The Republican Legislature in PA has passed legislation requiring every one to have ID before they are allowed to vote. The bill was passed according to the GOP because there were so many cases of voter ID fraud.

How man voter fraud cases were found in PA in the last 8 years? ” ZERO.

Over 750,000 eligible voters could be denied their right to vote in the November election in PA. One GOP legislator was seen on TV saying, “750,000 people who won’t be voting for Obama in November”. How blatant can one be? Kinda assures me what this voter ID is all about, as if I didn’t know. That number of votes represents 7.5% of the population in PA.

Gosh, I hope all of you who feel the need for voter ID are proud of yourselves today. In the last election of the millions of votes cast in the United States, less than 100 people were accused of fraud.

Welcome back Jim Crowe!



  1. You have to present an ID to cash a check, board a plane, enter government buildings, use your welfare debit card, buy alcohol, prescriptions and over the counter meds, to enter a Obama or Romney campaign stop, so why not when you vote.

  2. Clifton Mitchell helped register nearly 2,000 voters for the community group ACORN. But not one of them actually existed.

    “I regret it. I paid the price for it,” he said.

    Mitchell was convicted last year and spent nearly three months in prison. He’s one of the few ACORN workers convicted of voter registration fraud.

    Today, he lives with his wife and two boys, ages 3 and 1, in a small apartment in suburban Seattle, Washington. Mitchell said he scammed the system because, “I needed money; I had to support my family and I was new to the area. It was the only job I had.”

    • Yes Dy, Clifton Mitchell scammed the system as did many ACORN members. I was Election Commissioner in DE and some of the members tried to get away with it then but we stopped them.
      Clifton Mitchell lived in Washington State; the post I did spoke about the lack of fraud in PA.
      As I stated 88 people were caught trying to circument the system, but out of millions of voters. My position is the bill is not necessary, that’s all I’m saying. Not saying the system is perfect, nothing ever is, but do we really need this?

  3. Then voter ID legislation is just like Obammacare; Not saying the system is perfect, nothing ever is. but do we really need it? Pa passing voter registration is no different than obammacare; in the words of liberals, it is not perfect but we need it. It’s a start! Also, great comments dy!

  4. Maybe I’m wearing blinders, but I don’t understand how asking for identification to vote is a ploy to discourage blacks and poor whites to vote (as mentioned in another post). I would concern myself with men standing outside a polling place with nightsticks being more of a ploy to discourage voters, but like EVERYTHING else it’s only important depending on which side your on.

  5. Lets see, I’ve had CDL’s for 50 years under DOT rules and paper work and all the state level reporting but now in order to keep my haz-mat endorsement I have to be fingerprinted ,background check all at my expense just to keep my job.Add to that to renew my drivers license I have to bring my birth cert.,Social security , bills with my address, marriage license, first grade report card and teacher, and 4 generations of ancestors just to prove I’m the same person that’s on the picture that they have been giving me for the last 50 years all for the PRIVILEGE of having a drivers license. But no proof is required for the most important RIGHT we have to vote? If there is no problem then one tends to think that it would be a given. There is an appearance of something amok with how hard one side is fighting such a simple safeguard whether it’s needed or not. At the risk of what this is going to sound like , if this was a requirement for Fed. programs it would not be a problem and probably would have have a mobile photo unit to reach all those that couldn’t get a photo ID.

    • I agree 100%. My father was, and my sister is Legally blind. It is no problem to go to DMV, have proper ID to get a legal Identification Card. Would stop some fraud, of all sorts. I do not, however, believe that incarcerated comvicts should have the Right or privledge to vote. 3 hots & a cot, is enough!

      • It’s eas for us to hop in a car and go to DMV. In large states living in the rural area is not as easy because their isn’t a DMV every 20 miles; in the inner city I can imagine, although their is public transportation, difficult to get to a DMV.

  6. Frank and Jim,
    Please explain to me how anyone could have a problem with this as long as the state doesn’t charge for an ID? Don’t the rest of us have the right for our vote not to be wiped out by a vote that isn’t legal? And regarding the comment that PA hasnt had any voter ID fraud cases, I just have to ask, how would we know? It’s no small task to look into voter fraud. I leave you with the following:

    Report turns up Philadelphia voting irregularities

    A report on Philadelphia voting irregularities issued Wednesday by Republican City Commissioner Al Schmidt was immediately overwhelmed with partisan rhetoric over Pennsylvania’s new voter ID law.

    Schmidt’s staff took a detailed look at election operations in the April 2012 primary, focusing on roughly 15 divisions – less than 1 percent of the city’s polling places – where a preliminary analysis suggested there were more votes recorded than the number of people who showed up at the polls.

    That turned out not to be the case in most of the divisions Schmidt investigated. But his review pointed to various other problems, any of which could make a difference in a tight race decided by a small number of votes, he said at a news conference.

    Among the irregularities Schmidt cited:

    One woman, whose name was not disclosed, apparently voted twice at two polling places in two West Philadelphia wards. Schmidt said he was referring the case to the district attorney.

    Six unexplained votes appeared for Republican candidates in a division in Mayfair’s 55th Ward.

    Citywide, 23 people who were not registered to vote were allowed to vote anyway, because the election officials at their polling places did not follow the prescribed procedures for dealing with people whose names did not appear in poll books.

    Eight people were allowed to vote in the Democratic primary in West Philadelphia’s Sixth Ward, even though they were registered in other political parties.

    Because some voters were sent to the wrong voting machines, where two or more divisions were voting in the same building, three people cast votes in legislative races in districts where they didn’t live.

    Inquiries from federal immigration officials led this year to the discovery that 19 registered voters in Philadelphia are not U.S. citizens, and therefore not legally registered. Most of them didn’t actually vote, but over the last 10 years, seven of the 19 have voted in at least one election, Schmidt said.

    Schmidt’s review of the primary election did not disclose any previously unreported instances of voter impersonation, ostensibly the major reason for the state’s new voter ID law, which requires all Pennsylvania voters to present a driver’s license or other specified form of photo ID when they go to the polls in November.

    But he threw in a two-page description of the only known voter impersonation case in Philadelphia in the last five years – the still-mysterious case of someone who has registered twice, originally in 1990 as “Joseph Cheeseboro,” using a South Philadelphia address that later became a vacant lot, and again in 2003 as “Joseph J. Cheeseborough,” using an address that belonged to a 7-Eleven store.

    Cheeseborough didn’t vote under either name in the 2012 primary. But he had voted under one name or the other in eight elections over the last five years, and in the 2007 primary and general elections, he voted twice, using both names, Schmidt reported.

    Schmidt said his report was designed to describe the kinds of irregularities that occur in Philadelphia elections, not to play a role in the continuing controversy over voter ID, which faces a critical test in Commonwealth Court beginning next week.

    But it did just that. Various state Republican leaders jumped on Schmidt’s report as evidence of massive corruption in Philadelphia elections, justifying voter ID and maybe more.

    “Commissioner Schmidt’s report finally confirms what leading Democrat opponents of voter photo ID and those in the mainstream media have been denying all along,” said a news release from State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe (R., Butler), who chairs the House State Government Committee.

    “Philadelphia is, without question, one of our nation’s most infested epicenters for rampant election fraud and corruption,” Metcalfe added, promising future hearings “to combat election fraud throughout Pennsylvania.”

    Secretary of the Commonwealth Carol Aichele seconded the alarm. “It is clear that some of the alleged crimes would have been prevented if Pennsylvania’s voter ID law had been in place in previous elections,” she said.

    State Republican chairman Rob Gleason said Schmidt’s report “should silence all those partisans and pundits who have been saying that there are no cases of voter fraud. . . . Voter ID legislation takes a step forward in combating threats to our election process.”

    Schmidt’s colleague in City Hall, City Commission Chairwoman Stephanie Singer, a Democrat, said his report “includes serious allegations of voting irregularities . . . that certainly warrant a more thorough investigation.”

    But she added she saw “no conclusive evidence that the new voter photo ID law will help mitigate the incidences described.”


    • Carl, the article proves no mass attempt to steal an elections, just isolated cases. The last line says it all; mistakes happen, in the event of the double vote, that was the poll workers fault, and as she said the ID law is not going to change what happened. The thrust of my post Carl, that you and many seem to miss, is it is not the cost or the availability of an ID, it’s getting a certain group of citizens, elderly, sick, no access to obtain, and the target group votes predominately Democratic. A clue was all of the states that have passed the law are controlled by Republicans. That doesn’t send up a red flag?????????????????

  7. PA DMV may not be the best example of Gov. ID, voter, DMV or any other sort of idenification. Most illegal license plates, drivers license’s and insurance cards are PA identified. Ever notice how many rag-tag vehicles around the migrant worker states are PA registered?

  8. Some articles – food for thought:
    WBOC-TV News Story: Delaware Voting System Inadequate

    Verified Voting Organization – Delaware:

    National Association of State Election Directors

    On September 12, 2005 the Delaware State Elections Commission held a public hearing on the revisions to the State’s HAVA Plan.

    Meeting Notes:

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