Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid claims Mitt Romney through a source who had a business relationship with Bain Capital, that Romney paid no federal income taxes for 10 years.

Right away prominent Republicans on the Sunday talk show circuit called Reid “A liar”. It’s reasonable to question whether the source even exists, much less whether he or she would be in a position to know what’s in those taz forms Romne is so reluctant to reveal.

But, the best way to prove Reid wrong is to release those 10 years of tax reports as other presidential candidates, including Romey’s dad who released 12 years of tax reports for public inspection. Romney’s dad set the standard in 1968.

Romney did release his 2010 tax return, and he promises to release the 2011 return when it is completed. No recent presidential candidate has tried to get away with such meager disclosure.

In 2010, Romney paid a tax rate of 13.9 percent on income of $21.6 million. The most affluent wage-earners pay income tax at a rate of 35%, but Romney, whose net worth has been estimated at $250 million, earned most of his money from investments and thus pays the lower rate for capital gains.

How’s your paycheck looking these days?

Not only does Romney refuse to release his income tax records, he has yet to present a solid platform on what he would do if elected, for healthcare, job creation, social security, social programs, education, the Bush Tax Cuts, his position on future tax cuts for the wealthy and the whole nine yards; just criticisim of the current administration which all of us will say is not perfect, but we can see progress and we don’t want to change and regress again.

Only Mr. Romney can put these issues to rest.





  1. If he was smart enough to keep from paying taxes for 10 years than maybe he can get us out of our debt to china. just a thought.

  2. Whatever he paid- I will bet he did it legally. Why is all the heat about his tax returns yet no questions from the media about allof Obamas sealed records. I am sure you support releasing them too, right Frank??

    • Here’s your answer; fast enough for you? We aim to please our Republican friends. College records and not releasing your taxes while running for president is not exactly apples to apples. The question is not if he filed legally, but that because of the tax loop holes for the wealthy which Obama is trying to close, is did he pay any taxes on the millions he earned while the poor working person paid through the nose?

      • Frank, You are right. They are not apples to apples. Mitt Romney has had no inquiries from the IRS that we know of. Considering David Alexrod’s past actions, if there was anything wrong we would not know about it. With Obama’s college records, there is no one reviewing them. What many of us would like to know is how a pot smoking, cocaine using student at Occidental College got accepted at Columbia and Harvard and how he paid for it. Perhaps, he was enrolled as a foreign student for diversity purposes. That would be of interest, don’t ya think. No one cares if the chosen one got lousy grades.

      • Fred if you went to college I could not research your records; if you would take time to Google this subject you will find it is illegal to open the records of any college student. Harry Truman was no scholar nor a successful businessman, but a hell of a good president. The issue here, which you always like to avoid is, has the man done anything illegal, did he pay taxes on his millions, where did his income come from. Too much to ask of a man who may be guiding this country either to your benefit or his and his rich buddies?

  3. please enlighten me to alleged progress mentioned in the last paragragh! No need getting into a peeing contest either! I can guarantee you that I WILL find 10 regresses for each alleged PROGRESS that you find from the current administration. That’s all I have to say about that !!!!!!!!

  4. Frank, I would have no problem releasing my college or graduate school records to you or anyone else. You missed the point, as you also have in your responses to a couple of my letters in the Star. Read my response and then yours AGAIN. If you are really interested in finding out what Romney would do – go to his website. You don’t even have to Google, as you have sarcastically advised me to do on a couple of occasions. The site is I admit Romney was not my first choice as a presidential candidate. In fact, I could not really get excited about any of the choices the Republicans provided. Romney was the best alternative available. Anything would be better than another four years of Obama’s socialism and crony capitalism. As strong a nation as this is, I’m not sure we are strong enough to survive that. Without a conservative House of Representatives, we would be Greece on steroids. Democrats are only interested in Romney as a rich white guy because it solidifies their base. They are never concerned when they run rich white guys like John Kerry, who has never made a dollar in the private sector. He was a phony war hero that married twice for money. Just think, maybe he’ll be Secretary of State in Obama’s second term. I can’t wait. I know – this is a rant!

    • Went on his website as you suggested, signed in; all that came up was a page asking for donations; Were you serious or is this a joke? Still haven’t seen Romney’s platform especially on healthcare, jobs, two issues he is very critical of. Again I will say, not totally happy with the healthcare bill or the jobs progress, but at least we have a start with healthcare, something no other president has accomplished, and the jobs picture is better, not as bad as Reageans 10% or Bushes unemployment figures.

      • Frank, all you had to do was check the issues tab. It provides you with each of the major issues and Romney’s approach. We will just agree to disagree. It was not a joke. The future of our nation is serious business. I wish the campaigner-in-chief took it as seriously as you and I do. Best regards, and see you in the Star.

      • Fred I did check the site; thanks. I was not happy with his healthcare position, aside from shutting down the current healthcare bill which I believe is too far advanced to stop, he offers no plan except roll it over to the states to formulate a plan to suit the states. You realize that means we as taxpayes would have to foot the bill for the entire healthcare package? On education he proposes no changes just tells us what he did in MA. I don’t see much beef Fred for me to change my mind. I am not totally happy with what we have, but I do believe Obama is trying to look out for you and me, and of course the rich, but I think there is more in it for us than what Romney will give us.

  5. From what I understand Dy this type of executive order was first written by Ronald Reagean, then revised by G.W. Bush in 2001 and revised by Obama. I think this is just standard procedure drafted by the presidents legal councel. If you’ll Google you’ll see what I said about opening college records is true. If you believe what you want then I guess the other two presidents had something to hide as well?

    • None of which affect yoiu unless you are making $250,000 or more, top 2% of the earners. (200,000 a year), use the services of tanning beds. 20 million will benefit from tax credits starting in 2014 to help pay insurance premiums. You ust have missed this while reading the 2000+ pages of the healthcare bill. By the way, do you have a better idea to curb the rising cost of healthcare?

  6. and the company’s will add the cost into their products and services and you and I pay. The tax credits will have to be paid from somewhere so where does that come from,sell more of the us to china or cut medicare more. the so called tax cut now is doing nothing but robbing social security. the bottom line is the government does nothing without going in our wallet. I will agree with you something seriously needs to be done with health care , but that answer is beyond me.

    • David who do you think is paying the cost of those using the emergency rooms who have no insurance? You think the hospitals and insuance companies are eating the billions od dollars they have in bad debts?

    • No, I’m waiting for a better plan. Romney wants states to decide on their pathway to health care; translated the states pick up the tab instead of the federal government, that means you pay. Yes you may be paying a portion of the federal plan, but it is spread out upon more people which results in less payment from you?
      His plan doesn’t fly with me. I remember when the counties use to pay for welfare and were always broke, then Gov. Peterson took over welfare and now the counties are flush with money. Get my point?

  7. the one thing i see coming from this is company’s dropping good benefit packages dumping their employees on the government and pocketing the change after the penalty. you were remarking several months ago about how long it took to see a certain Dr. can you even begin to think what it is going to be after this hits full scale. as it stands now a friend pays 180 month for their part of their employers benefit which is a good plan. what do yo think the premium is going to be after he drops it and they have to buy from a pool. when you have more than 50% of the population not paying any taxes and 100% of them wanting something for nothing the math don’t work. i don’t want to see this country end up like greece or those who are the wealthiest jumping ship like france. shoot just look at maryland at how many 100’s of millions in taxes they lost because those with the bucks moved to va.over their high income tax rate.

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