and me.

  10. The Government, Democrat, Republican or other have no business controlling OUR Healthcare options. Their ONLY responsibility should be to monitor and regulate the Health Insurance Companies that we buy insurance from !!! Just sayin……….

  11. hope your retirement health provider doesn’t opt to drop their health care plan and dump you on the government. almost 50 % of the comp. polled that offer health ins are planning on dropping this benefit, paying the fine and pocketing the change. will help raise their bottom line.

  12. David W., you pointed out another example of Obama’s attempt to drive everything to a single payer, government run healthcare system. Some goodies promised upfront and then all hell breaks loose starting 2014.

  13. I really do not know why we need this healthcare option anyway. My family is just an average American lower class family and we pay for our healthcare, at what I consider a reasonable rate with a reasonable deductable. We manage to make ends meet and pay our bills, including healthcare! My point is; if we can anybody can, Republican or Jackass!!!! Just sayin………..

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