In case you missed it, yesterday was the first day of yard waste pick-up and will continue every other Wednesday. Yep, you’re paying for it and will see in in your new sewer/water/trash bill.

Yes, this is the same yard waste pick-up that the citizens voted against last year in a town survey. Guess some members of the council tired of paying to have their waste hauled away and decided we could help pay for it. And they wonder why more people don’t go to council meetings with their concerns and complaints? A waste of time.

Like the school board, it will be taken under consideration never to be heard of again.



  1. For the record I was the one who was workibg with the trash company as our contract was expiring. The Delaware Solid Waste Authority increased their rate, therefore the rate increase was passed onto us. The increase would have occurred without the yard waste. Since i eas the one that handled it and took it to Mayor and Council I can verify how it happened. Now do i think the company is losing money by doing yard waste at no cost, no i dont. I know the recycling has been very successful and believe that is the reason behind it. But again you would have seen the fee increase regardless. Why not get something for our money. Rumor is next year DSWA is going to propose a huge increase.

    • The problem Jamie is; many towns are absorbing this cost; as of last year as a matter of fact when the DSWA put on the two mandates, one being recycling and the other yard waste, the recycling was mandatory, we could do nothing about the cost. The other, waste removal was optional; if we wanted to pay for the pick-up, which your survey stated the greater majority did not want to pay the fee. This year no vote was taken by the town residents, so those struggling to pay the cost of S/W/T have an extra burden plus the 6% increase in property taxes in Laurel. What is the priviledge of living in town?

    • Dy, not comparing apples to apples;with yard waste removal you have a choice: hire a hauler or take it to the landfill yourself; no alternatives to healthcare. Still waiting for your man Romney to lay out his plan.

  2. Just remember Frank you were not a successful business man because you were smart, ““if you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that.” LOL

    It is just government doing what they think best for us little people. Last time I checked if it wasn’t for us little people they would not be there in the first place.

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