My father often told me it takes years to establish a good reputation, but only one screw-up to give you a bad reputation. Joe Paterno should have heeded my dad’s advice.

Poor Papa Joe, for all the good he had accomplished, coaching records, financial contributions to Penn State, all that going down the tubes after a college paid investigation puts Paterno in the middle of the sex scandal at the college.

Statues have been removed from the college, a halo over his head in a wall mural has been removed, his name from a Library he funded removed, and now his alma mater Brown University is reviewing whether to remove him from the Brown Athletic Hall of Fame, where he graduated in 1950.

I am really at a loss for words about all this stripping of honors that were earned and bestowed on Paterno.

What are your thoughts?



  1. Well first I am/was a Joe Pa fan. So I think it truly is a shame what is occurring with regards to what he did or did not do. But I also feel that these days the media and the internet are very quick to condemn and everyone is an expert. Especially when it involves children everyone is quick to say what they would or would not have done.
    Do I think all those things should be removed? No. Do I think he acted as he should? No. Do I think Penn State is the only school where athletics dominate the University? Absolutely not.

    It is very easy to attack him when he is no longer here to defend himself.

    This will be an unpopular statement but I don’t care. Lets not forget some of these kids were 15, 3 years shy of adulthood. I don’t know about you but if any man tried to rape me at 15 we would have had problems. You are certainly old enough at that age to know what you should or should not be doing in that situation.

    This whole situation just doesn’t make sense to me and Sandusky is a very very sick man.

  2. He was the head coach of a College Football team in which he became an icon. He knew better then to keep hush hush about this. Just goes to show how much he really cared for the community and the kids.

  3. No, John, you can’t “let it alone” for the same reasons Eisenhower couldn’t “let alone” the German death camps and ordered reporters, photographers and German citizens in to see them. Like Eisenhower said, “……because if we don’t, some day some son-of-a-bitch will say this never happened.”

  4. Those involved in covering this up had to know eventually it was going to bite them in the butt. Paterno got a huge break…..He died and didn’t stay around for the repercussions. Just another classic example of money before people. Take down the statue without a lot of fanfare. Like it or not his legacy is forever tarnished. Wasn’t it in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar where it was said something along the lines that the evil that men do lives forever and the good is buried with their bones?

  5. Do the victims need all of this to keep reminding them of what happened! Let them have some tome to get over and recover from this. Next thing you know thay all will need therapy at taxpayers expense. I am sorry for what happened but let it go! Let the victims have some peace !!!

    • John you and I rarely disagree but we differ on this one. The victums memories will be in direct correlation to the amount of compensation they recieive. The larger the settlement the more diminished the memory. I know that sounds brutal, but if money wasn’t driving this bus it all would have come out long before now.

    • John these victims will never forget; they are scarred for ever. Money or therapy will never fully erase what happened. Think; do you think you could forget being raped repeatedly as a young kid? If it takes taxpayers money to help them I really don’t care; I’m willing to pay my fair share to help these victims. That’s the Liberal, socialism, communism, whatever you call Democrats, in me.

  6. If anybody pays for anything, it should be Penn State.
    It is indeed all about the money.
    It has been suggested that the football program be suspended for a year to give them time to think about what has happened and perhaps reflect on the primary mission of an institute of higher learning…..

  7. I agree Penn State should pay!
    Quietly tear down the Joe Pa statue.
    Put Sandusky in jail and forget about him!
    Suspend the football program for 2 years!
    Compensate all of the alleged victims!
    Just do it without all of the hoopla!

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