1. Another article from the News Urinal, not even worth reading. How about how the liberals are bashing a company because of their religious beliefs. Or how about how the healthcare will be paid for by a TAX!! Mainly the middle class will pay this.

    • Dy, Dr. Hoff as far as I know is an independent; has written many columns anti-Democrat as well as pro Republican. I’ve come to the conclusion some time ago, if something written doesn’t echo the Republican sentiment the person is a libreral, socialist, or a communist, take your pick. So, I took two seconds after I read your post to act surprised.

  2. No plan is still better than a bad or ineffective plan! I had plenty of experience with some of government influenced corporate america’s poor plans to know that; again I will say: No plan is better than a Bad or ineffective plan. It takes far more enrgy and expense to fix something that is broken than it does to fix something that does not exist !!!!

    • So John you’re saying if and when ever the Republicans come up with a plan it will be perfect and won’t ned any modifications? No bill is ever perfect, that’s what admendments are far. Can’t seem to get your opponents to understand this healthcare bill has many good points and an equally amount of points that need to be addressed. But, we do have a healthcare bill a start, what has the Republican Party EVER offered, and when is the rich foot-in-the-mouth candidate going to offer one? Still waiting, waiting, waiting, and waiting Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
      And mark my word; because of the good in this bill no matter what Romney says about killing the bill on his first day in office, it will not be repealed. People are already using the good parts of this bill and they will in the millions raise Holy Hell before it is repealed. Ain’t gonna hapen, cause even Republicans are telling me Romney can’t win.

  3. Not Romney or the republicans!! My health insurance company lowered my premiums by $28.00 per month. They said that this was due to Obammacare. Then they gave me a rebate of 1 months premium, again they said that this was due to obammacare. Then they sent me a letter saying that my deductable was being more than tripled and that this was due to obammacare. In that letter they also said that before that portion of obammacare goes into effect that I will likely be dropped, for no reason. OBAMMACARE SUCKS !!!!!!!!!

  4. You have your usual short term memory at work again Frank, reference “what has the Republican Party EVER offered” relative to healthcare. I previously told you about medical doctor Broun, congressman from Georgia, and his healthcare Bill 4224 and asked you to comment on it. And you continue to ignore that which you might not agree with. Probably just like you’ll ignore John’s latest comment since he confronted you with hard facts that dispute your position.

    • Didn’t comment, because even his own party isn’t pushing his bill. Bob this weak attempt is the only support you have for Republican Health Care. How about during the two Bushes terms; anything? When I was chairman of Nanticoke Hospital, all hospitals went to see Bush Sr. health secretary and asked for some relief; they had been in office for two years, they had nothing, and asked us what we thought they should do. And my point again, which you want to avoid, is what has Romney proposed? You keep; telling me he mumbled something, but you are the only one in this country who heard it. Never see it brought up on the talk shows, even FOX. World best kept secret. Again, I say, the Republicans have never offered any alternative to health care, never will because they don’t care about the uninsured.
      Was that answer enough for you; surely you have a last word.

  5. Quote by Frank; “even his own party isn’t pushing his bill.” If you are referring to me and my own party than you must reference what we are not pushing as I am NOT a republican !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember I HATE THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT no matter what party. Bring on the NRA, The TEA PArty and whatever other party that is AGAINST THE United States Government !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Per the column in the Laurel Star relating to the middle class, health care reform, and cutting taxes for under $250,000. I used to agree with the statements that were made. While all the statements of the current condition of our economy and the stagnant position of the middle class are true, the basis everything is built around is not. This large health care overhaul is built on campaign lies. No tax increase on under $250,000 earners! Why is my tanning salon now required to collect a 10 percent tax on all tanning sales. All of which I have paid out of pocket to save from passing on cost to my customers, of which most I’m sure make under 250,000. So basically, I already
    pay for the healthcare of my family and now I need to contribute an additional 10 percent of my already strained revenue to pay for universal healthcare.
    Obama and his administration will not help the middle class and small business. There is a lot behind the curtain people do not know about and the liberal media does not share with Americans.

  7. @ Frank…no healthcare bill but want to dictate to females what we can and can not do when it concerns OUR own healthcare. I am just shaking my head (and mumbling…lol) for they may not have a healthcare plan for all, but sure do have their pieces and parts when it concerns womens healthcare.
    WOW…all previous posts are

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