WOW, what a week-end the family of Joe Paterno went through; first Penn State removes the statue of JoePa into storage, then Monday the NCAA slammed the University with a $60 million fine, the loss of all the school’s victories from 1998-2011, a four-year ban on postseason games that will prevent Penn State from playing for the Big Ten Title, the loss of 20 scholarships per year over four years and five years’ probation. WOW again.

By vacation 112 Penn State victories over a 14-year period, the sanctions cost Paterno 111 wins and drops Paterno from the no. 1 position as the winningest coach to somewhere as the 24th winningest coach at 298. Former Florida State coach Bobby Bowden will now hold the top spot in the NCAA record book with 377 wins.

Aside from the hurt of the victims and families resulting from the Jerry Sandusky sex status for which he has been imprisoned, and given the fact that Paterno knew more than he claimed; Paterno was only mentioned in two emails in the Freeh investigation; Paterno of course died before the trial and investigation and never had a chance to defend himself.

I place more blame on the colleges top officials who had the power, not Paterno, to change the course of action and put the clamps down on Sandusky.

Penn State has already agreed to not fight the sanctions.

What do you think; too harsh, not harsh enough?



8 thoughts on “NCAA SLAMS PENN STATE

  1. Taking away the victories is attempting to change history. For example I want to take away the fact that Barock Obamma is our president, you can’t do that. They should have given them the “death penalty” for 2 years! Just my little ol Sussex County Redneck opinion !!!!!!!!

  2. Should be against the actual people in the know that did nothing, not so much the institution. Make the trustees pay for counseling and all related expenses resulting from their cover up, as it is they walk away with everything of theirs intact and not really held accountable for their actions or lack of. Don’t punish the players record when they had nothing to do with it .

  3. I disagree with taking away the victories, I’d also like to know who gets the fine money and how it is to be dispursed. The Bowl ban and reduction of scholarships I do not have a problem with.

    • The money must be paid into an endownment for external programs preventing child sexual abuse or assisting victims and dmayh not be used to fund such programs at Penn State, Brian.

  4. They took the victories so Joe Paterno would not be in the record books, I agree he should not be. He put his football program and friend above those kids. All of the athletes not just football have the opportunity to leave the college and go play at any college and keep their scholarships and eligibility. It will be 10 years before Penn State will be back if they make it back.

  5. Why not prosecute the officials only. Make them pay punitive damages. Why do the students have to be punished. Its not fair to them. They are going to suffer for Sanduskys behavior. I’m sure the college has enough money to pay families and victims. These students went through high school in hopes of playing football at Penn State. It was there dream now they are punished. Truly not fair.

  6. Unfortunately taking away the victories affects so many young men who earned them and just creates an even larger poole of victims. I agree penalties were necessary but punish those who did wrong. This was just a knee-jerk reaction to public sentiment by the NCAA!!!

  7. Agree with John. A more appropriate penalty would have been to take the victories away from Paterno’s record but not from the team’s.

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