Popular radio talk show host Dan Gaffney resigned his position with WGMD, today being his last show. Gaffney, voted the #1 talk show in the state resigned apparently in dispute with management leaving behind a large audience of sadden listeners.

Gaffney, once an atheist, now a converted Christian, a conservative commentator was WGMD, being by far the most popular and longest air personality on the station was a pro at firing up his audiences and had a strong following. His political views carried a lot of weight with voters as did his endorsement of candidates.

Although he and I differed on political views, and I often told him his research on topics was not always accurate, I respected his right to speak his mind. He filled a much-needed niche that is missing in journalism today, that being his ability to fire up the troops and keep them abreast of wrong doings and getting listeners to voice their opinions on the air.

Democrats often referred to the station as WGOP for their conservative and Republican support, but many Democrats were followers of the show.

He said this morning he was taking some time off to relax, but I feel that time will be short-lived. He’ll be back on the air, maybe owning his own radio station.

Whatever course Dan takes, we wish him the best and God Bless him and his family.



  1. I spent many hours with Dan in studio, he did a great job on air and was a good family man off air. He will be missed. Wow I agree with you…. that is scary.

  2. I listened to him every morning on my ride to work. Always enoyed his stirring of things. He will be missed. The sad part is that we will never know why he left so suddenly.

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